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Aesthetic Laser & Cosmetic Center We've been fighting pests for over 4 decades - removing those unwanted guests from houses and businesses across Phoenix, and all over the East Valley. Every day we strive to provide our clients with environmentally-responsible and efficient services, all while forming a bond with our customers to better help us care for their properties. The more we get to know you, the more customized and specific our care will be, so we do our best to get to know everyone we work with.

With all of the brand names and worldwide companies, Dynamic Pest Control is here as a refreshing, family-owned change to be your AZ pest control company while putting money back into the community. We don't have locations around the nation, but we do have one devoted team of technicians that will do everything they can to help you. Bed bug infestations are becoming an increasingly common occurrence - and also a nightly feat.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we started using a new review system that allows us to hear what. Taking a look at our handy Arizona Pest Activity Chart (PDF), February is going to be one of the m.

read more › Here, we'll specifically look at you're needs, not how much money we can squeeze out of you. We strive to build personal relationships with every customer. Technicians go out into the field with the mindset to not only vanish pests, but to truly get to know the customers. To Dynamic, you're not a number, you're a neighbor. As a small business, we understand customer service and look forward to making lasting relationships with our customers. DPC has access to the safest, most effective products around.

read more › Our general pest control services, which control the bug population year round, are offered monthly, bimonthly and quarterly. This includes the Pest-A-Way barrier which seals your house from insect intruders, spot treatment in the front and back yards to stop where nesting and harboring exists and sweeping eves to remove cob webs. We also offer beehive removal. We determine the species of bee, discover if nesting is taking place, then inject a chemical deterrent into the hive. Once the deterrent is injected the bees will leave and will prevent future bees from nesting.

read more › Bug infestations can quickly make a house go from "Home Sweet Home" to "Home Gross Home". You can trust the experts at Dynamic Pest Control to remove the unwanted house guests and prevent them from ever coming back. We are family owned and operated - NOT a big name company with high rates and a careless attitude.

read more › A. All of our technicians are certified in the work they provide and are annually required to take continuing education to stay current in the industry. As a business, we carry the necessary licensing and certifications required by the Office of Pest Management. A. All the products we use are EPA regulated and mixed to the size of what they are controlling. Therefore, the mixture of the product is in the highest dosage to take out a cockroach (your biggest insect), but not high enough to cause harm to your children, family members or pets.

read more › Whether you have one bee that won't leave the front door or an entire nest taking over your backyard, our bee control services will promptly remove the flying critters from your vicinity. Our trained professionals safely remove hives quickly and inexpensively. We use a chemical deterrent to make sure the bees are no longer interested in the hive and make sure they never come back again.

read more › Benefit: Pest problems that arise in between regular monthly services are fixed at no additional charge to the customer. Benefit: Technicians are able to respond to trouble calls right away, and are usually able to solve any problem within 24 hours. Benefit: Keeps spiders from establishing populations that will spread inside and also keeps the home looking clean. Benefit: Receive the royal treatment. Since Dynamic Pest Control is family owned and operated, we have a greater vested interest in customer satisfaction than do the larger international chains.

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