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California is no stranger to bugs and rodents sneaking in where they don't belong. Some home and business owners find themselves struggling with repeat infestations that can destroy the integrity of their buildings. We offer a complete pest protection plan that provides you with affordable pest control services, helping you get back to enjoying your property.

Keep those unwanted critters and crawlers out of your home for good! Ants, cockroaches, wasps, rodents, and more can cause costly damage to your home and can compromise your family's safety. Get the help you need from a team you can trust. Is your drywall starting to look discolored or droopy? Are you finding tiny pinpoint holes around your walls and window sill?

If so, you may have a termite infestation that needs addressing now! Our knowledgeable team of termite control experts will help you find the solutions you need to protect your home and family. We can even help you repair the damage left by termites, restoring the beautiful look of your home while also protecting it from future damage.

read more › Dustin Pest Control has spent decades helping realtors, homeowners, and other businesses in California's Central Valley with pest control and termite repair. Our founder, Bob Dustin, brings a lifetime of experience to solving these problems for our respected clients. Bob got his start in pest control in 1956, shortly after graduating from high school. He began by working for City Termite in Los Angeles, then moved to Fresno in 1960 to work for Paramount Pest Control for the next 13 years. From 1973 to 1980, Bob ran D&D Pest Control with his partner, George Dickerson, before starting his own business.

read more › Everything we do at Dustin Pest Control begins and ends with our outstanding service leaders. We work hard to train our staff on the latest techniques and focus on creating quality services that keep our customers happy and pest-free. No matter the pest or size of your building, you can always count on our team to deliver solutions you trust. If you're looking to be a part of our growing roster of pest control experts, please take a look at our Careers page for more information! You're more than just a customer to us; you're family.

read more › You shouldn't have to live or work with vermin. At Dustin Pest Control, we believe everyone should be able to afford safe and effective pest control solutions. If you own a home or business in California's Central Valley, we want to help you keep it clean and pest-free. To that end, we offer several discounts aimed at making sure anyone can access our services. You help keep us safe, so we want to help keep your homes safe from pests-it's honestly the least we can do. With more than 40 years of pest control experience, we know how to deal with practically anything.

read more › Looking for a dynamic career in a thriving industry? Dustin Pest Control is an amazing place to build a rewarding career in a sector that provides meaningful relief to people of all kinds. If that sounds like you, we want to get acquainted! Reach out to us today with your resume and tell us a little bit about yourself. We thank all prospective candidates for their applications, but only those selected for interviews will be contacted. Dustin Pest Control is an equal opportunity employer and does not make hiring decisions based on race, color, national origin, sex, gender, sexuality, religion, age, or disability.

read more › We train our staff to be leaders in pest control, providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to deliver incredible results. You're more than just a customer to us; you're family. Our team always serves with a smile and provides you with options that work for you and your family. Dustin Pest Control is proud to offer a range of deals and prices to ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck. Check out our current promotions today! We know everything there is to know about pest control.

read more › No two pest infestations are exactly alike, so there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all pest control solution. When you contact Dustin Pest Control for help, our team works hard to understand the specific nature of your problem so we can develop a strategy to meet your exact needs. What type of pest are we dealing with? We also take species into account since this distinction can affect which tools and techniques will be most effective. How severe is the problem? Are your pests just starting to make themselves at home, or do you have a full-blown infestation on your hands?.

read more › We deal with ants as a normal part of our lives, and even though we might see the odd few sneak into the home from time to time, finding them in your cupboards, on your table, and in your drawers is a cause for concern. At Dustin Pest Control, we want you to not only clear your home of an ant infestation, but we also want to protect you for as long as possible so you can enjoy your home the way you want. Our team uses the latest ant control techniques to identify potential entry points, problem areas, and probable causes.

read more › Nobody has ever been happy to see these pests crawling around on their floors or furniture, and roaches remain a serious problem for countless California homeowners. Their resilient nature and tendency to reproduce quickly make roaches a nuisance that needs to be handled fast. Dustin Pest Control does more than just clear roaches from your home-we also offer lasting protection that keeps them out long-term. With more than 40 years of cockroach extermination experience under our belts, we have what it takes to devise custom roach removal plans for every individual client.

read more › When it comes to the list of places in your home where you don't want bugs, we're guessing your bed is near the top. Unfortunately, nobody told the bed bugs-until now, that is. California is one of the worst states in America for bed bug infestations, and these tiny bloodsucking monsters can make your home feel totally unlivable. Fortunately, you don't have to take a bed bug infestation lying down (in fact, we strongly recommend that you don't). Dustin Pest Control can drive bed bugs out of your living space and keep them out with advanced pest control measures that provide lasting peace of mind.

read more › Fleas and ticks can be a literal pain in the neck for homeowners, as well as their beloved families and pets! These small, bloodsucking insects are enough to make anyone jumpy-and they can also be a health risk. Flea and tick problems in California range from moderate to severe, depending on the time of year and your local conditions. Luckily, experienced exterminators can drive these tiny terrors away and restore harmony to your home. Dustin Pest Control brings over 40 years of experience to flea and tick treatments.

read more › Mice, rats, and other rodents might look cute when they're cartoons on television-but trust us, you don't want these pests anywhere near your dwelling. Rat infestations are on the rise in California's urban regions, and rodents of all kinds remain a problem for homeowners throughout the state. Rodent infestations are highly disruptive, destructive, and potentially dangerous in numerous ways. Dustin Pest Control can help you handle existing rodent infestations and prevent future ones by identifying potential risks on your property.

read more › What's noisy, ugly, and painful if you bump into it? No, we're not talking about your annoying boss or neighbor-we're talking about wasp nests. Don't get us wrong; even wasps have their good points. For example, they eat many other pests that can destroy crops or spread diseases. Still, that doesn't mean you should be happy to host them in your home. Wasps can cause extensive property damage, and they can also be dangerous if provoked-which isn't hard to do. Dustin Pest Control has more than 40 years of experience removing wasps and their nests from properties in Central California.

read more › Mosquitoes haven't always been common in California, but that's changed abruptly in recent years. Many people find themselves itching and scratching these days due to unprovoked attacks from these deeply irritating bloodsuckers. What's more, mosquitoes can carry several serious diseases-so you don't want them swarming around your home. Dustin Pest Control has decades of pest control experience, and we know all about how to control mosquito populations in your area. Our strategy is to identify locations on your property where mosquitoes are likely to breed, then create lasting protective barriers to keep them away for good.

read more › Lots of pests can damage your home-but termites can literally bring the whole thing crashing down. Known as the silent destroyers, these pale, wood-chewing insects are often mistaken for carpenter ants but are actually more closely related to cockroaches. They are extremely common throughout California, causing widespread damage to forests and homes alike. Termites aren't directly harmful to humans, but they can (and often do) cause massive property damage. Not only can termites ruin carpets, furniture, walls, and floorboards-they can also weaken the structural integrity of your home to the point where floors and ceilings cave in.

read more › Any pest that can infest your home can also infest your business. You've worked hard to build your livelihood, so why let ants, rodents, or other undesirable visitors threaten that investment? Commercial pest control makes your business a safer and cleaner place to work. It also helps you stay compliant with the Structural Pest Control Act that regulates businesses and professions. Dustin Pest Control brings more than 40 years of pest control experience to businesses of all kinds in Central California.

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