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Innovative Pest Management Corp. proudly serves the Greater Rochester, New York area with residential pest control and commercial pest control and extermination services. We focus on minimal chemical treatment instead of chemical invasion. Using our unique process of pest control, we can use the absolute minimum amount of chemicals, if any, to solve your problems.

By focusing on eliminating the problem as opposed to treating the symptoms, we bring our clients complete satisfaction, instead of repeat infestation. Pests start on the outside of your home and so do we. We solve your problem from the outside in so that we reduce the need to treat inside your home. You can feel comfortable that IPM will make every effort to make the process as convenient for you and your family as possible, with the "least-toxic" option.

Our quick response time and preventative approaches to commercial properties helps to keep pests under control, including bed bugs. We woke up to scraping and scratching sounds between our walls, absolutely freaked out, found Kennedy's business on google and gave him a call.

Innovative Pest Management Corp offers exterminating and pest control services to families and businesses in the Greater Rochester, NY Area. We employ a great many common-sense techniques. We recognize that each situation may require special attention, whether it's protecting your child's school or daycare or making sure that your favorite restaurant

At Innovative Pest Management, our expert pests and bee exterminators can handle any pest control services you could encounter. Services include pest control, bees and wasps control and removal, bed bugs control, bird control, cockroaches control, boxelder bugs removal, rodents control, ants control, and more. Getting rid of ants begins with properly

After many years in the Rochester, NY pest control industry, Sales and Service Manager Kennedy Brayboy realized that it was in the best interest of his customers to offer seasonal pest control to minimize annoyance and anxiety by pests that you had no desire to share your home with. Innovative Pest Management's seasonal pest control program is designed

Pest control should not be considered an expense. Rather it should be considered an investment in your business. Businesses lose millions of dollars each year to pest damage. Not only do pests cause damage in terms of profits, but they can demoralize employee morale and ruin company reputations. Your customers will stop accepting products if they arrive

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