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XTERMIN Pest Control To be the best pest control company in Arizona, XTERMIN understands it's all about you. We hire only the most trustworthy Pros and we use some of the safest EPA approved products for use around your children & pets. We customize the latest pest management research in order to be 100% effective against the pests around your home. Being the best pest control company isn't just about killing bugs.

We invest in the latest technology to manage our business so we can provide you with reliable communication & the best customer experience before, during & after each treatment. We'll show up on-time and we won't cut corners. We're not satisfied unless you are happy. Your happiness is 100% guaranteed. If you're not happy, we'll re-service your home for free between scheduled visits.

You know those iron-clad contracts with nasty cancellation clauses? Yeah, we don't have them. We know that as long as we do things right and exceed your expectations you'll never want to leave - sorta old school. We will improve the lives of our customers by providing the most effective pest control and an excellent customer experience.

At XTERMIN, You come first. We will eradicate and control the pests around your home using some of the safest and most efficient methods available. We will not use the cheapest products or overly-dilute liquid pesticides just to save us a few dollars. One way we ensure your happiness is by using only the most effective products at the proper mixture

Our professional 2-stage thermal heat + pesticide treatment is the most effective & recommended method to kill bed bugs. Our thermal treatment will kill 100% of the bed bugs and the eggs in 8 hours! Kills other unpleasant pests (insects, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, viruses) many of which are human pathogens. Chemical treatment can also be effective when

Q: Why do I have maggots in my house? We came home after a weekend vacation and found maggots all over the kitchen floor and on the tile floor in the family room. They're about 1/2" - 3/4" inch long. I've found about 100 of them! Where did they come from and why are they in. With spring comes the bees. For most people it's a love hate relationship.

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