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Remedy Pest Control Charlotte is dedicated to using integrated pest management (IPM) practices due to their comprehensive nature and emphasis on exploring non-chemical solutions first. Remedy Pest Control's home services feature comprehensive sessions that focus on alleviating your issue with sustainable methods that won't disrupt the environment.

Our technicians will address both interior and exterior issues at each service. Pricing is based off your home's square footage. You never know what pest problem your business will face, but you probably know it's best to stay ahead of it. Our technicians are experienced in commercial pest control including restaurants, grocery stores, and multi-tenant office buildings, and can help keep you pest-free year round.

read more › We're the pest experts, so you don't have to be. We recommend ongoing evaluations and services to treat the range of seasonal pest problems. We don't treat the symptom, we treat the source. We use integrated pest management, an environmentally sensitive approach, that takes into account the environment and their life cycle. Remedy Pest Control considers the job "done" when you are fully satisfied and living comfortably in your home again. If you are not satisfied with your ongoing service, we will come out to again at no additional cost.

read more › PestGUARD provides you with the most up-to-date integrated pest management service for the control of insects and rodents harmful to your health and destructive to your property. Remedy Pest Control brings to you eco-friendly and sustainable solutions utilizing methods that won't disrupt the environment. All PESTGuard Premium home services includes interior and exterior pest management. Residential appointments requested before noon are eligible for same-day service if available. We understand that taking care of a pest problem quickly is important to you as a homeowner.

read more › It doesn't matter the size or type of business you operate, we can all benefit from experienced and quality pest control. Remedy is equipped to handle the pest and rodent issues no matter the size of business you operate. Your employees will work in peace, because Remedy Pest Control Charlotte will create a customized plan that identifies where pests can enter/are entering your property, specifies problem areas, details a solution and helps prevent future issues. Due to the nature of your business, you are prone to pest issues year-round.

read more › Just saying the word "termites" can strike fear in the heart of any homeowner. These tiny, yet mighty pests will literally eat you out of house and home, and more frustrating yet, they don't take time off. Termite risk is year round-they love your warm home just as much in the winter. Often, homeowners that do not have a regular termite monitoring service will have no idea they have wood-eating house guests until there are thousands of dollars of structural damage. Our technicians are trained in identifying and treating both drywood wood destroying insects and Eastern Subterranean termites.

read more › Everybody knows that mosquitoes suck (technically speaking, of course). Remedy pest control offers reliable and cost-effective mosquito, flea, and tick prevention solutions that allow you to take full advantage of outdoor living during the warm Carolina months. We want you to be delighted with our service, and Remedy guarantees that your yard will be free of mosquitoes during the treatment period. If you're not completely satisfied with our work, we'll reinspect your property, and if necessary, retreat your yard at no additional cost.

read more › Remedy's disinfection service is a safe and effective way to treat your business for viruses, bacteria, and fungi. All technicians will follow the virucide's safety data sheet instructions for dilution, methods for application, and personal protective equipment (PPE). Remedy is a locally owned, licensed pest control company and is familiar with the equipment, products, and safe handling protocols required to apply these virucides. Remedy's pricing models are fair and equitable - we're here to help Charlotte in a time of great need by offering a valuable service at reasonable prices.

read more › While our standard pricing is very competitive and provides a ton of value for the price, the offers at Remedy Pest Control are updated on a quarterly basis. Check back frequently to find an offer that best suits your current needs! Homeowners, take advantage of our first-timers special and take 10% off your first service. The offer is applicable to all services including one-time, quarterly and monthly appointments. Get 10% or $100 off (whichever is greater) BASF Trelona Bait Station treatments.

read more › Remedy Pest Control provides pest control services for residential, commercial and multi-family properties. Based in Charlotte North Carolina, Remedy has been recognized by clients and peers for its entrepreneurial spirit and industry-leading customer service. You're a go-getter, a persuasive salesperson and an all-encompassing leader of the pack. You are customer-oriented and motivated by the opportunity to grow a business from scratch. Pursue prospective customers and proactively look for ways to add value to existing customers.

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