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Promax Pest Control Nothing pleases us more than taking care of a problem you may have or preventing one in the future. We service Chicago Land. Especially Lincoln Park and the loop Area. Our technicians are fully qualified exterminators who know exactly how to deal with your pest eradication. Pro-Max is the SMARTER approach to pest control, providing both residential and commercial pest Management.

We provide solutions for more than 47 common household pests, and we are committed to protecting customers with environmentally responsible methods. We're the fastest-growing pest control company in Chicago-Land Area. For further information, call today to set up service!

read more › We use safe and organic treatment for schools, day cares, hospitals, and restaurants. We offer Integrated Pest Management (IPM), the #1 Source for natural pest control which is an effective and environment friendly approach to pest management that relies on the combination of commonsense practices beyond pesticides.

read more › Carpenter ants are generally large black ants. They have two distinguishing factors from other ants: They have a smooth, rounded thorax; and They have one node, or bump, in between their thorax and abdomen. Damage Main colonies of carpenter ants are usually outside, where they may have easy access to some sort of rotten wood that provides them with easy nest building material. Their nest galleries are seen as tunnels in wood. These tunnels will have a smooth appearance to them. The wood that they use for their nests is generally already damaged and/or needs to be replaced anyway.

read more › Pharaoh ants are very small, around 1/16 inch long. Most of them are yellow or gold in color. To properly identify these ants, you may need to talk to a experienced pest control service and/or use a microscope. Normal pesticides do not work with pharaoh ants and can actually make the problem worse than it already was. Most pesticides will just make the colony "bud" or split off from the main colony and start new ones. Most of the time, pharaoh ants will nest in an area that is dark and warm. More often than not, they will be nesting in a wall void.

read more › Bed bugs are 4-5mm long which feed by biting humans and sucking their blood. Their bites rarely wake a sleeping person but produce large, itchy welts on the skin, They are attracted to their victims by the C02 they exhale - not their body temperature, The typical life span of a bed bug is 10 months and they can survive for 8 months without feeding. Female bedbugs can lay up to five eggs in a day and 500 during a lifetime. Bed bugs are transported on clothing, luggage, furniture, or bedding. Modern transport : planes, trains and buses enable bed bugs to spread very quickly.

read more › Cluster flies are a little bit larger than the regular house fly. Live or "fresh" cluster flies have fine gold colored hairs on the sides of their thorax. They are called cluster flies because they overwinter in large clusters inside wall voids and attics. These are the sluggish flies that you may see on a sunny winter day congregating by a window where there is warmth. They are not found during the summer as they exist outside only as larvae underground. The cluster flies lay their eggs in the soil in the spring.

read more › For many textile, fabric and clothing companies, a moth infestation can have serious implications for the bottom line and reputation of your business. With the help of our industry leading moth control services however, you can cleanse your facilities of these problem insects and protect the quality of your stock from their harmful effects. With over decades of experience in providing industry leading pest control solutions to businesses across Chicago Land, we're best placed to identify and treat even the most extensive of moth infestations.

read more › Spiders are not normally aggressive towards humans and will usually only bite when they are injured or trapped. All spiders have venom glands, but most of the spiders found in the Midwest have such feeble venom that its effects are insignificant. Black widow and brown recluse spiders are rarely found in this area. Spiders can go without food for a long period of time, up to months at a time. Spiders will eat just about any insect such as flies, moths, millipedes, etc. Spiders will generally live in an area that is humid and has a regular source of drinking water.

read more › If you've heard gnawing, squeaking, or scampering recently in your home. You probably have a house guest, a common mouse. Other rodents make their way inside, but distinctive characteristics of mice include gnaw marks on wood, plastic, or cardboard; fecal droppings 1/8 to inch long; musky odor; or body run marks along baseboards or insulation (Run marks are left behind by the dirty, oily body of a mouse repeatedly running back and forth along an established trail). House mice are not pets. Mice transmit diseases, cause fires by chewing electrical wiring, and mice ruin food, papers, storage boxes, woodwork, and insulation with gnawing, urine, and droppings.

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