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At Bug Ninja Pest Control, we come to work to help families feel safe and businesses run smoothly. That may seem out of place, but bugs can really freak people out. A restaurant with ants or a home with a mouse can truly ruin the day. We actually started our pest control company in Baton Rouge, circa 2010, under the name GreenSeasons Pest Control.

After a couple different experienced partners, we decided it best to stick to a simple vision of focusing on clients, knowledge, and safety. Realizing we are different than when we started, a new name felt right to accompany our precise approach to pest control.

The Bug Ninja does not simply spray for pests. We use knowledge of how each target pest behaves, bug life cycles, and the environmental factors they prefer to exterminate them. This includes sealing off entry points, sanitation, removing food sources, and more. The approach is Integrated Pest Management. This is the best method to kill bugs. It is also

All pest control companies that are worth anything start with a termite inspection. A professionally trained pest control technician thoroughly inspects your home or commercial building for signs of active termite activity. This can be mud tunnels along the foundation, termite wings, bubbling paint spots, weak spots in the wood, discolored walls, or

The Bug Ninja does not just spray your yard for mosquitoes. We do a complete property inspection for areas where mosquitoes hide and breed. We physically control areas we are able to and let you know any problem areas that remain. Then we treat only the areas where mosquitoes make their home. We treat for mosquitoes every 21 days. This knocks down mosquito

Bed bugs are a small pest, yet a huge nuisance. These insects can live in the walls, in your box springs, or in cabinets. Bed bugs eggs are usually transported between locations when they are attached to clothing or luggage. Bed bugs are commonly found in hotels. They come out at night while you are asleep to feed and their food source of nutrition

Rodents are smart animals. They can live almost anywhere. Rats and mice will spread disease throughout your home. They reproduce quickly and small nuisance can multiply into a real infestation. We use our knowledge of how rodents think, move, eat, and sleep to target these vermin everywhere they go. If you want rodent gone quickly, call the Bug Ninja

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