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Montgomery Pest Control Pros Your exterminator in Montgomery AL providing pest control for all common insects and rodents in the local area. Pick up the phone and call us now to get pest control service. Are you experiencing a problem with ants on your property? Ants can quickly take over a room and cause annoyance. Montgomery Pest Control Pros can take care of the ant infestation that you are experiencing.

Call (334) 203-4779 now to discuss your ant control issue and talk to an ant exterminator who can assist. Bed bugs are nothing to mess around with. If you are experiencing a problem with bed bugs on your residential or commercial property, you should pick up the phone and talk to an experienced bed bug exterminator Montgomery AL. They spread easily and can cause health problems very quickly.

Call now to start solving the problem with Montgomery Bed bugs. Montgomery Pest Control Pros offers pest control services for your property in Montgomery AL. Do you need pest control? Pick up the phone and call (334) 203-4779 to speak with a pest control specialist now.

read more › Montgomery Pest Control Pros has built a solid reputation over the past 20+ years as a local exterminator that specializes in exterminator and pest control services. We control ants, bed bugs, mice, cockroaches, and more. This reputation was cemented through a service that combines the highest standards of quality, spotless customer service and a team of competent professionals. Thanks to our customer-first approach, residential and commercial exterminator services, and transparent pricing with no fine print or exorbitant fees, we have become one of the best in Montgomery AL.

read more › Ants are a nuisance in both homes and business premises. They can cause diseases and health risks in your home by contaminating your food. Ants can damage your property by forming colonies on the walls and ceilings, causing electrical wiring to malfunction. Premises such as bars, restaurants, warehouses and hospitals that store food need to ensure high standards of hygiene for an ant free environment. The first step in eliminating an ant infestation is by identifying their species to understand their biology after which you can develop a strategy of controlling them.

read more › Proper mice control is essential in homes and business premises. Mice can be troublesome and tend to cause havoc in homes, causing stress to homeowners. It is essential to control mice in your household to maintain hygiene and overall health of everyone in your house. Defecating and urinating mice not only cause bad odor in the house, but also damage property such as documents and wooden furniture, in addition to spreading parasites that cause diseases. Therefore, there's a need to address mice infestation.

read more › Most people don't know or are not aware of bed bug infestations until they are bitten. These blood-sucking pests are active at night and often like hiding. If you wake up with small insect bites, your mattress and bedding smeared with dark red spots and bedding smelling like sweet rotting fruit, you could be having bedbug infestation. They say prevention is better than cure and so is bedbug prevention. However, if your home has been infested, find a reliable bedbug removal company to help rid your home of pests such as bedbugs and cockroaches, among others.

read more › Increase of eczema and childhood asthma is associated with cockroaches. These pests spread certain diseases such as typhoid, dysentery and gastroenteritis and are a risk to human health. Cockroaches are resilient pests and once they have invaded your home, it may be difficult to eradicate them. Cockroaches multiply fast; a female cockroach lays between 10 and 90 eggs in a day. Moreover, they don't take too long to hatch. What attracts roaches to your home is mostly food. Although there are numerous species of cockroaches, only three main types tend to infest homes.

read more › When it comes to our homes, birds and other flying pests can definitely become a nuisance. Removing them from your home is important, and often requires the expert services of a professional pest exterminator, as DIY removal can be difficult and dangerous. Particularly with the spraying method there can be complications, as spraying does not deal with all flying pests and inhaling the spray can be harmful to your health. This is where calling a professionally trained exterminator with the skills and equipment to help remove birds and flying pests efficiently is the right idea.

read more › If you're in need of bee, wasp, or hornet removal services, then make sure to contact a professional to assist in solving your problem. It can be tempting to handle the issue on your own, but calling a qualified pest exterminator is the best way to ensure safe methods are used that will protect your home, family, and pets. In addition to having good customer service, working with a licensed fumigator or exterminator is an important part of seeking out professional assistance. When it comes to methods there are several including pest traps, baits, chemicals, and pest mating, all of which can get rid of any bees, wasps, or hornets in your home.

read more › When it comes to keeping your property safe and clear, keeping mosquitoes at bay in your home is an important task. If they invade your property, they can become a real issue. When it comes to residential mosquito control, it's more about killing just the mosquitoes that land on your body. Mosquitoes pose serious health risks - aside from being annoying - and can transmit diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. Most commonly found in stagnant water, mosquitoes need to be controlled before they ever start attacking you on your property.

read more › Spiders are among the most feared pests in homes. While they may be beneficial for the ecosystem, most individuals prefer them outdoors. Most species of spiders cannot survive indoors as they have adapted to outdoor environment. The few types that can survive indoors are the ones people will encounter most often in their homes. Noticing an infestation has occurred in your home usually comes following the appearance of cobwebs. Spiders can hide in cracks, tunnels, or crevices on the walls of your home.

read more › Every year, termites are reported to cause damage to property costing millions of dollars to repair. Even so, homeowner's insurance doesn't cover termite damage. This is because the extent of termite damage usually cannot be determined immediately. Therefore, preventative steps are important in every stage of homeownership. Elimination and prevention of termites requires professional services to ensure complete elimination of termites. Professionals detect any signs of an infestation and identify the type of termite present.

read more › Easiest methods of pest control One of the easiest methods of pest control is soapy water. This is going to work best for the bugs that are larger like the stinkbugs, slugs, worms, and Japanese beetles. You will need to make sure that you have covered the bugs completely once you have put them inside. If you leave just one pregnant female alive after treatment, your residence will be reinfested with hundreds of adults and new eggs in only three months. Pest control companies can not only competently assess your bed bug infestation, .

read more › Our company provides pest control services to the Montgomery AL area. We offer pest control for ants, bed bugs, mice, cockroaches, and more. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you need pest control service on your residential or commercial property. We are reliable, efficient, and will show up on time.

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