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Heights Pest Control & Termite is your local Green pest control professionals servicing Northeast Ohio. We provide customized, family-friendly treatment programs specifically designed to protect your home from unwanted pests. All of our highly skilled pest control technicians are trained in the latest application methods, proper equipment use and maintenance, and will answer any questions you may have about materials being used to treat in and around your home.

They were very prompt and professional haven t seen a single living ant, stink bug, spider, or mouse since they left! Highly recommended. They were GREAT!

read more › Heights Pest Control is your local Pest Professionals. We are dedicated to providing superior customer results. Every aspect of our business is focused on our commitment to providing great service and delivering superior results. The success of Heights Pest Control is due to great people delivering superior service results. Our goal is to build honest, trustworthy relationships with our customers and employees. From day one, our mission was to become a leading independent green industry company by providing superior customer service.

read more › Hornets, yellow jackets, carpenter bees, bumble bees, honey bees, ground bees, paper wasps, sand wasps, cicada killers, and other related species can easily become established in or on buildings, decks, sheds, garages, walls and fencing. Species including yellow jackets (ground bees), bald-faced hornets, bumble bees and cicada killers are found underground and/or in trees, shrubs and groundcover. Bee Control is available at all times to respond to situations involving the elimination, extermination, removal and control of insect colonies and their nests.

read more › Cockroaches are not simply a nuisance pest. While they are best known for eating your food and invading your home, millions of people are actually allergic to cockroaches - an allergy so strong, that you may not even need to be in contact with them to trigger an allergic reaction. Cockroaches can even be deadly to those with asthma, and may spread bacteria like salmonella. Cockroaches are notoriously resilient invaders, which is why it's so important to put your cockroach problem in the hands of skilled cockroach control experts.

read more › The brown stink bug is an insect not previously seen on our continent, it was apparently accidentally introduced into eastern Pennsylvania. It was first collected in September of 1998, but probably arrived several years earlier. Adults are approximately one inch long and are shades of brown on both the upper and lower body surfaces. They are the typical "shield" shape of other stink bugs, almost as wide as they are long. They have patches of coppery or bluishmetallic colored small rounded depressions on the head and pronotum.

read more › Heights Pest Control knows all about the types of invasive pests that are commonly found throughout Ohio & surrounding states. Spiders, Bed Bugs, termites, rodents, roaches, stink bugs and ants are just a few of the more common pest intruders. With those pests in mind, we have developed the best effective solution and are proud to introduce our Green Band Protection system. The Green Band Protection System takes the common sense approach of controlling pests, and the diseases they spread to a new family friendly level, while still protecting the people pets and plants from any ill effects from a pesticide spraying process inside your home.

read more › Just like Heights Pest Control, any successful company takes a certain amount of care to create the best first impression. Likewise, a company's reputation can take a nose dive if something as distasteful as a rat or other traces are found by employees, clients, or vendors. Everyone who works or visits your location expects a level of protection and safety. Any privately-owned or public structure can be susceptible to pests - from the smallest of annoying insects to disease carrying vermin. The Green Band Protection System is a customized pest control program ideal for budget-minded companies who want to protect their employees and customers from invasive disease carrying pests, without the fear of someone spraying some chemical agent that could possibly harm anyone in the workplace.

read more › A Wood Destroying Insect Report (NPMA-33) is a must when buying, selling or refinancing a home in the state of Ohio! You'll receive a detailed WDI report from your state-certified Heights Pest Control licensed inspector. This report will determine any and all existing evidence of wood destroying insects and or damage located at the property before you purchase or sell.

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