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Greatfully Dead Pest Control After serving my hometown in Utah as a Police Officer for 15 years, I retired from Law Enforcement and moved to Las Vegas where I became a Licensed and Certified Pest Control Technician. In 2009, I opened my own small pest control business, Greatfully Dead Pest Control. While a small town Police Officer in Utah, I had the pleasure of meeting Jerry Garcia of the Classic Rock Band, The Grateful Dead.

After the Concert which I was providing "Security" was over, I returned to my Police Cruiser only to find it covered in "Deadhead" Stickers. Hence the tribute in namesake. Working in Law Enforcement has given me an appreciation for the just concerns people have with strangers entering their homes to provide various services. You can trust that I will treat your family as my own.

With my nearly 20 years of providing Pest Control Services, you can rely on my knowledge, training and experience in providing safe extermination of dangerous vermin that may threaten the health and well-being of your family.

read more › Greatfully Dead Pest Control has provided quality trusted services since 2009, offering safe pest control in Las Vegas. We are licensed by the Department of Agriculture and only use the safest products available. You can rest assured that your family and pets will never be harmed. We use only environmentally safe pest control products to keep your family protected. No matter what pest control problem you are faced with, we can handle it. Our Pest Control technicians are Licensed and Certified Professionals who will keep your family safe from dangerous, disease ridden pests.

read more › Cockroach or Bed Bug infested hotel rooms are a sure way to guarantee your guests will never return. No one wants to deal with these serious pest control problems while on vacation. We guarantee that with our Service you will not have to worry about the problems associated with Bed Bugs or other pests. You cannot afford to keep a hotel room blocked while waiting on the exterminator to eradicate the Bed Bugs, we offer 24/7 Response to deal with this problem for you. Customers expect to dine in a clean environment, free from Cockroaches and other disease carrying insects.

read more › That could have been the newspaper headlines during the Middle Ages when rats were spreading the Bubonic Plague across Europe. In recent times, we have seen some isolated cases of this killer disease. Greatfully Dead Pest Control really earns its name when we eliminate this problem for you. NEWS FLASH - Las Vegas does have Mosquitoes. In fact, the Mosquitoes found in the Las Vegas area are known to carry the deadly Zika virus and the West Nile virus. Disposing of these dangerous insects is vital to our health and safety.

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