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Eagle Eye Termite & Pest Control Termites and other pests can be more than a nuisance. They can make you uncomfortable in your home, and this can disturb regular daily life. At Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control, we understand that having termites and/or pests in your home can take away your peace of mind. We know that you want your treatment quickly and this is why we offer quick response times and highly trained professionals at our company.

We have specialists that will provide a in-depth inspection of your home, and advise you on any costs up-front. We will make sure that you are given the best treatment possible, and that we can give you your peace of mind back by keeping your home pest-free. At Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control, we realize the environmental and public relations impact of every pest and termite inspection and we are committed to providing quality care for your home.

We have a goal of being able to preserve the safe and healthy living environment in your home, and we will use proper materials and techniques to perform our services.

read more › We provide several services here at Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control, all with the same goal: to rid your home of pests and provide great customer service. We are dedicated to thoroughly evaluating your home regardless of the condition or location. The first service we usually provide to customers is the termite inspection. This is a visual inspection of the home in the readily accessible areas. We will look for evidence of any wood-destroying insects. We are committed to offering a fair price for our services as well.

read more › Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control is one of the top companies in our industry. We believe that what sets us apart is to be flexible in treating a variety of different pests and doing it with great customer service. We value being able to make the customer feel comfortable in their home, which is why pest control is so important to us. We have encountered many clients who may have more than one type of pest in their home. They feel overwhelmed and don't know where to turn. They are distraught, and they call us for help.

read more › At Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control, we provide high quality services that are effective in reducing and eliminating pests in your home. We're glad that you are considering our services! We offer both of these types of treatments. Liquid treatments have been around for many years. They provide a long-lasting barrier around your home. Placed in the soil, this barrier will prevent termites from entering your home and infesting the building and structure. In many cases with our clients, termites have already entered the building.

read more › This unique form of termite treatment is one of the many great services at Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control. This way of preventing the subterranean termites from ever reaching your house is the most effective treatment route. It is much better than fighting an infestation later on. This treatment could consist of either chemical or physical barriers. These are installed during construction to help you prevent the termites, which are subterranean, from finding unprotected points inside your house.

read more › At Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control, we understand that it can be nerve-wrecking to call the exterminator. You may have nagging worries about termites in your house. Termites are destructive pests and we do not want you to be worried! Termites are especially scary because they can cause extensive damage without noticing the infestation. Their presence can be hard to detect unless you know exactly what you are looking for. However, they work pretty slowly, so the sooner you give us a call to inspect your home, the better!

read more › Termites may be very small insects that tend to stay out of sight, but this does not mean they stay out of mind. They can quickly leave behind extensive damage. This damage can be very expensive to repair. This report can be primarily for prospective home buyers. It will say whether or not termites have caused damage to the property or have left damage behind prior to you buying the home. This report is a must have when buying, selling, or refinancing a home! It is a very inexpensive way to avoid problems before you commit.

read more › Having pests infest your home can be extremely damaging to your property and peace of mind. We at Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control are committed to providing excellent care for your home, and great customer service for you! A pest control service such as ours is more efficient than your average exterminator. We thoroughly examine the entire residence and property to make sure that we leave your home pest free. We will come up with a treatment plan based on our evaluation of your problem. We use high-quality and efficient treatments so that we should not have to perform follow-up treatments because the job was not well done.

read more › A great service offered by Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control is our rodent control service. This can be a major issue for many homeowners. Rats and mice actually have the ability to transfer disease, and this is a major issue. They can also contaminate food sources and cause structural damage. Rats and mice are accomplished chewers, which means that they are known for knowing their way through many types of barriers with their powerful front teeth. Rats and mice cause costly damage to homes every year.

read more › If you are interested in learning more about our termite and pest control services, please feel free to give us a call at 225-275-6700. We are ready to answer any and all questions you may have about your home treatment plan. We have professional customer service representatives and termite and pest control agents standing by for you! We value every client and are sure to give them the best and most effective answers and information when they contact us. You can be sure that at Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control, we have your best interests in mind!

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