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SMC Pest Management has been serving Marion County for nearly 20 years with over 22 years of experience in the industry. Your home needs protection from one of the most destructive pest there is: termites. Causing about $500 million in damages in Florida every year, it is important to make sure your home is safe from these insects. Our Treatments are designed to kill termites and protect your home from future infestations.

Including a complete treatment zone around your home to keep termites out. Pre construction Treatments, are required by law when building a new structure, or adding to an existing one. We can take care of your pre-treat needs with timely treatment, that meets the standards of the State of Florida. WDO inspections are there to protect you when buying a home.

These inspections provide you with a written report of any Wood Destroying Organisms that might be in the structure. Our pest control service is designed to eliminate pests inside your home and prevent new ones from entering.

read more › SMC Pest Management was established in 2003, by husband and wife team Stephen and Margaret Crosby, this is where we derived the name (SMC) for our company. We are a family Owned and Operated Pest Control Business Serving the Ocala, Marion county and surrounding communities such as the Villages. Our vision was to provide Pest Control Service to our community that was Quality Professional and Affordable Prices. After almost 20 Years of servicing our area, we still stand behind our Name SMC and our commitment to Quality Professional Service at affordable pricing.

read more › SMC Pest Management can provide your home with the protection it needs with our TERMIDOR termite treatment. Treatments come with a termite repair policy so there is no worry to you about termite damage or any re-treatments that might be necessary (See Policy for details). Termite treatments break down over time and their effectiveness is diminished depending upon a variety of factors. Because of this, in five to six years, termite treatments may have to be reapplied. Even if your home has been treated before it still might be unprotected.

read more › No matter what problem your having inside your home, we at SMC Pest Management can eliminate them for you with our 5 Point Treatment Plan. We offer Bi-monthly, Quarterly or Annual Pest Control. Call us today and we will happily discuss each service in detail and which one is right for you and your pest control needs. Some might just need a preventive treatment occasionally, we understand that sometimes there might be a rodent that pops in for an unwelcome visit or a band of fleas invade your home.

read more › With our 5 point treatment plan, your home is protected from all aspects of insect Invasion. From outside to inside, we have a line of defense for every way insects try to invade your home. We treat the interior with a residual insecticide to kill and prevent insects inside your home. This insecticide is approved to be used in kitchens and around pets without harmful effects, so you can feel safe with this treatment. Next we provide baits to the inside of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets where insects hide.

read more › SMC Pest Management is here to meet your lawn needs, whether it's a single fertilization in the spring or fall, insecticide treatment for lawn insects, or you want a complete lawn program we have just what your lawn needs. Bi-monthly or Quarterly program provides your lawn with a constant supply of nutrients needed for your lawn all year long. Each application includes a fertilizer specific to your lawn needs at that time of year, an insecticide to prevent and control insects and a fungicide to control fungus during the hot and humid summer.

read more › Dreaming of creating a secret garden or a new lawn? Let our landscaping service create the yard of your dreams. How many hours do you spend in your backyard, playing with your dog, barbecuing with friends or just relaxing after a day's work? Have you considered how important curb appeal is when you sell your home? Is there a landscaping project you've been dreaming about? We can help you create any garden you desire. Whether it's new construction, renovation of old landscaping, new lawn, flowers, trees or plants, we can provide you with quality landscape installation.

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