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Nor Cal Fumigation Through the Structural Fumigation Process, which is the most effective method to exterminate termites, powder post beetles, bed bugs, and other wood-destroying pests that are difficult to eradicate; We will help you keep your residential and commercial properties free of infestation. Our professionals seek to be efficient, and implacable enemies to these pests, always following the established procedures that guarantee the safety of our customers.

Termites are small, white, tan, or black insects that can cause severe destruction to wooden structures. Termites belong to the insect order Isoptera, an ancient insect group that dates back more than 100 million years. The Latin name Isoptera means "equal wing" and refers to the fact that the front set of wings on a termite is similar in size and shape to hind set.

Drywood termites infest not only dry wood but also wood in good condition, including structural lumber, orchard trees, utility poles, lumber in storage, limbs of native trees, etc. From these areas, winged termites migrate to nearby buildings and other structures.

read more › The entire structure is properly prepared and tented, using specialized tarps that will trap the Vikane(R) Gas Fumigant inside during the fumigation process. After the structure is tented, several fans are placed inside for the Vikane(R) Gas Fumigant to circulate. A final check is done in all the rooms of the structure to make sure that no one remains inside, including pets. Tear gas is poured into pans and distributed throughout the structure since the gas fumigant itself is odorless, colorless, and tasteless; The released tear gas acts as a warning agent to keep away any person or creature that may attempt to enter the structure during fumigation.

read more › Annually, dry wood termites, powder post beetles, bed bugs, and other wood-destroying pests cause billions of dollars in structural damage in the United States. Although deciding whether fumigate or not is complex; it is important to consider the cost of fumigation, versus the cost of damage to your structures if you do nothing. Termites create holes, and they usually push oval shape, and tiny capsules called frass (droppings or pellets) out of the nest. You may also discover termite wings near windowsills and floors.

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