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A-Plus Pest Control When we go to you house or business, we protect you by wearing a mask & gloves & using a safe disinfectant in areas that we treat. A-Plus Pest Control, Inc. received the 2016 Skokie Business of the Year Award! Proverbs 22:1 says: A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold. Finally there's an all-natural, green alternative to the dangerous chemicals used by other pest control companies.

We have replaced chemicals with cedar oil, A Plus Natural Enzymes and other natural products. Our service eliminates both the annoying pests and the worry about using toxic chemicals around your home, apartment building, condo, restaurant (goodbye fruit flies), warehouse, hotel, or other business. Our products are completely safe to use around all family members, including pets.

And they're coming into your house, restaurant, warehouse or any other building along with many other pests. It's time for your Spring & Summer Perimeter Treatment. Call us now: 847-676-3477 or 888-aplus99 "We do it like we live there!"

read more › A-Plus Pest Control was recommended by a friend, which was why I first started using them. They do what they say and I like their green products policy. Their service/treatments are good and their customer service is also good. They are a nice company to deal with. I rate A-Plus Pest Control highly and recommend them to my family and friends, which says a lot because I am very selective. My mother uses them as well. Since using APlus Pest Control our past yearly ant problems have gone away. Their serviceman was helpful in explaining in what process they would use and show us where and how it would be done.

read more › FaithMarketplace Radio, WYLL-1160 with Bob Lambert on Saturday, 8/28. An article about A-Plus Pest Control & Plus Natural Solutions Worldwide in tn Discover Skokie, published by the Skokie Chamber: It is not on line. See the picture below. Here is Rick's interview on Channel 26 along with Rachel Rosenberg of the Safer Pest Control Project. I am on the last 8 minutes. Hear some of Rick's interview on The Steve and Johnnie Show, Tuesday night (Wednesday morning), 8/8/10. They were fun. Very nice to talk to.

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