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Target Pest Control For over 30 years, we've helped residential and commercial clients in the Greater Rochester, NY area with all manner of pest control problems. Our treatments are designed to protect your family, and our methods are designed to protect your privacy. Our technicians have an average of 19 years experience in the pest control industry, so you know that you are in experienced and knowledgeable hands when you have a technician on site.

We're called Target Pest Control for a reason. We target your particular pest infestation at the source, and we're committed to doing every job right the first time. Once your pest problem is gone, it won't come back. We guarantee it! We're fully licensed and insured for everyone's protection, and are accredited members of the Better Business Bureau.

Target Pest Control knows that everyone's on a tight budget these days. Still, we wouldn't want you to put up with a roach or flea infestation out of fear of what it will cost to get rid of it. We are locally owned and competitively priced, plus offer discounts for seniors and military.

read more › However, their job description ends where your property line begins. If ants, fleas, wasps or bedbugs, rats, mice, or another other pests have crossed that line, call Target Pest Control right away. We'll let them know in no uncertain terms that your home is a forbidden zone! At Target Pest Control, having to redo a job really bugs us. That's why we only hire exterminators who meet and exceed industry training standards and have passed pre-employment screenings with flying colors. Target Pest Control's technicians know how bugs think.

read more › Want to see how fast your family can run? Let a spider crawl across the floor and they'll scatter to the winds in record time. That's mean. Call Target Pest Control. We eradicate a wide range of pests, including rodents, roaches, ants, fleas and even bedbugs. Our methods are environmentally conscious and our team is the best in the business. Locations in Rochester, Henrietta, Brighton and Greece. Senior and military discounts, free estimates.

read more › The real vampires are ugly little creatures who feast on human blood wherever they can find it. They're bedbugs, and beds aren't the only places they live. Baseboards, furniture, even normal clutter is like a 5-star resort to bedbugs. Call Target Pest Control and put the "No Vacancy" sign out for these unwanted guests! If there's one thing bed bugs hate - its Target Pest Control. We use effective treatment methods as well as non-toxic liquid treatments to kill bed bugs and their eggs. Several visits may be needed, but our costs are reasonable.

read more › Whether you've got a rainwater collector or a copse of trees and tall grass on your property, chances are you've also got biting pests. Mosquitoes are drawn to moist conditions, including standing water. Ticks also like warm, humid climates and, like mosquitoes, feed on the blood of animals and people. These pests will detract from the enjoyment of your property, biting or burrowing into the skin and subjecting their hosts to infection. Nothing ruins a summer day quicker than a swarm of mosquitoes.

read more › The very word strikes fear in the hearts of the brave and makes tattooed dock workers scream like girls. Make no mistake, cockroaches have no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Not only are they ugly as sin, they harbor all kinds of disease carrying bacteria. Target Pest Control knows how to put them down for a permanent dirt nap! A cockroach can survive without a head for up to two weeks. No doubt about it, they're a tough opponent for any insect exterminator, but not tough enough to stand up to Target Pest Control.

read more › That little mouse or rat looks so sweet and innocent with its big brown eyes and wiggly nose. You just want to pick it up and keep it as a pet. Shake it off! Behind that laser beam of cuteness is a carrier of disease and a menace to public health. Call Target Pest Control - we'll get rid of your rodent problem affordably and discreetly. Target Pest Control has been in the extermination business for many years. We know how rodents and other pests are. They like to show their ugly little faces in the dead of night or the wee hours of the morning.

read more › Everyone loves a parade, just not this kind. Ants marching up and down your kitchen counter are intent on more than just eating your food. They can do serious structural damage to your home, which can cost thousands of dollars to fix. Be proactive when it comes to ants. Call Target Pest Control for a free estimate and to schedule your ant control treatment! Carpenter ants are aptly named. These clever but destructive creatures carve tunnels into anything made of wood, killing trees and weakening structures.

read more › You're hearing a lot of buzz lately, but it's not about your company's latest product line or neighborhood gossip. You have a bee or wasp problem. Do you know how you'd react if you got stung? Don't wait to find out. Call Target Pest Control and let us remove the offending insects, along with the queen, the colony and the hive. At Target Pest Control, having to do a job over again bugs the heck out of us. We take pride eradicating a problem permanently in the timeframe we give you. If that doesn't happen, we're not happy.

read more › Been using them for years. Always great customer service and very trustworthy. They stand behind their work and are honest about whether their service is necessary. The technician actually told me my pest problem could be taken care of by spraying the perimeter of my house with a bug spray bought anywhere. I have been signing up for annual contracts with Target Pest Control for the last 4 years. Bill Griffin and his team have proven to be professional, friendly, reliable and effective. After one application each spring they have effectively eliminated the annual arrival of Carpenter Bees and Ants at our house.

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