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Hartz Pest Control Hartz pest control's solutions are effective and easy to maintain, giving you a pest-free home. Our kid & pet friendly pest control solutions are guaranteed to rid your home of unwanted pests. Whether that's to protect your family while outdoors from mosquitoes, remove termites from your home or stop a bed bug problem or provide rodent control services, let our trained pest management technicians give you the peace of mind you deserve.

By providing exceptional service over the years is why we've become one of the top pest control companies in the Greater Houston area. Hartz has been in business for over 30 years and have seen every kind of pest control problem there is. If you have a pest control emergency in Houston. Cypress, Sugar Land, Katy or Cypress, Texas or would like to proactively prevent one, please give us a call for a free estimate!

Our pest exterminators receives training in all the latest pest control methods, as well as extensive training in identifying pests and many years of experience for proper treatment.

read more › Hartz Pest Control is a family owned business that has proudly served Houston and the surrounding areas since 1989. We pride ourselves on offering honest dependable service at an affordable cost. Hartz Pest Control is small enough to care about your problems and big enough to provide the prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable service you deserve. When you call our office, you will get a courteous knowledgeable professional who can assist you with your individual problem or concern. All of Hartz pest control technicians and certified applicators are licensed through the Texas Department of Agriculture.

read more › We have worked hard to build a reputation for extraordinary customer satisfaction, to earn the name of Verified Trusted Local Business, and to become an Angie's List Super Service Award winner. At Hartz, you can trust us to offer the best advice for your property. For more than 30 years, Hartz exterminators have been offering Texas property owners help eradicating termites from their homes and businesses. Their experienced professionals are licensed and bonded and have gone through an array of training programs developed by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

read more › Pest Control is a skilled profession. It takes specialized training and a license to be able to effectively inspect, identify and properly treat both indoor and outdoor pest infestations. Hartz employs trained technicians who have the expertise to properly diagnose and treat your pest control issue. Hartz Pest Control has been working for more than 30 years in the Houston area in providing top-notch pest control services. We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service possible - no matter how big or small the project is.

read more › At Hartz Pest Control, we think of our commercial clients as partners. In this "partnership, " we work to make sure their businesses are protected, and needs are addressed, making sure minor problems don't become bigger problems. Our success hinges on our partners' success, and we work with them discreetly to rid them of their pest problems. If your business is experiencing a pest problem, you need the assistance of the experts at Hartz Pest Control. Call us anytime - 24 hours a day, seven days a week - to ensure small pest problems don't become bigger ones.

read more › Hartz offers Houston Termite Pest Control Services. Termites have been plaguing homeowners since the beginning of time. These little pests can cause incredible amounts of damage almost without you even noticing. Once the damage is done, it is costly to repair and getting rid of the pests can be extremely difficult. That's why Hartz is here to help. They are tiny insects that are pale yellow or white and are best known for eating their way through wood. Infestations typically appear in the spring and summer to hunt for fresh food with as many as three million insects swarming to a new location.

read more › Do you know what one of the biggest enemies of your home is? I'll give you a clue. The answer isn't burglars. It is in fact termites, and if you don't keep an eye out, they can end up doing severe damage to your home and furniture. In recent years, the amount of termites living in America has shot up, and if you were aware of the damage that they are causing every single day you would be shocked. According to recent estimates by the National Pest Management Assoc, the amount of damage caused by termites every year, in America alone, is over five billion dollars.

read more › You deserve to be able to enjoy your yard without being attacked by hungry mosquitoes. Mosquitoes love warm humid weather and come out in early morning and late evening ready to bite your family. Mosquito problems are a real issue for many homes and businesses. Children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems are especially vulnerable to mosquito-borne illnesses. To help protect your family or business from mosquitos this summer, we offer a variety of services designed to keep mosquitos away!

read more › Hartz Pest Control is a leading Houston roach exterminator that both homeowners and business owners can rely on. Everyone wants to know are cockroaches dangerous and where do they live? We know all the secrets about these sneaky pests so we can help you get rid of any infestations you may have. We are well experienced and provide pest control services for homes and businesses treating for: cockroach control, termite control, spiders, bed bugs, fleas, ticks and more. One of the most harmful pests usually found in every home is cockroaches.

read more › Hartz Pest Control - Houston Bed Bug Exterminator trained to perform bed bug pest control for both residential and commercial structures. Home owners often bring bed bugs home when vacationing or traveling for business and our children bring can bring these pest home from student housing or sleepovers. Hospitality and Rental owners should call us as soon as you hear that your guests and tenants are reporting bites. We will act quickly, efficiently and discretely to address the problem, helping to ensure you don't have screaming tenants or vacationers checking out and canceling reservations causing substantial loss to your bottom-line.

read more › When your home is infested with fleas, Call Hartz, for Houston flea pest control services. Fleas are one of the most detrimental pests pets, and humans have to contend with. After all, these bugs can spread diseases and feed on blood. Even worse, eliminating them is tricky. Fleas have four developmental stages, which means a targeted approach for each stage must be developed. On top of that, there are hundreds of flea species, including cat fleas, dog fleas, human fleas and more. Whatever their names are, the reality is that these pests don't care who they get their next meal from.

read more › Homeowners agree that Houston Rat Extermination Services are a must in our area. Houston is notorious for insect and rodent infestations. Not only are mice and rats a problem but also, rodents, termites, crazy ants and bedbugs and cockroaches are the worst pests they face. Along with Cooler temperatures in our area comes Rodents season, they damage homes, and carry many kinds of disease. If you see rat droppings, to rid your home from rats, call for assistance from a trained rodent exterminator.

read more › Possums - Possums are small marsupials that are common in wooded and suburban areas. They are best known for getting into garbage during the night. In some cases, they can become problematic if they move into an outbuilding on your property or under your house and begin breeding. Nutria - Nutria is an invasive rodent brought to the Houston area from South America. They live in water and on land and are known for causing damage to irrigation systems and crops. They avoid humans, but they do breed rapidly.

read more › Located in Northwest Houston on Sam Houston Parkway, Hartz Pest Control has a fleet of fully equipped company trucks manned by licensed well trained pest professionals well able to provide fast effective pest control inspections and service in Houston and surrounding areas. Homeowners should protect their investment by hiring a termite exterminator in Sugar Land, Texas. As one of the fastest growing cities in Texas, Sugar Land residents are likely living in a new home that requires routine inspections from Hartz Pest Control located in nearby Houston.

read more › Homeowners and business managers needing knowledgeable Pest Control services can contact Hartz Pest Control with an online form, email or telephone call. Termite infestations in our area are common due to the year-round warm weather that helps this insect species to thrive. Prevention or elimination of a variety of pests at commercial or residential properties has been our Houston pest control business's goal since 1989. All of our technicians have licensing from the Texas Department of Agriculture, making them experts at finding signs of invasive pests before developing an effective treatment plan.

read more › Hartz Pest Control has knowledgeable exterminators with licensing from the Texas Department of Agriculture to provide services at commercial and residential properties. Routine Katy Pest Control Services in TX, is necessary to avoid infestations from rodents and insects that thrive in the region's hot and humid weather. An important part of Katy pest control is having exterminators apply treatments that help to prevent new generations of vermin. While destroying visible insects such as cockroaches, ants and termites may seem like the best course of action, it is actually better to allow insects to carry chemicals to breeding nests.

read more › Professional Cypress Pest Control Services, Texas, can prevent building damage caused by termites and illnesses caused by cockroaches. Hartz Pest Control has provided Cypress termite control in the area since 1989, leading to a great reputation with customers. Because of the constant hot climate in this area of Texas, termite colonies are frequently large, leading to massive infestations at residential and commercial properties. Having routine inspections from our knowledgeable exterminators can ensure a building is protected from the damaging effects of chewing termites.

read more › Sugar Land Pest Control Services: Homeowners should protect their investment by hiring a termite exterminator in Sugar Land, Texas. As one of the fastest growing cities in Texas, Sugar Land residents are likely living in a new home that requires routine inspections from Hartz Pest Control located in nearby Houston. The warm climate in this region makes it easier for a variety of insects and wildlife to breed, leading to large populations of vermin that invade buildings. The building projects in this area can bring in insects such as ants, spiders and cockroaches that infest homes and businesses quickly.

read more › Nobody wants to share their space with pesky little critters, and you can easily eliminate them from your home or workplace when you contact our team at Hartz Pest Control for Woodlands Pest Control services. We want to help you overcome any infestation issues you are having inside your home or workplace or outside in the yard. When you need to find a pest exterminator near The Woodlands, you can rest assured that our experienced pest control experts will not let you down. We utilize proven techniques and strategies for all pests in The Woodlands.

read more › When you are looking for reliable Spring, Texas, pest control services, you do not need to look beyond Hartz Pest Control for reliable results. The unfortunate truth is that there are many types of pests that can and will try to make their way inside homes and business properties in the local area. These pests can do everything from cause damage to your home to spread germs throughout the space. When you need a pest exterminator in Spring, Texas, one call to our company will resolve your issues.

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