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Plant It Earth At Plant It Earth, lawn care is not merely our business - it is our passion. Nothing makes us happier than green grass, healthy trees and shrubs, and a pest-free environment. We have become the fastest-growing lawn care company in Central Florida because no one can match the combination of expertise, personalized service, and attention to detail we provide every customer from Sarasota to Tampa to Orlando.

Another thing that sets Plant It Earth apart is our attention to detail. We send two technicians to every job to make sure no stone is left unturned. That includes the big things, like checking the sprinkler system for proper coverage, reducing the thatch to clear the root system, and evaluating your trees and shrubs for disease, fungus, and pest infestations.

And it includes the little things, like moving your empty garbage can from the curb to the garage, removing wasps' nests, and blowing leaves off your driveway. When we're done with that day's lawn care service, we'll give you a call to let you know we were there and to give you the details of everything we did.

read more › Plant It Earth is fully licensed and insured in the state of Florida. Here at Plant It Earth, we take the safety of our customers, neighbors, friends, and employees very seriously. Plant It Earth takes every step necessary to make sure safety is one of our top goals. Plant It Earth has been in business since 2003 and offers the best lawn care program at the most affordable price, with our customers always being our top priority. Our knowledgeable staff and excellent customer service has made us as successful as we are today.

read more › At Plant It Earth, our lawn fertilization goes above and beyond that of many of our competitors to give you the most beautiful property at the most reasonable price. We start by making sure your lawn gets the proper blends of nutrients it needs during your very first application to begin correcting any problems or deficiencies. Our monthly service, with custom-blended applications of nitrogen, phosphorous potassium, and other nutrients, each carefully chosen to match your lawn's needs and current weather conditions makes sure your lawn continues to grow strong roots and rich, healthy blades.

read more › Plant It Earth tree and Shrub Care is the most effective green-friendly solutions available today. As yards turn more and more into outdoor living spaces, you'll want to be outside enjoying and entertaining, not mowing and weeding. With Plant It Earth as your trusted partner, you can trust our highly skilled technicians to provide reliable professional tree and shrub care to your yard. At Plant It Earth we believe that high quality Tree and Shrub Care should be about more than just beautiful lawns, healthy trees and shrubs and pest free gardens; but about providing exceptional customer service as well.

read more › As the Tampa Bay area's leading pest control company, we know how to best treat-and prevent-every type of pest problem. From ants to roaches to rodents, we'll provide you with a personalized pest management plan for keeping your home healthy. There are no long-term contracts required and we will return, at our expense, during the six months if a problem were to develop. We know how important it is for you to feel secure in your home; without the annoyance of unwanted pests and with the security of knowing your family is protected.

read more › Last year, over 20 million people were stung by fire ants and billions were spent in the fight against them by ways of medical cost, control/treatment cost and property damage repairs. They multiply by the thousands and one colony can have multiple queens capable of laying 1,500 eggs per day. Currently, fire ants infest more than 325 million acres across the southern United States. 1 application provides as much control as three or more applications of a parathyroid or bait. Other insecticides or insecticide baits can require multiple applications to achieve the same level and duration of control offered by TopChoice.

read more › Compacted soil is a major contributor to poor root development in many Florida lawns - and poor root development prevents a healthy growth of thick, dark green grass. Soil compaction is a natural process caused by many factors including normal traffic use from pets, kids, lawn equipment and many other typical uses. Another major factor is the standard Florida builder practice of installing sod over a heavy, dense clay soil base. Annual aeration is a highly effective method of fixing the problems of compacted soil and promoting healthy root growth that leads to beautiful lawns.

read more › Plant It Earth recommends that you keep your pets & children off the lawn until one hour after the application has been watered in. This is one reason we recommend watering in our application the same day it is applied. By the law you have 48 hours to water in the application, even if it is not your watering day. Once your application has been fully watered in, your children & pets can return to the lawn without any precautions. We offer free service calls to our monthly customers at no extra cost.

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