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At Morse Termite and Pest Control in Fresno, CA, we offer thorough termite and pest control services. We can solve most of the common pest problems, from termites to ants and roaches and black widow spiders (the most common dangerous pest in the San Joaquin Valley). If you think you have termites, do not delay getting rid of them. They are very destructive, and the longer you wait, the more damage they will do.

Repairs to your home can also be very expensive. However, regular termite inspections and early treatment will protect your property, which is your biggest investment. Our technicians are among the best trained and equipped in the industry, and our service vehicles are stocked with the very best products. Additionally, our field representatives make sure to be fast, thorough, friendly, and understanding when providing services.

This is because they know that it can be annoying, creepy, and dangerous to have pests crawling in and around your home. We are licensed by the California Structural Pest Control Board and registered with the California Department of Pesticide Regulation for general pest control (Branch 2) and wood-destroying organisms (Branch 3), such as termites.

read more › Protecting Your Investment has been Morse Termite and Pest Control's motto since we began operations in 2002. This is because we take satisfaction in helping clients protect their homes, their family's health, and their pets from diseases and destruction caused by pests and termites. We strive to offer fast, thorough, and friendly pest control services while providing honest and complete information about our process, our products, and your options. Count on us to help you understand what results you can expect from our services.

read more › Are you currently trying to get rid of termites and other pests that are living in your home? Our team at Morse Termite and Pest Control has you covered. Monthly Service - This is the best choice for long-term control of recurring household pests such as spiders, outdoor roaches and ants. Regular pest control maintenance services provides consistent control and peace of mind. We are always just a phone call away with free follow-up or special services whenever needed. One Time Service - Choose this option if you just need us to help by providing our services once to clean up a spider, outdoor roach, or ant problem.

read more › If you need general pest control service for your home or business, we have a service plan for you. Monthly Service - Your best choice if you live in an area where spiders, outdoor roaches, and ants are a regular problem. One Time Service - If you just need one service to clean up a spider, outdoor roach, or ant problem, give us a call. We can help. Special Service Programs - We are now offering short term special service programs for certain pests that may be controlled through two to three services.

read more › Baits - Use some form of baiting program that will kill the termites (once they find the bait stations). Which approach is best? No two situations are identical so we need to approach each situation with an open mind. Generally, we prefer traditional treatments using the most modern materials. This combination usually gives the customer excellent control and the best value for the money spent. We begin the process by making an appointment to inspect the building. At the property, we will take a look at the areas you are concerned about.

read more › Until recently, a structural fumigation was considered the only "sure-fire" way to gain control. And we must agree that a whole-structure treatment such as fumigation is the only way to be completely certain that all drywood termite colonies within a structure have been exterminated. However, such certainty isn't always necessary or even practical. Because fumigations can be very expensive, involve significant preparation and require the building to vacated for a few days, there are times when fumigation is not the most practical alternative.

read more › Termite inspections and identification may be a full inspection (where all accessible parts of the structure are inspected), or it may be a limited inspection. The inspections done by Structural Pest Control Operators (like us) are more correctly called Wood Destroying Pests and Organisms Inspection Reports. Our inspections are closely regulated by the Department of Consumer Affairs. The scope of the inspection is defined by the state law. We are licensed experts in the identification and control of wood destroying pests and organisms.

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