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Henderson Pest Control PROFESSIONAL AND SAFE SERVICES Henderson Pest Control provides pest control services and is the name you can trust and deal with when it comes to pest problems in your home or work. We recommend our pest control service which is fast and effective and offers the highest level of safety for your family, friends and pets. We work hard to service your every need effectively to protect one of your most important investments, your home.

read more › Henderson Pest Control is based in Henderson, Nevada and services the Las Vegas Valley. Whether it is a Residential or Commercial Property that is being serviced, the importance of providing a safe and enjoyable environment is the number one priority. Allowing others to live life to its fullest and not being held "captive" by pests in your home or work brings tremendous joy and satisfaction to Henderson Pest Control. Henderson Pest Control understands the importance of quality work, honesty, relationships, and punctuality!

read more › Henderson Pest Control uses a variety of products depending on the pest that is being targeted and the environment in which the pest is located. Henderson Pest Control would like to provide some insight with general information on the main product that is used by the Operator. This product is designed for use both indoors and outdoors and will provide effective knockdown and long residual control of the pests listed on the label. For residential, industrial and institutional control of major nuisance and public health pests listed on the label.

read more › Successful ant control involves locating the nest. Being able to follow the ant trails to locate the colony(s) is easier said than done though. Even when you use every visual cue in front of you, you can be left scratching your head as to where they have built their nest. The use of nonrepellant products are a valuable tool, as it can potentially eliminate the need to find the colony. Specific baits and perimeter sprays have become very good at enabling ants to transfer their active ingredients to others in the colony.

read more › Thank you for your inquiry with Henderson Pest Control, based in Henderson, Nevada and servicing the Las Vegas Valley. Henderson Pest Control is Individually Owned and allows service at your home or work to be conducted with the utmost care, providing results with any pest activity. Henderson Pest Control understands the importance of your inquiry, and takes pride in contacting you back within 24 hours during the weekday and within 48 hours on the weekend.

read more › Indoor management of spiders may involve nothing more than vacuuming up the spiders and their webs and egg sacs. Removing clutter and taking other sanitation steps directed at conditions favoring spiders indoors, around the home, or around the landscape are necessary to help reduce spider problems. Thorough inspections are necessary to find all these spider harborages for later sanitation, removal or insecticide treatment. Long-term residual control of spiders is difficult to achieve. If spiders are established indoors or if outdoor species are migrating indoors, residual applications can be used.

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