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Preventive Pest Control Enjoy Your Yard Even More by Getting Rid of the Fire Ants with the Industry-Leading Products. Start protecting your home for as little as $29 when you purchase one of our mosquito protection plans. Here at Preventive Pest Control, we're proud to be Houston's favorite rodent and pest control solutions team. However, we've had to work extremely hard to earn this reputation in our community.

We offer fast and effective services that are customized to your needs, meaning we don't offer simplified or cookie-cutter options. Likewise, every service is conducted while offering customer service that exceeds our incredibly lofty standards for your total and complete satisfaction. We're confident that we'll provide you with a service that exceeds your expectations by such a great degree that you'll come back to us again and again for all of your Houston pest control needs.

When you have a pest problem, we send someone to you right away. Most of our appointments are completed within one business day, and our services begin to eliminate your problem right away for faster and more visible results.

read more › Preventive Pest Control has been serving the greater Houston area's pest control and pest prevention needs for nearly two decades. From the beginning, our company has prided itself on being a "people business, " with customer satisfaction as our top priority. Our team is full of expert pest control experts that promise to deliver the quality and care you deserve, regardless of how big your commercial or residential pest control job may be. Our insect and rodent pest control services are some of the best in the area.

read more › Getting pest control services for your home can be a scary proposition. After all, pest control involves using chemicals and equipment that can seem intimidating to those who don't work with them all that often. Plus you're trusting your home to a technician who you may have never met before. Naturally, it's normal to want to learn what you can expect during a pest control service visit. Here are the answers to some of your most common questions to help you get a clearer picture of how we plan to serve you.

read more › Preventive Pest Control believes in supporting and giving back to those who have continued to support us over the years. The Houston community has come to depend on Preventive Pest Control for all of their pest control needs, and we know we wouldn't be able to do what it is we know and love without their ongoing support and reliance. That's why we're proud to give back to our community whenever and however we can. Preventive Pest Control has partnered with several local community organizations to provide sponsorship and support for great causes.

read more › Southeast Texas is also a great place for all kinds of pests, and unfortunately they're something we have to deal with as residents of this community. Likewise, it's not uncommon for these pests to negatively influence our lives in one way or another. Whether your home has been invaded by insects like spiders or termites, or you're a builder in need of preventive services for new construction, the Houston exterminators at Preventive Pest Control have seen it all. At Preventive Pest Control, we understand that there's no such thing as an "off-season" for pests.

read more › On its own, a single ant may not seem like a problem. In fact, you may not even notice it as it scurries into your house and makes its way across the floor or your kitchen countertop. What you may not realize is that this single, solitary ant is just the beginning. When ants discover a source of food, they mark the path using a trail of pheromones, signaling other worker ants to follow them to begin collecting. And ants are not afraid to travel tremendous distances in search of food, either. With their incredible ability to lift several times their own body weight, ants can quickly dismantle and carry off a seemingly tremendous food source, feeding their colony that can be hundreds of thousands or even millions of ants strong.

read more › When it comes to pests, there may not be a species more obnoxious and more frustrating than cockroaches. Roaches are large, ugly, reproduce quickly, and can take over a building in a short amount of time if they are not dealt with quickly. The specialists at Preventive Pest Control understand the nature of cockroaches, and we respond to your needs with some of the finest cockroach control services in Houston. We offer remedies that quickly accurately, locate, kill, and then continually prevent cockroaches from returning to your home or business, allowing you to continue to live with peace of mind of knowing your home is bug-free.

read more › Do you take camping trips, spend a lot of time outside, or take your children or pets outdoors to enjoy the fresh air, weather, or outdoor sports? If so, you're probably all too familiar with encountering fleas or ticks. The introduction to these pests is likely to cause you discomfort and gross you out, to say the least; fleas can make you incredibly itchy, and ticks can spread all kinds of diseases in addition to being particularly difficult to remove. At Preventive Pest Control, our dedicated specialists are ready to fight these pests and prevent their bites from continuing with superior Houston flea and tick pest control treatments and services.

read more › Flies may not seem all that harmful to your home or business, but their small size is still enough for them to potentially deposit thousands of bacteria wherever they land. Nobody wants that in their home where they live, nor do you want that around your business, particularly if you run a restaurant, hotel, or some other type of business that relies on hygiene. On top of that, flies are incredibly annoying, making an obnoxious buzzing noise and landing where you don't want them to. Whether you're tired of obnoxious flies buzzing around your home, landing on your furniture, and getting in your face, or your business is being seriously hindered by an unwanted infestation of these buzzing bugs, the leading name in Houston fly control services is Preventive Pest Control!

read more › Spring, summer, and early fall in Texas are notorious for a lot of things. Heat and humidity might be the first things that come to mind, but often included with these factors are an influx of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes come in a wide variety of different types, sizes, and populations, and yet it seems like no matter what you do, they're constantly invading your property and potentially even sneaking their way into your home. At Preventive Pest Control, we take pride in being Houston's leading name in mosquito control, and offer high-quality, effective, and creative solutions that keep you, your loved ones, and your home protected and safe.

read more › Do you hear the tiny pitter-patter of what sounds like tiny feet scurrying across the roof over your head? Are the noises you're hearing considerably louder, kind of more like what a muffled bowling alley would sound like? Do you hear scratching or scurrying through the walls in your home? These are just a few of the signs that you may have a rodent problem. You may have also noticed rodent droppings under the kitchen sink or in a corner in the garage. Whatever you're dealing with, you need to have your rodent problem addressed immediately, and the team to do that is the team of experts from Preventive Pest Control.

read more › Spiders are a far from rare problem in homes across the country. These eight-legged arachnids come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, colors, and levels of danger. Some spiders are generally harmless, small, and in many cases actually serve an important purpose to our ecosystem. In other cases, they can be large, harmful, and frankly intimidating to even the biggest animal lover. What they all have in common is that you don't want them getting into your home, and yet they always seem to find a way to do so.

read more › Unless you live in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness, where snow and ice cover the ground for well over half of the average year, there's a good chance that there are termites underfoot. Termites are one of the most plentiful insects on the planet, and every year they infest a whopping five million homes. Here in the Houston area, that means thousands or even tens of thousands of homes are damaged by these tiny insects every year, to the tune of millions of dollars' worth of damage. Think you're going to get help fixing it from your insurance company?

read more › Almost all of us have some sort of an incredibly painful memory of being stung by a bee, often from childhood. Bees will usually only sting to protect their colony, making this a somewhat rare experience. Wasps, on the other hand, will sting far more frequently, as the act of doing so will not actually kill them. The Houston area is home to several different species of wasp, and they all have one thing in common: they aren't something you want around your home. When you discover a wasp problem, because it's almost inevitable that you will at some point, the Houston wasp control team at Preventive Pest Control can come to you and eliminate the issue to help you keep your property safe.

read more › Owning a home is one of the most satisfying things many people will do throughout their lives, but it only gets better when someone is able to build their home from the ground up to the exact specifications that they want it to be. Custom-built homes are extremely popular in Texas, largely due to the state's rapid growth and the ready availability and affordability of land. This means custom home builders are finding frequently, and they are often looking for business partners who can help them produce the superior-quality homes that their customers are looking for.

read more › Homes aren't the only structures with pest problems-businesses need help too. In fact, a pest in your home may be annoying and somewhat revolting, but pests in businesses can have dire consequences for the business as a whole. The presence of a roach in a restaurant could cause a failed health inspection, and that could shutter the business until the problem is resolved. The same can go for a mouse in a hotel room or a hornet's nest in a warehouse. That's why Preventive Pest Control offers high-quality, fast, and effective commercial pest control services in Houston.

read more › At Preventive Pest Control, we want to reach as many Houstonians as possible. We offer our services to an extremely wide area, including cities and towns throughout both East and West Houston. Whether you're close to the middle of the city or in a suburb out of the way, we encourage you to give us a call if you have a problem with mice, spiders, roaches, wasps, or any other form of pest. Our team will come to you and implement an effective pest control and prevention solution that gets rid of the problem for good.

read more › Alvin, TX can be a trouble area for all types of pests, so the experts at Preventive Pest Control are ready and waiting to help you eliminate your insects or rodents before they become a major problem. Our team knows best when it comes to cockroaches, spiders, ants, and other pests, so turn to Preventive Pest for fast and effective treatment and prevention. We know that Alvin sees its fair share of mosquitos and cockroaches, and Preventive Pest is no stranger to the trouble that these pests can cause to your home or office.

read more › Bacliff, TX sites right where the Houston Ship Channel meets Galveston Bay, and the water has caused some serious pest problems. Termites have made their way through the ship channel and are prominent throughout Bacliff and surrounding areas, and the moisture combines with the heat for some optimal pest conditions. The warm and humid weather encourages mosquitos and cockroaches to make Bacliff a long-term home, providing areas for the pest to multiply and threaten homes and businesses alike. The experts at Preventive Pest know exactly how to take care of the insects, and even prevent their expansion into your area.

read more › Baytown, TX is currently dealing with a large termite problem, and the experts at Preventive Pest Control are ready to help keep them away from your home or office. Using infrared camera technology on top of the industry's top procedures, Preventive Pest is your trusted source for Baytown termite control, extermination, and prevention. Being so close to the water is a pro and con for Baytown. The water provides a good environment for mosquitos to grow, making the outdoors a scary place in the warmer, wetter months of the year.

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