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Our products are developed by scientists and pest control professionals who care deeply about protecting your home and family. Maggie's Farm is committed to delivering green, family-friendly pest control products that work! Maggie's Farm products are formulated from plant- and mineral-based ingredients and leave no harmful residues. So you can use them with confidence knowing they are family and environmentally friendly.

Green is good! Our products were created by pest control professionals based on scientific testing and expert usage in the real world. Maggie's Farm is committed to offering products that are Simply Effective! It is as simple as that! Maggie's Farm eco-friendly, laboratory tested product line is truly the convergence of science and nature, and offers a better, more natural alternative for pest control vs. traditional synthetic pesticides.

read more › We are passionate about pest management that can be conducted effectively, without harming the environment, and we take seriously the challenge to create the very best pest control products that money can buy. All of our products and solutions are unique and aligned with the principles of integrated pest management (IPM); IPM looks at pest problems holistically, taking pest biology into consideration, considering why pests are present in the first place, and then integrating environmental means of control.

read more › In 1998, after spending nearly 10 years in product and business development at a successful pest control products company, our company founder decided to strike out on her own. Her objective was to "create the future of pest control" and began developing insect control products for use by professional pest management companies. Applying the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), her first product began selling in early 2000, the company has grown to offer more than 50 unique products since.

read more › First of all, when it comes to pest control and insecticides, there is no such product that is "chemical-free." Everything, and we mean EVERYTHING, has a chemical composition: you, your pets, your home, your food, house, car, plants, animals, naturally derived pest control products like ours, the earth, etc. Take a peppermint plant for example. It is a blend of chemicals such as cellulose, water, chlorophyll, etc. In addition to those chemicals, there are more chemicals that give the plant its familiar scent (like menthone and menthol, for starters).

read more › Plants have evolved over time to produce compounds to protect themselves from insects, mites and diseases. Some plants produce particularly high amounts and/or particularly potent compounds. These essential oils are obtained by grinding the plants and steam-distilling or cold-pressing them to extract the oil. The oil may then be further processed for purification. Certain essential oils kill insects fast and/or act as "true repellents" (insects are repelled by the vapors). We use combinations of these plant oils as the active ingredients in our Maggie Farm plant oil-based products, including cinnamon oil, citronella oil, clove oil, corn oil, geraniol, lemongrass oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, soybean oil and thyme oil.

read more › When using a pest control product, always read and follow the directions on the product label. This information here will help you select the right product and know what to expect when using it, as well as provide some handy pest control tips. Our sprays include aerosols, trigger sprayers and hose-end sprayers. Sprays are typically easy to use and kill insects when the spray contacts them. It may take the bugs a few seconds, a few minutes or even a few hours to die once sprayed, depending on the product and the type of bug, but sprays will typically "knock down" insects quickly.

read more › Read on to learn how to control common tomato plant diseases like tomato wilt, blight, rot, and others. Plants are susceptible to various diseases and knowing what you're dealing with will help you protect your plants. We've made a list of the most common garden diseases. If you've ever cared for houseplants, you know that they are susceptible to common diseases that can damage and even kill them. Learn how to treat plant diseases and what to look out for. Disposable paper items are convenient, but single-use items like paper napkins create a lot of waste.

read more › One thing you can do to prevent fall pests is adding pest-repellent plants to your home and garden. Check out which plants can help keep pests out of your home and garden this fall. Humans aren't the only ones who hate bugs! Many plants hate them too, and will do anything to keep them away. The benefits of essential oils are countless. Why do some Maggie's Farm pest control products use plant essential oils as their active ingredients? Because they can be very effective in controlling bugs in your home, lawn, and garden.

read more › Though they need blood, some blood-sucking insects can survive for a while without feeding. Check out how long blood-sucking insects can live without blood. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) released its Spring and Summer 2021 bug barometer. Check out how the weather will affect bug numbers in your area. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we know the perfect way to celebrate-with love bug crafts. Check out a few fun and easy crafts that kids are sure to enjoy.

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