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Ivey Exterminating Since 1954, Ivey Exterminating has been serving Charlotte's Pest and Termite Control needs. When considering a Charlotte Pest Control service to protect your home and family, Ivey Exterminating is the right choice. Ivey Exterminating is a third generation family owned pest control business in Charlotte, NC that offers insect control, termite control, and termite inspections for real estate transactions.

Our success is based on an honest day's work for an honest day's pay, pride in workmanship, and integrity. Inspections are conducted by highly trained technicians, not commission motivated salespeople. For your own peace of mind we offer termite inspections, as well as verbal inspections, and certified radon testing for real estate transactions. Licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina for termite inspections and termite treatments.

Inspections done for FHA, VA, conventional, and all other types of mortgage loans.

read more › For most people, the smell of freshly mown grass is a favorite scent of summer. But Marty Ivey would rather be smelling dust, plastic and humidity"I know I'm weird, " he admits, "But I'm very comfortable in a crawl space." And that's not even the weirdest thing about Ivey. He also loves bugs, and not just any bugs-he's passionate about the most hated insect criminals in the history of mankind. Termites, cockroaches, ants, and mosquitoes. It would be easy to imagine that he loves them primarily because they keep his company in business.

read more › The Internet has provided consumers with a large variety of information, pesticides, and home remedies, which for the most part have little to no effect. The pesticides found at your local hardware store should be consumer safe and when misapplied the insect builds up an immunity, which in return makes a breed of Bed Bugs resistant to professional Bed Bug products. One of the most commonly used products today is "Diatomaceous Earth" aka "DE, " which has been noted as a consumer safe "Cure All."

read more › Ivey Exterminating, considered in the pest control industry as the "go to" company for termite control & prevention. Even area competitors have been known to refer their "termite problems" to us. Contact us for expert termite inspections and termite treatments. Whether you are building a new home or addition, or developing a large commercial structure, Ivey Exterminating has unmatched customer care and service. If necessary, our on-site response time can be less than four hours. A: Ants have a narrow waist, curved antennae, and two sets of wings that are different in length.

read more › Share these dangerously inaccurate urban legends with DIYers(Do It Yourselfers). Setting the record straight will underline your knowledge and experience while revealing the value of the services you provide. Fact: "Breakfast, lunch and dinner" is factually untrue. Bed bugs normally bite to obtain a feeding source; therefore, it can be many bites or just one. Fact: Bed bugs will live in a mattress, box spring, couches and almost anywhere close to their hosts. Fact: When customers don't have time, knowledge or experience to do the job correctly, and foggers only drive bed bugs deeper into harborages.

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