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AZ Bee Kings We service the entire Phoenix and metro area, we offer quality bee and honeycomb removal services valley wide with the expertise and safety standards perfected over 15 years of practice in the industry. We are fully licensed and insured, providing superior service with a quality assurance guarantee. AZ BEE KINGS are available 24/7 and open on holidays, if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment you can also reach out to us over email and we always respond quickly!

read more › The AZ BEE KINGS are always available every day of the year, including holidays! We will always get to your home as quickly as we possibly can (usually within an hour) and complete any bee removal job on the same day. We are owner operated so you will not be talking to a representative that will just schedule an appointment! We take pride in helping everyone and make it our mission to control your pests! We have a very fast response time and take pride in our 1 hour service that is almost guaranteed to beat our competitors.

read more › When it comes to Africanized bees, they are nothing to mess around with and very dangerous. Lucky for you, we are the best around and will guarantee your bee problems will vanish after you work with us! Our professional team here at AZ BEE KINGS will take care of any and all pest problems you may have. You can be sure that our professionals will get right to work and make sure your bee problem does not return! For over 15 years, AZ BEE KINGS has been your go-to bee removal service in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area.

read more › Here in Arizona, we are known for having a variety of different types of scorpions. The state of Arizona provides a climate that scorpions tend to thrive in: hot, semi-dry desert climates. Though there are dozens of scorpion species here in Arizona, there are 4 main types of scorpions in Arizona. The Arizona Bark Scorpion is found throughout Arizona and is distinguishable from other types of scorpions in Arizona by having a long slender tail, fingers and hands. These types of scorpions are the most common scorpion found inside homes in Arizona and have relatively potent venom.

read more › Ahwatukee Foothills is an urban village of Phoenix, Arizona. This urban village is positioned in the southernmost portion of Phoenix, though it is often considered part of the East Valley of the Phoenix-metro area. Up until 2006, the Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce recognized "house of dreams" as the meaning of the area's name. Some people believe Ahwatukee is based off the Crow words "awe chuuke, " which means "land on the other side of the hill." Bee swarming can occur due to lack of room in the beehive.

read more › The city of Anthem, Arizona was developed in 1999 by Del Webb. It was designed to be a master-planned community and has been described by Parenting Magazine to be one of the best places to raise a family. Anthem's website describes a master-planned community as, "self-contained and self-sustaining [community], allowing residents to share common resources and contribute to the common good of the community and region." Unfortunately, bee problems can still occur in a wonderful, master-planned community like Anthem.

read more › Though it was once a farming town with alfalfa and cotton fields, Avondale, Arizona is now a major suburb of Phoenix with a variety of residential subdivisions for its 84 thousand residents. Avondale is adjacent to Phoenix, and offers a variety of public attractions. For instance, are you interested in racing? Avondale is home to the ISM Raceway, which holds a couple different annual races: two Xfinity Series races, two Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series races and a Camping World Truck Series race.

read more › Buckeye, Arizona is a great place for outdoor exploration and fun in the sun. The community of Buckeye is a great destination for family vacations due to all of its historic parks, outdoor tours and golf courses. Check out Geo Savvy Tours, Estrella Mountain Regional Park or the Buckeye Aquatics Center for a day of fun with the kiddos! While all of these attractions are good fun in Buckeye, Arizona, a bee problem can (unfortunately) interrupt your day and ruin all that fun. Bee swarming can occur due to lack of room in the beehive.

read more › Carefree, Arizona has been characterized as an upscale, residential city in Maricopa County. In the 1950s, it was designed as a master-planned community by business partners K.T. Palmer and Tom Darlington. There's a lot of fun things to do in Carefree, Arizona, including the Carefree Desert Gardens, the Enchanted Pumpkin Garden, the Town of Carefree Sundial and the Boulders Resort Spa and Golf Club! However, you can't be carefree when you have a bee problem! Check out the Carefree bee removal services we offer, below.

read more › Located in the Sonoran Desert, Cave Creek is adjacent to the town of Carefree. Cave Creek offers a variety of activities for residents and visitors. The city of Cave Creek, Arizona features a unique Western lifestyle and rural development patterns that make it a gorgeous city to reside in. Historical properties in Cave Creek, Arizona include the Tubercular Cabin, the First Church of Cave Creek and Golden Reef Stamp Mill. If you think you might need Cave Creek bee removal, don't hesitate to call!

read more › If you think you might need bee removal Chandler, AZ do not wait to call! Bee problems can escalate quickly, especially in Arizona's hot summer months, and you do not want to wait to take care of it! Since the 1990s, the city of Chandler, AZ has experienced exponential growth! It ranks as one of the fastest-growing municipalities in the country with a population of over 238 thousand. There are a variety of fun things to do in Chandler, AZ for the whole family! For instance, some of the top attractions in Chandler, AZ are the KOLI Equestrian Center, the tumbleweed park, the Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center and the Chandler Museum.

read more › El Mirage, Arizona is just West of Sun City, Arizona and has around 37 thousand residents. Close to Sun City, El Mirage is a great location for retired adults looking to relax in their old age. El Mirage is considered the gateway to the northwest valley of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area and has grown from a small agricultural town to a diverse, urban economy. While relaxing in your El Mirage home, a bee swarm can be seen as an unfortunate, troublesome and even life-threatening event. If you think you need El Mirage bee removal, then we're your go-to El Mirage bee removal service!

read more › Fountain Hills is a town in Maricopa County, Arizona, and is known for large fountain. The fountain is the fourth tallest fountain in the world and it was built in 1970 by Robert P. McCulloch. Other than visiting the inspiring fountain, there are a variety of other activities for the whole family to enjoy in Fountain Hills, Arizona. For instance, the McDowell Mountain Regional Park is great for hiking, biking and camping; the River of Time Museum features archaeological finds and local history; and Desert Dog Hummer Adventures allows the whole family to go on a group Hummer tour!

read more › Bee problems in Arizona can, unfortunately, escalate quickly. That's why you should call the AZ BEE KINGS to help control and get rid of any and all bee problems you may have. Gilbert, Arizona is known as the "hay shipping capital of the world, " and is the sixth largest municipality in Arizona. There are a variety of fun things to do in Gilbert, Arizona the whole family can enjoy! For instance, Golfland Sunsplash features fun mini golf games; Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch features a scenic park perfect for picnics; and the Freestone Park has athletic fields great for an afternoon of sports!

read more › Glendale, Arizona is in Maricopa County, Arizona and is 9 miles northwest of downtown Phoenix. Founded in 1829, Glendale, AZ has grown to become a dynamic city in the northwest portion of the Phoenix metropolitan area. Glendale is known for a few scenic attractions, including Sahuaro Ranch Park and Thunderbird Park. There are 3 relatively common Glendale bee removal problems: bee swarms, bee aggression and bee stings. Common reasons for bee aggression include queenlessness, nectar dearth, robbing, unwanted visitors, high heat or high humidity and the releasing of the alarm pheromone - an odor that warns bees of danger, increases aggression levels and calls on other bees to join in defense.

read more › Having a bee problem can not only ruin a good day, but it can ruin a good year. Furthermore, it can turn into a fatal situation for some individuals, if not properly addressed. According to Goodyear, AZ's website, "The Goodyear of today exists because of the cotton of yesteryear." In 1917, the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company purchased 16,000 acres to make cotton for airplane rubber tire. The town of Goodyear has been used for cotton production in WWI and as an aircraft manufacturer and storage base during and after WWII.

read more › Laveen, Arizona is considered an "urban village" within Phoenix, Arizona and Maricopa County. It is about eight miles southwest of downtown Phoenix and rests between South Mountain, the Salt River and the Gila River. There are a lot of types of bees in Arizona. Bees in Laveen, Arizona include bumble bees, carpenter bees, cuckoo bees, Africanized honey bees, leafcutter bees, long-horned bees, mining bees, squash bees, sweat bees and yellow-faced bees. Additionally, there are a lot of dangers associated with bee hive removal or bee removal Laveen.

read more › Litchfield Park was named the best city in Arizona to live by Movoto, a national, online real-estate brokerage and has been considered "a gem in the desert." We offer a variety of Litchfield Park bee removal services so you can live a bee-free life and not have to worry! Regarding bee removal Litchfield Park, we offer swarm removal services. A bee swarm typically ranges from a grapefruit size to a basketball size and generally occur in the summer months, between May and July. In addition to swarm removal services, we will remove the hive and the bees on the enclosed or exposed hive.

read more › Paradise Valley, Arizona is a relatively small, but affluent town in Maricopa County, Arizona. Known for its luxury golf courses, shopping centers and restaurants, Paradise Valley is the wealthiest municipality in all of Arizona. There are a lot of fun attractions in Paradise Valley, including Mummy Mountain, Jade Bar, and the Mohave Trail. However, if you encounter a beehive, bee swarm or bee problem in Paradise Valley, it can definitely put a damper on your relaxing day. Give us a call and we'll fix your bee problems in no time!

read more › Dating back to the 1880s, Peoria, AZ has since blossomed into a diverse city of over 170,000 people. Whether you're looking for indoor or outdoor attractions, there are a lot of things to do in Peoria, Arizona. Regarding outdoor attractions, Peoria, Arizona features Lake Pleasant Regional Park and Peoria Regional Preserve. Regarding indoor attractions, Peoria offers Theater Works, Arizona Broadway Theater and AZ Ice. If you're in need of Peoria bee removal, then contact us here at AZ BEE KINGS!

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