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Preferred Pest Control Mice and rats may look cute in the pet store, but when you see one scurrying across your kitchen floor, you have a big problem. One pair of mice can produce between 50 and 60 offspring in a single year, and single pair of rats can produce between 24 and 72 offspring. They may carry serious disease and spread filth wherever they go. In a house or business, they can gnaw through wiring, causing electrical fires or cause damage to household items and loss of profit in ruined/damaged merchandise.

Many homes & businesses are repeat targets for rodent infestations. These vermin can cause severe structural damage to a home or business, spoil food and spread disease. This usually happens because you might be relying on getting rid of a rat infestation or a mouse infestation instead of preventing one. If you find yourself baiting and trapping rodents year after year in a never ending cycle, then your Rodent infestations can be prevented by rodent proofing your home or business.

The most dangerous termites work quietly and with little or no evidence that they are infesting your home or business.

read more › We have been servicing Satisfied Customers in The Greater Houston Area, Richmond, Rosenberg, Katy, Fulshear, Sugar Land, Missouri City, Cypress, Spring and The Woodlands since 1993. From tiny destructive Termites to all types of invasive species of spiders, cockroaches ( German, Oriental, Smokey Brown, Asian, American Roaches ), silverfish, wasps, earwigs, fleas, ticks, flies, scorpions, crickets, Red Imported Fire ants, Carpenter ants, Crazy ants, Tawny ants, Raspberry Ants, Argentinian ants, Ghost ants.

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