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Pest Solutions 365 delivers professional extermination services in the Omaha and Lincoln areas. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices to create technologically advanced and environmentally sensitive pest control solutions for our clients. We will identify, target and eliminate your pest control problems. Our technicians are licensed, bonded and insured, and are trained to eliminate all types of pests.

Our trained wildlife experts can remove bats, moles, raccoons and other critters safely and humanely. We use baits, traps and sealants to capture mice, rats, moles and voles and keep rodents out of your home. Whether they're a nuisance or a threat, we can help you get rid of mosquitoes, spiders, ants and more.

read more › Pest Solutions 365 offers a full range of services for both residential and commercial customers. From treating ants, rodents and spiders, to treating bed bugs, roaches and silverfish, Pest Solutions 365 can handle all of your pest control needs through a variety of programs and plans tailored to meet your budget requirements. Tom Sutko is the owner and manager of Pest Solutions 365. Tom is expanding on the company's success to provide new levels of service excellence in operations and professionalism that clearly differentiates Pest Solutions 365 from other pest control companies in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa.

read more › TNT Termite Services was formed in 2000. The company focuses solely on termite inspections and treatments. We have completed more than 70,000 inspections and have treated more than 1,000 homes and other buildings during our 14 years in business. Leapin Lizard Locksmiths specializes in re-keying homes without changing the existing hardware. We serve those who currently own their homes, and those who are buying new homes. The company conducts radon testing and installs radon mitigation systems in homes and business in the Omaha and Lincoln areas and surrounding counties.

read more › I just wanted to say thank you so much for squeezing me in today I really appreciate it. Doug was right on time and was amazing and helped me a lot. He did an AWESOME job and gave me a lot of information to help me with the bed bug problem in my apartment that I just moved into. I'm super appreciative to him and your company! Thank you to him and your company so much! I really hope I never have another pest problem again but if I do it will be you guys that I will use. And I will recommend your company to anyone that has a pest problem.

read more › Bed bugs are typically the size of an apple seed (adult) or a poppy seed (nymph), are flat, oval-shaped, and have six legs. Although up to 70 percent of people do not react to bed bug bites, the bites can produce marks, rashes, or welts. Bed parts, such as mattresses box springs and folded areas. Routinely check your mattress thoroughly, as well as under and around your bed. Look at the mattress seams and piping, under the mattress, and around the bed frame for any signs of bed bugs. Red, itchy bite marks, especially on the legs, arms and other body parts exposed while sleeping.

read more › Bed bugs can't be controlled with do-it-yourself treatments. Home and business owners should work with a pest control specialist to eliminate these pests. Pest Solutions 365 recommends a heat process. Using heat is a superior solution to eliminate bed bug infestations. This non-chemical, non-toxic approach penetrates wall cavities, mattresses and other hard-to-reach locations to kill bed bugs. By applying heat evenly throughout a structure, we are able to kill bed bugs wherever they are hiding, something many other treatments cannot achieve in a single treatment.

read more › It's possible to pick up bed bugs almost any place - they've infested offices, stores, hotels, gyms and countless other places we never would have imagined just 10 years ago. They can hide in your luggage, personal belongings, or even on you, and hitchhike a ride back to your home, condo, townhouse or apartment. Once indoors, they can be extremely difficult to eradicate without the help of an experienced pest control professional. A bed bug infestation has nothing to do with cleanliness - you can pick them up in even the finest hotels, and they can hitchhike into the cleanest homes at any time.

read more › Signs of a termite infestation usually do not occur until the infestation has reached a severe level. To minimize damage, make sure to call Pest Solutions 365 for a professional inspection and estimate when you notice any warning signs. Only $25 for a 20-minute inspection. A short-lived swarm of winged insects in your home or originating from soil near your home. Cracks and holes provide termites and all other pests their own personal entryway into your home. Termites and pests can also be delivered right to your home through packages packaging and furniture.

read more › Pest Solutions 365 recommends using a full-perimeter treatment using an approved termiticide to properly protect your home from additional termite infestation or damage. The slightest opening in that barrier will subject your home to further infestation and damage if termites are in the area. Termites can forage up to half an acre looking for food sources, so it's imperative that treatment be done correctly. When treating termites conventionally with rodding and trenching, Pest Solutions 365 follows the label of the termiticide being used.

read more › We enjoy the great outdoors - unless some unruly creatures try to bring it indoors to our homes or offices. Pest Solutions 365 has specially trained wildlife pest control experts who can trap, remove or eradicate these pests from your home or yard. Bats benefit our environment by consuming large quantities of insects and pollinating crops and other plants. But they also carry rabies, which can be harmful or fatal to humans. Bats can flatten their bodies to 1/4 inch thick; if you can fit a quarter through an opening, a bat can squeeze through it, too.

read more › Every home in the Midwest is open to attack from above, from below and by land by a motley assortment of tiny enemies. All of Pest Solutions 365 pest control work is covered by warranty and performed by professional exterminators who are certified, bonded, insured and qualified to eradicate pests and termites from your home or business. Pest Solutions 365 professional exterminators undergo years of education and training, making them among the most qualified experts in pest control and termite control.

read more › Ticks are bloodsucking parasites that are often found in tall grass and brush. There are more than 850 species of ticks worldwide, at least 100 can and do transmit more than 65 diseases. Pest Solutions 365 can determine the size of the tick infestation and your pest control needs with a professional pest audit. Only $25 for a 20-minute inspection. Wear medicated body powder or food-grade DE mixed in menthol or diluted geranium oil to try to repel ticks when outdoors. You can also wear Safe Solutions Insect Repellent.

read more › While some mites parasitize animals, including man, others are scavengers, some feed on plants, and many prey on insects and other arthropods. In fact, there are nearly as many different types of mites as there are insects. While mites rarely transmit disease to humans in the United States, they definitely impact health in ways that range from simply being a nuisance when they enter homes in large numbers, to inflicting severe skin irritation that can cause intense itching. Pest Solutions 365 can determine the size of the pest infestation and your pest control needs with a professional pest audit.

read more › Brown recluse spiders are easily recognizable by the violin or fiddle looking mark on the back of the spider. These spiders are reclusive by nature, so they will not be in open areas. Instead, these spiders can be found in closets, crawl spaces, and in little-traveled areas of the home. The brown recluse is difficult to identify quickly. As its name indicates, it is dark brown to brown or tan. The spider is usually about 3/8 of an inch long and 3/16 of an inch wide, and is about the size of a quarter including its legs.

read more › For every 100 ants you see in your home, there are an estimated 100,000 that you can't see hiding in your walls or in your floors. They are distance runners, sometimes traveling the entire length of a football field over fences and fields to invade your home. Getting rid of ants usually requires professional attention. Although sprays and home treatments may provide temporary relief, we highly recommend you call Pest Solutions 365 as soon as possible so we can permanently get rid of the pests. With each ant control service to your home, our highly trained technicians inspect your foundation for possible pest entry points, then repair and treat them.

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