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We treat every single pest removal job the way we would manage the job at our own home, with respect, and dependability. From fast pest removal to our FREE home inspections, we have you covered. Our pest removal services are fast, friendly, and affordable. We are the pest experts, and our technicians are the best around. We can handle all the most difficult of pest removal tasks.

We use eco-friendly technologies, and we always offer our clients a FREE home or business inspection. We are skilled, and our customers come to us here at Apple Exterminating when they require any kind of pest removal services. Your job will be completed swiftly and professionally. The technician will utilize the tools and treatments that was brought along with them to resolve your pest problem quickly and correctly.

Apple Exterminating understands that inspections can save you time and money while giving you the peace of mind that your home and property is pest free. We always offer TOTALLY-FREE home inspections.

read more › The key to the ultimate pest control and protection is preventing an issue before it gets out of control and becomes a considerable problem. Let us keep your house free of bugs and rodents. Bugs, bees, wasps, mice, as well as rats, may be needed in the outdoor environment; but they become serious pests when they are in your home. They can seriously harm your house and create health problems for your loved ones At Apple Exterminating we can kick those pests out and return your home to you. We will inspect for all types of pests and then treat your house for whatever kind may be plaguing you.

read more › Pests can get into homes and cause a lot of frustration for the people who live there. While there are times when it may be possible to remove pests from a property using do-it-yourself pest control techniques, it is not. Is your home crawling with ants? If so, then it is imperative that you regain authority and take the necessary measures to remove them and make sure that they never bother you again. But, before you start the removal process. The first sighting of any pest, be it an insect or rodent, is often a tale-tell sign of a pest invasion and you most likely need to get in touch with a pest control company in your area.

read more › I appreciate the attitude and believe that SPC has trained their staff very professionally. Great to work with! Easy to make appointment and did what they promised. I used Apple Exterminating for insect spraying. They came out exactly when I wanted them to. They also guaranteed all of their services and they checked to make sure that I didn't have any termites. They were right on time and super professional. Very thorough and explained what they were doing. We are here to help, day or night. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us today.

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