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Busy Bee Termite & Pest Control A comprehensive interior and exterior inspection is provided by qualified specialists to determine the correct method of treatment. Our pest control experts will eliminate the termite population and prevent future infestations. We provide a variety of service to take care of your pest control needs ranging from Residential and Commercial Pest Management to a revolutionary Termite Service.

We can handle all of your pest control needs. Some of the most common pests we deal with are bees, wasps, termites, wildlife control as well as common household bugs. It's our goal at Busy Bee Termite & Pest Control to continue to build a reputation based on excellence in service. We provide thorough inspections including a free estimate and our technicians are up to date on the latest pest control techniques.

read more › Houses are home to not just people and their pets. Many unseen guests also reside in homes. Spiders, cockroaches, rodents, ants, mosquitoes, bed bugs and termites are just a few of the critters that occupy dark corners and cozy nooks throughout your living space. There are ways to make sure that your home doesn't become a haven for unwanted guests. Busy Bee Termite and Pest Control can rid your home of insects, termites and rodents. We also offer long-term management plans to make sure these pests don't come back.

read more › Each year, pests invade countless commercial properties and cause a variety of problems. Anyone dealing with a destructive pest or nuisance animal should consider hiring a professional pest control service. A professional service is the only way to ensure that a commercial property's problem is properly dealt with. Different pests cause different problems, and some of them are dangerous. Rodents gnaw through wires and cause deadly electrical fires. They can endanger human lives by carrying dangerous hantaviruses.

read more › Bed bugs are tiny creatures that can cause a significant amount of damage to your home and family. These rust-colored pests have six legs, oval bodies and are relatively flat. Bedbugs feed on human blood, and because they are primarily nocturnal insects, most of the damage occurs while you are asleep. When bed bugs feed, they can leave behind a series of red welts on your body. While they are not known to transmit any diseases, their bites can cause pain, itching and allergic reactions. In the most severe cases, their victims have even developed anemia.

read more › The first step in bee and wasp control is to identify the insect and locate it's nesting site. The second step would be to determine the right treatment procedures and protective equipment. The third step is to perform the treatment at the right time of day. In most cases the right time would be dusk or dawn to reduce swarming and the chances of someone getting stung. Cicada killer, Specius speciosus. It is 40 mm long and black with pale-yellow markings on the last three abdominal segments. It is a solitary wasp, but colonies of wasps nest in the same location.

read more › Like almost all insects, carpenter ants play an integral role in the ecosystem. By using fallen logs and dead wood for their nests, these ants ensure that the vegetative matter will quickly return to the earth, continuing the circle of life. When these ants turn their attention to your home and begin using the wood inside as a place for their colony, however, they cross the line into pest territory. Unlike termites, carpenter ants aren't interested in eating your house. This distinction, unfortunately, means little to a homeowner who can see their structural integrity being quickly undermined by these insects.

read more › Rodent-proofing is a vital part of the rodent control process. The objective is to close all openings that are potential entry points. Mice, in particular, can usually squeeze in an opening as small as 1/4 inch and rats as small as 1/2 inch. Because rodents are avid climbers it is equally important to seal all small openings as well as "gaping holes" both high and low. We begin with a thorough inspection inside, outside in the attic, and the crawl space if it is accessible. Check for openings in the foundation, around the utility pipe openings, under siding, and around eaves and overhangs.

read more › At Busy Bee Termite & Pest Control, we understand that a home is one of the most expensive investments a person will ever make for their future. It stands to reason that it's important to most individuals to keep this investment looking and functioning at its best. In addition to caring for the inside of the home, it's important to pay careful attention to the lawn as well. There are several common lawn pests that affect residents in the Florida area. Some of these pests will be discussed in further detail below.

read more › Most Florida homeowners carry insurance that will pay for the repair of damages that are caused by fire, tornadoes, floods and hurricanes, but none of these disasters typically create the level of destruction that termites and other wood-destroying organisms cause across the entire country. Florida's high humidity and warm, year-around temperatures make it a haven for a variety of wood-destroying organisms that includes four different termite species, and as many as one in every five homes in the state is likely to suffer from serious termite damage.

read more › If you own a home or run a business and spot the signs of a termite invasion, you will need to act fast unless you want the problem to spiral out of control. Termites in your home or office will get to work destroying your walls and floors, but that is only the start. They will also consume any support beams they find if nobody stops them in time. If you don't want the pests to catch you off guard, learn about their appearance, the type of damage you can expect and how a pest control professional will give you peace of mind.

read more › Ant infestation is the most commonly reported pest problem. Rotting or damp wood that is moldy can attract ants. Ants also feed on sugar, cheese, meats, vegetables, grease, peanut butter, and dead insects. Ants often enter a home through cracks around windows or doors, but they can find numerous entrances to your home or building. Once inside, the growing ant colony can become a problem quickly, as ants mature from juveniles to adults within a matter of days. It is necessary to properly identify the ant species that you have in order to effectively eradicate them.

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