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Our five-in-one protection plan offers you the most effective pest control treatment available for Subterranean Termites. It includes Drywood Termites, Wood boring beetles, Wood decaying fungi, and Pests. As a result, with one simple treatment plan you can protect your investment from costly termites and pests!

Pestguard Commercial Services provides a wide-range of pest control services specifically designed for each individual community, condominium, and homeowner association, commercial property, and residential customer.Furthermore, Pestguard has you covered in Sarasota, Manatee, Hillsborough, Charlotte and Pinellas Counties. Pestguard's state-certified team members have been designing and delivering high quality service solutions for communities throughout Florida.

Most noteworthy, Pestguard has over 25 years of experience in small and large jobs. Pestguard has the experience and personnel to not only remove unwanted wildlife from your home but most importantly guarantee their work.

read more › Now with one simple treatment plan you can protect your investment from costly termites and pests! With families of our own, we understand that health and safety are a top priority. Although many areas have been under quarantine, the critters are still active. Some safety precautions we are taking are: -Electronic invoices instead of signatures upon request -Safe speaking distance during customer interactions -Daily monitoring of technicians health If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask.

read more › We know how to check for rodents, what attracts rodents and the best, safest ways to remove them. We offer pest control treatment in the areas of Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota, Bradenton and Punta Gorda. During winter an attic can provide a source of warmth and if the attic is not sealed well, insects in the attic provide a food source. Rodents can also eat through electrical insulation creating a potential fire and electrical shock risk. We serve the St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Tampa, Punta Gorda, Bradenton and surrounding areas.

read more › Pestguard has had tremendous success using Termidor liquid termiticide. This non-repellent, odorless termiticide can effectively eliminate subterranean termite colonies within three months of application. Termidor has a transference effect in which the termites pass through the termiticide barrier and transfer it to the colony through contact, grooming and feeding. Termidor kills and controls more than 200 economically important insects and subterranean termites by contact and ingestion providing a unique method of action.

read more › Localized treatment for drywood termites can be a viable alternative to full structure fumigation. In fact, there are times when some sort of Direct Wood Treatment protocol is the only feasible treatment option available. In some cases, the cost of evacuating or moving residents from their condominium or apartments for fumigation can be more than the cost of the fumigation itself. Another reason would be fumigating a structure that is connected to another structure that does not need treatment by common elements such as plumbing chases or conduits etc.

read more › For over 25 years, Pestguard has been one of the leading fumigation experts in the country. Fumigation Guarantees 100% Elimination of Drywood Termites, Bed Bugs, and Wood-Destroying Beetles. Structural fumigation is the time tested method of eliminating Drywood termite colonies in any building. Pestguard uses Sulfuryl Fluoride Gas Fumigant which has been trusted for over 40 years and in more than 2 million homes as the fumigant of choice for Drywood termites. The structure must be vacated during the procedure.

read more › When choosing a company to remove unwanted wild life safely and permanently - choose Pestguard. Not only do we have years of experience in removal but our knowledge of home construction allows us to make your home unpenetratable - and we guarantee it! Its easy. But a rat can easily chew through foam in minutes. At Pestguard, we do it right. After we are done, your home will be safe from reentry as shown here. Stack pipes is a common entry point into your home. Many companies will place a mesh net on the top of the pipe but over time, pests will get in by eating through the sides.

read more › He was spot on, wonderful to work with and did a thorough and excellent job to make us feel safe.! Thank Brian and all you folks. My husband recently underwent major surgery and he was so kind and understanding while working. Great job Brian. See you again. The technician that came was pleasant, professional, answered all of our questions and even offered suggestions for preventing future problems. I would highly recommended Pestguard based on this experience. We subscribe to their termite renewal plan.

read more › Get rid of all Rodents including Mice, Rats, Bed bugs, Bats, termites, ants, roaches and more. Pestguard Termite offers pest control to get rid of bed bugs, termites, roaches, rodents and ants. We serve the Tampa and surrounding areas and we offer the best treatment at the best prices. Not only that, we offer safe licensed technicians and we have great google reviews, facebook reviews. Call us at (941) 216-5045. Pest Control including rodent control is important especially during the winter months.

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