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3 Ways a Watchdog Phoenix Pest Control Service Can Significantly Improve Your Living Condition. Most people consider their homes the safest place in the world - safe haven for some. It is where we find refuge when we are in great distress. It is where we seek relaxation when the outside world becomes too much to handle mentally. It is where we spend most of our time with our family and friends.

Ideally, our houses should function that way. However, our safe space is in a constant attack by pervasive pests that have proven themselves to be extremely difficult to get rid of. These pests do not only ruin our ability to feel safe and relax in our own homes - they hinder productivity and quality family time as well. Flies around the house ruin our productivity when we reroute 50% of our energy in trying to kill them, which is an impossible task.

Moreover, our children are left vulnerable with pests attacks as well. There were several news reports about bees that ambush kids. We have even heard news of bees attacking our fur buddies.

read more › Watchdog Pest Control, LLC is a rapidly expanding pest control company located in Phoenix, Arizona. Our company was founded on just two basic principles, honesty and integrity. The four founders of the company came together to provide Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding areas with top notch pest control service, customer care and professionalism. We are licensed and insured in Arizona to service and maintain your commercial property or residence with the utmost of care. Here at Watchdog Pest Control, we PATROL your home or office, locating unwanted pests, PROTECT your home or office, eradicating pests, and PREVENT your home or office from any future uninvited intrusions, laying down a protective barrier and continuing to keep watch and maintain these barriers.

read more › The great state of Arizona is a place where many want to live because of our year round perfect weather and lots of sunshine. However, people are not the only ones that want to reside in our great state, unwanted pests do too! We have put together a list of the most common pests you may see in and around your commercial or residential property. This expansive list also includes general habits for each. We are confident that we provide the most reliable pest control with courtesy and professionalism.

read more › If you notice even a minor Bed Bug problem in your home, it's time to act on it. Harmless as they may seem, just one fertile female Bed Bug found on your property can start a huge infestation. These insects can produce multiple eggs every day and hundreds of babies in their lifetime. They will ruin your furniture, take over your expensive mattresses and leave bloodstains on your linens. While there are no proven cases yet that these insects transfer the diseases they carry to humans, they're still considered parasites and their bites cause so much discomfort and itchiness.

read more › In urban environments, pests such as rats and mice will typically enter buildings to look for food, a place to build their nests and to get shelter from cold temperatures outside. A pest control firm can then recommend ways for you to prevent these animals from getting inside. If you already have a problem with rodents before a preventative step was taken, you can count on your pest control company to safely remove the problem without damaging your home. Usually, rodents hide in attics and basements, or small scrawl spaces.

read more › It might come across as rashes or itchy areas of the skin. If you even suspect you have a pest invasion, bringing in the professionals is a good idea. A pest is any member of the animal kingdom that adversely impacts human activities, including causing harmful effects to our food and living conditions - and pest control is essentially the regulation or management of such species. The pest control market around the world is valued at $18 billion, half of which is spent in the United States alone.

read more › Scorpions are ancient creatures. Fossil records indicate they existed over 400 million years ago, looking very much the same as they do today. Currently, there are over 1500 different kinds of scorpions throughout the world, with some still waiting to be discovered. They are found on all continents except Antarctica. There have been 90 different species of scorpions identified as living in the United States and 60 of them live in Arizona. Every scorpion is capable of delivering a painful sting, the most deadly being the Arizona Bark Scorpion.

read more › It is important that we put the safety of our family and pets. However, we are constantly attacked by pests that are degrading the quality of everyone's health and our houses' safety. We need to protect our health and our houses from pets, but how? There's no need to worry, we have Pest Control Services that specializes in residential treatment that is conveniently accessible. Let's go through 3 reasons why it is imperative that we avail of their services right away. Most pest problems are only detected by normal people once their damage is already massive.

read more › Ants may be the most organized insects and excel at building colonies and foraging, but some of the ant species are a nuisance and should be cause for concern. That solitary ant may actually be a scout ant, venturing out from its nest to explore its surroundings in search of food, only to report back to the colony. That means there may be an ants' nest in the vicinity which must be eradicated to prevent an ant infestation in the house. Ants are one of the most successful insects on the planet, and thanks to their small size and resilience, they're also one of the most difficult pests to get rid of.

read more › Running a business is a difficult responsibility. Taking care of pests problems on your own is an even bigger responsibility. Moreover, we need to take our pest concerns into serious consideration, especially that our employees deserve to work in a sanitary workplace. However, there is no need to worry because we have pest control professionals ready to fix our pest concerns. Let's go through 3 reasons why we should call pest control services right now. Whether you are in the manufacturing industry, food industry, retail industry, or fashion industry, it is of top importance that your workplace is sanitary and in pristine condition.

read more › Cockroaches pose a significant health hazard when they are found in the home environment: they carry disease-causing germs and can even irritate allergy sufferers. It is not surprising then, that we generally equate cockroaches with dirtiness. Unfortunately, if you want to get rid of cockroaches, you may need to seek professional help. Cockroaches are highly resilient creatures and they can be especially difficult to eliminate. For the most part, prevention is the best means of controlling cockroach problems, but there are some measures you can take to get rid of cockroaches if a problem already exists.

read more › Watchdog Pest Control and exterminators provides a full range of inspection services to meet all your home needs. Get 100% satisfaction guarantee with our comprehensive inspection services conducted by industry experts. 2. Inspection for spider web acitvity, wasp nests, birds nesting etc. 3. Integrated Pest Management, where we will inspect conditions conducive to pests, scorpions, birds, termites etc. 4. Full range detailed report and recommendations on how to best cleaning and pest prevention practices.

read more › Preventing cockroachesfrom invading your environment can be a never ending job, especially if you are doing it alone. The only way to completely eliminate one of the most common of all pests is to seek the help of someone who does this for a living. It only takes a few cockroaches to start a vicious cycle all over again. If you are seeing even a few cockroaches, you are on the way to serious problems, which need to be eliminated right away. Don't hesitate in your battle with cockroaches and preventing them from invading your environment.

read more › Protect you and your pets against fleas! Let our trained technicians at Watchdog Pest Control and exterminators eliminate your flea problem at home, while you give the required flea treatment for your pets. The flushing of gaps in the home and other areas where dogs/cats/other pets spend the most time.

read more › Termites can be a huge problem for both residential and commercial customers. They remain hidden from view potentially for years, diligently eating their way through anything containing wood in your home or place of business. It's important to get a professional involved as soon as you see any signs of potential termites. Call Watchdog Pest Control for fast and effective termite solutions.

read more › Prevent the entry of scorpions in your home through the safe and effective method of blacklight treatment. Let our professional technicians at Watchdog Pest Control and exterminators perform the treatment and give you detailed report on all hot spot areas. 5. Recording of all hot spot ares on your account for future technicians to target those specific areas for future services. 6. Providing pictures of activity found on your property if you are not home at the time of service.

read more › Seal out scorpions and keep them completely out of your homes! With the proper scorpion control strategies, we at Watchdog Pest Control and exterminators ensure success for you and your home in eliminating your scorpion problems. Level 1 - Basic - This is recommended for clients experiencing a handful of scorpions entering their home every few weeks to a month. Guaranteed sealing for door thresholds, bathroom and laundry room vents. Level 2 - Intermediate - This package is for clients who experience scorpions inside their home frequently.

read more › Mole and gopher treatment control is encouraged and needed when these rodents cause damage to areas around your home. This could be damage to wiring, pipes or damage to trees and garden root systems from underground burrowing. If damage becomes excessive, the costs to fix these issues may be extremely high.

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