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Lakeland Pest Control & Exterminator Lakeland Pest Control & Exterminator is ready to assist you - just phone us at (863) 279-0272 today! We are a premier exterminator serving Lakeland, Florida that provides many exterminator, rodent removal, and pest control services to the Lakeland, Florida area. We are proud to be your Lakeland exterminator of choice and we're certain that we can provide you with the best solution for your residential and commercial pest problems.

If you have bed bug problems, termite problems, bees, wasps, spiders, rodent removal or any insect, pest, rodent or other problem call Lakeland Pest Control & Exterminator today! You will find our staff honest, easy to work with, and knowledgeable. In addition, we are one of the best pest control companies in Lakeland as rated by many services. We are your company for Lakeland Pest Control Services.

Our experienced, certified Lakeland exterminators can tackle any pest or rodent issue you may be experiencing. From termites, fleas, ants, earwigs or other insects to rodent problems such as mice or rats, Lakeland Pest Control & Exterminator will eradicate your pest issues from your home, yard or business.

read more › Lakeland Pest Control & Exterminator is focused on treating Bed Bugs in the Lakeland, Florida area. Did you know that Lakeland bed bugs can cause many different health problems including skin rashes, skin effects, emotional problems, and allergic symptoms? Treating Bed Bugs is not an easy process as bed bugs are incredibly elusive. They tend to be nocturnal, making them hard to find at times. They will often hide in dark crevices and their eggs will be nested in the seams of fabric or on mattresses.

read more › Each year termites cost homeowners, companies, and individuals up to $30 billion in damage to crops and structures in the United States. Termites are colonizing insects that live all over the world. Some types of termites destroy homes in just a matter of months while others consume the home over the course of years. The reproductive termites are generally winged, and are a yellow-brown or smoky-gray color. The termite workers are usually white with a soft body. The soldiers are similar to worker termites, except they have long brownish heads that can sometimes look like a pair of pinchers.

read more › Are you searching for business pest control in or around the Florida area? We can help! Our industrial pest control exterminators are experts at treating many commercial and office buildings. Our business pest control technicians are passionate about protecting the companies in our area. Our exterminators attend workshops and training classes each year to make sure that we stay current on the most advanced techniques and technologies for treating your buildings. We take our responsibility of safe guarding Lakeland businesses from pests extremely seriously.

read more › We understand that there are many Lakeland pest control companies that you could choose to protect your family. We're honored that you continue to give us your business. Your home is your castle, your place of rest, where you can get away from the world, and where you spend time with your friends and family. The last thing you want is some disgusting critter, some annoying insect, or some rodent interrupting the peace and quiet or the fun with your friends and family. Our Lakeland pest control experts can remove any existing pests, as well as help protect you from future pests.

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