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The BugMeisters team is skilled and ready to assist you with any pest and termite problems you have! We are equipped to service residential service homes and commercial properties and dedicated to eradicating pests and preventing any further infestations in the long run. Having pests and termites can not only be embarrassing but can also cause damage your home or property.

Trying home remedies or DIYs may not be enough to keep termites and pests out of your property permanently. Instead, call BugMeisters of Household Termite and Pest Control, and we can provide you with a free quote and explain the next steps. The BugMeisters of Household Termite & Pest Control was initially formed in Florida through a partnership with Household Termite & Pest Control of Foley Alabama in September of 2003.

Danny Burmeister, an original 50% owner, acquired the remaining 50% and subsequently added the name BugMeisters to the original name, thus becoming The BugMeisters of Household Termite & Pest Control.

read more › Our General Pest Control services for residential customers is simple. We want to eradicate any bugs from or around your home. Having an unwanted pest in your home is a hazard to you and your family's health. Some pests can carry severe diseases, which contaminate food and surfaces, and they can also cause damage to your home and create more costs for you in the long run. We are here to ensure that your loved ones are safe and your home stays in tiptop shape! Our service program can tackle the common household pest and is catered to treating the exterior and interior of your home throughout the year.

read more › Subterranean Termites are very active in the springtime, and they are similar to ants and bees when it comes to how they function. They have what is called a "working order" that includes reproducing, workers, and more solid subterranean termites. The Subterranean termites enjoy eating wood and perform very well in moist and humid environments. These termites can multiply rapidly, and the queen termite lays on average a thousand eggs a day. The termites and eggs that hatch can destroy a building within a day without any interference.

read more › A nice guy that is punctual, diligent, fairly priced and kills everything that needs killing! I called in the early afternoon hours to schedule a termite inspection, and Danny made it out to give an estimate within the hour. After several estimates, his company was by far the most affordable. We ended up choosing Bugmeisters, and scheduled our treatment for the following week. On the day of treatment, not only were they on time, but rather a little early, which was fine by us. The two guys arrived, and knocked on the door to inform us of everything that was about to happen.

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