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Bad Bugs Pest Control in Birmingham, AL offers professional pest prevention and insect control services against ants, spiders, roaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs and more. Whether it's for homes, commercial structures, or industry, you can choose an option to have either monthly, every other month, quarterly, or a one-time service. Our quality services cover roaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, earwigs, mice, and rats.

We also offer services for fleas, ticks, wasps, and hornets. We proudly offer our services to Birmingham and the surrounding areas including Calera, Alabaster, Pellham, Hoover, & Montevallo, Montgomery, Huntsville, Mobile, Tuscaloosa, Decatur & more. This company is flawless, the one complaint they may have had with only one customer Alfred sounds bogus.

read more › If you've been trying to rid your home of ants, you've probably already learned that it can be a losing battle. In the world of pests, ants are among the most elusive and difficult to eliminate. Even if they don't sting those who live there or cause structural damage, their presence is decidedly unpleasant. One thing's for sure: They aren't going to show themselves the door. Ants are wily creatures. Even large ants can get into homes through the tiniest of cracks. Even if you are sure that your home is adequately sealed, ants will prove you wrong every time.

read more › Bad Bugs is a company with locations in Birmingham and Calera dedicated to providing effective pest control services. Bees and wasps often build large nests in areas where people live. Their stingers cause painful inflammation, and some people may even experience a serious allergic reaction. Getting rid of a single bee or wasp might be possible, but these pests build large hives that make it impossible for people to eliminate them from the property. Bees and wasps are similar in appearance, and they do provide some ecological benefits when they build their colonies in natural areas.

read more › Cockroaches are persistent pests that feast on crumbs, spills, trash and anything else that they can find. These insects take up residence in dark, warm and moist areas, and they are particularly attracted to cluttered or dirty environments. Although they're not a danger to the structural integrity of your home, cockroaches carry a number of diseases and transmit them to humans readily. Particularly dense infestations of cockroaches may also bring an unpleasant odor into your home. Cockroaches often wander around outside until they find a home that smells tempting and is easy to enter.

read more › Fleas are a common pest problem, especially in households with pets. Cats and dogs are common hosts for fleas, but other animals like rats, opossums and raccoons also carry fleas. Once fleas become established in a nesting place, eradication is a multi-step process to make sure the entire growth cycle is disrupted. Fleas are small, reddish-brown insects about 1/4-inch in length that live on a warm-blooded host. Fleas feed on blood, and a single meal can keep them alive for up to one year even without a host.

read more › Mosquitoes are not just annoying, some species are vectors for serious diseases like West Nile virus, dengue fever, malaria and encephalitis. Mosquitoes also transmit diseases like Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis to both humans and animals and some diseases like heartworm just to animals. There are several ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from mosquitoes. It only takes one bite to contract a dangerous disease like West Nile virus, so protection is the best policy. Mosquitoes are more active at sunrise and sundown, so avoid going outside during these times.

read more › Many mammals are known as rodents, and they include mice, rats, squirrels, porcupines, beavers, guinea pigs and hamsters. These pests have incisors that never stop growing, so they are constantly gnawing on things like your furniture to keep these teeth short. Rodents are highly resourceful, and they can find their way into your home through several different sources. If you don't have screens on your doors and windows, this is the easiest way for these nuisances to take up residence in your home.

read more › Spiders are scary to many people. Even if you are not afraid of spiders, they are not very pleasant to have in a living space. Most spiders are harmless to humans. Of the several hundred species known to live in Alabama, only two types have venom that is poisonous to humans: recluses and widows. There are several species within each of these groups, but only two of the five species of recluse spiders found in Alabama are poisonous. Because it is difficult to tell which type of recluse spider is present, it is better to use caution and consider all of them as dangerous.

read more › Finding any bug in your home or business in Birmingham, Alabama, can be unsettling; finding an intruder that you don't recognize is even more disturbing. If you were surprised by a fast-moving flash of wriggling silver, your problem may be silverfish. Silverfish are wingless, teardrop-shaped insects with long, flat bodies. Sometimes called bristletails because of the three distinctive bristles that fan out from their tails, they have the same shape throughout their lifetime, but their coloring can vary.

read more › Easy living and southern hospitality are a way of life here in Alabaster, but Shelby County has its share of unwelcome guests. They ruin the yard, swarm the patio and hide in your bed. When these three invasive pests come calling, it's time to pull up the welcome mat. Common house ants are a nuisance, but they can't match the destructive powers of Argentine, fire and carpenter ants. These three species establish extensive colonies that result in ant population explosions. Argentine and fire ant mounds quickly ruin your lawn, and both insects migrate inside the house searching for easy access to food and water.

read more › Your home should be a refuge not a cause for health concerns or a source embarrassment. When pests take over, it is time to contact a professional Bessemer pest control service to prevent the risk of property damage, diseases and injuries. Approximately a half-inch long, wasps and bees are winged insects that can be brown or black with red and yellow stripes. Their nests can be found inside wall voids, attic spaces and under the overhangs near doors and windows. Containing thousands of insects, a colony can swarm and inflict hundreds of stings.

read more › Birmingham, AL is home to plenty of sunshine and blue skies, but it's also home to a variety of bothersome pests. From bees and mice to rats and spiders, each pest poses a unique set of problems and potential dangers. To help you better understand the critters that plague your area, here is a quick look at some common nuisances and what can be done about them. While bees are a crucial part of the ecological system, they can be dangerous when they build their nests too close to home. Small and round, bees are generally black, yellow or brown and have fuzzy or shiny abdomens depending on the species.

read more › Those who enjoy peaceful cities with welcoming neighbors feel right at home in Decatur, and this location has a population of about 50,000 people. Located in northern Alabama, Decatur has mild winters and hot summers, which is why it's the perfect place for those who enjoy the outdoors. If you live in the area and want to protect yourself from pests, you are likely wondering where to start. Pests cause problems whether they invade homes or offices, and you could be the next target. Bad Bugs Pest Control will come to your property and take care of any pests that have overstayed their welcome.

read more › At Bad Bugs Pest Control, we offer pest control and prevention services for bedbugs, mosquitoes and rodents in Homewood, Alabama. A major part of the pest control and prevention process is identifying which type of pest has infested your home or business. These insects are rusty brown and mahogany in color, but they look more red after a blood meal. Bed bugs range from 1.5 to 5 millimeters in the immature stage of life and grow to 6.35 millimeters as adults. As nocturnal insects, bedbugs live in tiny crevices and cracks during the day and crawl out at night to feed on blood.

read more › Could you be sharing your home with unwanted tiny tenants? Even if you can't see them, pests can wreak havoc on your property, causing problems that run the gamut from the spread of potentially harmful bacteria to pricey structural damage. Because pests multiply fast, active monitoring is always the key to a healthy, pest-free home. To help you stay on top of prevention and learn to spot infestations in their early stages, below is a quick rundown on some of the most common pests in our area and their warning signs.

read more › Huntsville, Alabama, is a wonderful place to live and work, but the area's humid subtropical climate also makes it the perfect haven for a wide variety of nuisance pests. Here at Bad Bugs Pest Control, we're available to keep homes and businesses free of pests, and these are just a few of the many pesky creatures that we're regularly called upon to eradicate in Huntsville and the surrounding areas. If you see little dots that are reddish-brown in color and about the size of an apple seed, then you've most likely picked up bed bugs from a visit to an infested hotel or home.

read more › Beautifully situated on the Gulf Coast, Mobile, Ala., is home to one of the country's oldest Mardi Gras celebrations. The city dates back to the early 1700s when it was first colonized by French settlers, but today, it's home to a diverse population of people from all walks of life. Unfortunately, it's also home to many pests, too, and our job at Bad Bugs Pest Control is to keep those pests from making your home theirs. When you've got an infestation, you need professional help. Bugs, spiders and other pests can hide in the most unexpected places, and unless they're completely eradicated, they'll keep coming back.

read more › If you are looking for a small college town that has a lot of opportunities, you won't want to miss Montevallo. The residents enjoy the small-town feel and welcome each other with open arms, and they are proud to call this area home. If you live in or near Montevallo, you will need to keep an eye out for bed bugs and other pests that will try to invade your home or place of business. You might be tempted to handle pest problems without the help of an expert, but doing so won't always end well. When you want to protect yourself and your property, you can't beat the care of a trained pest control professional.

read more › Have rodents, roaches, bed bugs or other pests made themselves unwanted guests in your home? These pests are commonly found all over the greater Birmingham area, so you're not alone. If you've tried handling the situation yourself to no avail, it's understandable. Pests like these are incredibly evasive. Do-it-yourself measures may appear to work at first, but pests inevitably reappear again and again. There's no question about it: Professional intervention is required. In the Birmingham, AL, area, Bad Bugs Pest Control has you covered.

read more › Pests may be a part of daily life, especially in hot and humid states like Alabama, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take them seriously. From affecting your quality of life to causing bank-breaking structural damage and spreading dangerous disease, these little invaders can spell big trouble. Let's take a closer look at some of the most common pests found in our area and their risks. Small, energetic and utterly devoted to serving their colonies, ants will squeeze through the tiniest of spaces in search of their next meal.

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