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Our tent-less termite treatment is something to wonder about, but you can have it too! Quick, easy and painless, this treatment keeps your house from being damaged by these bugs intent on eating all the wood in the area! We make sure that honeybees are removed and taken to be better used by local honey producers elsewhere. But if you have a wasp, hornet or other flying pest infestation, we will kill the insects and destroy the nest to keep your family safe from any harm these stinging bugs can do.

You've probably seen a cockroach before. They are also known as waterbugs or palmetto bugs. Whatever you call them, if you've seen one in your house, you should know there are hundreds, if not thousands more waiting to come out when the lights are out. Let us kill them all for you. Whether you have a problem with a raccoon, a squirrel or bird, we can get rid of the pestering animal.

We will humanely capture it and release it in a better place for it to live (and way better for you, too!) Spiders, although helpful creatures outdoors, can be a nuisance or even a health threat to you and your little ones if they are indoors.

read more › I am the owner and operator of Nest Pest Control services here in Washington, DC and the surrounding area. About 13 years ago I started in the pest control industry. A buddy of mine was starting this new business and asked me to join. I started Nest Services (AKA Nest Pest Control) around ten years ago, in 2007. I started my company with two main goals; to treat my customers well and also to treat my employees very well so they would pay that treatment forward with my customers! I've been really enjoying eradicating all sorts of pests from homes for many years.

read more › Keep mosquitoes at bay during the warm months with our service that kills existing mosquitoes and keeps killing the eggs for a month or two (depending on rain). We get rid of raccoons, squirrels, foxes, possums and other wildlife humanely and quickly. For warehouses and large industrila places, we give recurring commercial pest contrl to keep most bugs like roaches, spiders, silverfish and more away. We can service your apartment building, inside and out, as well as be the premier pest control operator for any and all of your rentals.

read more › With 30, 000 infestation treatments we've gained some experience and insight into different techniques for ant removal. Join our customers and see the Nest difference. Lets just say they get the job done. Nothing bad to say. They showed up on time. Very professional, and we have not had a problem since. They also came back a second time just tome make sure everything was was ok and retreated everything! Finally, we are also wildlife control experts. We remove raccoons, squirrels and birds, but we also trap or kills rodents to keep you safe from their diseases.

read more › When we go on the hunt for bed bugs we look everywhere. They might be in your bed, of course, but often they are hanging out on the floor or the couch like this customer's infestation. Then we start killing them. Since bed bugs are so resilient, you need to surround them then basically cook them until they no longer are alive. Then we put a chemical that kills the rest and keeps new bed bugs away. That's what we are here for! Don't tolerate bees, wasps and hornets eating your home or bothering your family, we can remove honeybees and destroy wasps nest no problem!

read more › When you have a swarm of bees building a nest on your house, you need to get them out of there quick! They can destroy the house by eating the frame or siding to make the paper for their nest, plus the nest itself damages siding, soffits and fascia. The insects are also potentially dangerous to your family, whether they are wasps, hornets, yellow jackets or even honey bees. When we were called to come out and remove the enormous hive on this house, we were surprised it had grown so large! Then again, if it's not in your face when you are going in and out of your house, a nest can grow without you even realizing it.

read more › No one likes them, and for good reason, they carry disease, are dirty little bugs, they look creepy, they fly! For all these reasons and more, people are fighting a major war against roaches from infesting their homes. This homeowner called us and was almost in tears asking what could be done to destroy the cockroaches invading her home. Sometime people call these things waterbugs or even palmetto bugs to try and make themselves feel better, but no matter what way you look at it, roaches are disgusting and we were needed to clear them out!

read more › When we were asked to check out the attic to see what was happening, we found it in major disarray. The raccoon was still there, but we scared him out of the attic! After we found out the entry hole for this critter, we plugged it up (unfortunately, we do not perform roof repair for these things, but we wanted at least to keep other 'coons from entering) and then we started our hunt. We next found him outside, almost as if he was waiting for us. Luckily, he was hungry and I have some great smelling food for bait.

read more › They sleep for a second in the winter, but then termites seek out food and warmth so they can start new colonies. The best place for both? In the old days, we used to tent a home and spray termite fog all over the place, trying to get in every nook and cranny to make it so your house could be protected. These days, we use a better method that is so much less impressive looking, but the termite treatment works so much better! We treat the exterior of your home and make sure that there is a great barrier for many feet outward.

read more › We are actually open 24/7. At least, we will answer your call and often come out and eradicate whatever pest is causing you problems. We will do the best job we can (or any pest control company can) to get rid of the pests that are causing you a problem, whether they are wildlife, roaches, bed bugs or any other pest. We will also follow up to be sure we took care of the problem. We serve all of the Washington DC area, so as long as you consider all that local, we are here for you. We also travel as far away as Baltimore.

read more › Our customers are kindly and have left reviews to read and we've gathered some and published them below. You are a fantastic pest controller, whether it is mice or roaches, your treatments seem to work all the time. Thanks for (almost!) always answering the phone but always keeping me up to date with text messages and being easy to work with. James at Nest Pest Control was the best! We were doing Airbnb and some guests brought bedbugs to our home. We didn't even know we had them. We got a free assessment and James showed us where they were.

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