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We strive to work up to our own high standards by improving the tools and technology. Most Pest Control Services out there are franchises or franchise chains and often owned by companies outside the United States, Unlike them, we are not only an American-owned company we are locally owned and operated! Living in a comfortable house with no fear for pests is the most natural thing, as well as having a safe working environment which is crucial for your business and for the customers.

We strive to reach the best result fast and at minimum risk.

read more › Arizona is home to various pests and some of the most common ones are scorpions, ants, spiders, termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes and wasp amongst others. At Optimex Pest Control, our experts completely exterminate any kind of pests from your home using minimally invasive but effective pest control methods and treatment plans. We help you determine the kind of pests that have infested your property, develop effective treatment plans and then exterminate them completely without posing a disturbance to you.

read more › Many people can sympathize with the person that screams loudly when they randomly see a rat or mice scurrying around on their floor or cupboard. You might even do something worse, this is because these particular pests have that effect on people. Rats and mice are known to closely cohabitate with humans and depend on them for shelter, food, and water. The problem is that they are very destructive animals, gnawing at anything they can lay their hands on. Apart from their destructive nature, they are also known to be carriers of different types of serious diseases including hantavirus, leptospirosis.

read more › No one likes to see their property destroyed. Especially not by pesky insects who don't really look like they can do any real damage. That's where a lot of people get it wrong! Termites are capable of astronomical levels of damage to your home. But that doesn't have to happen to you, that's why we are here to help. For residents of Mesa, Arizona and the whole of Arizona, termites have remained a major source of concern for a long time and we need you to know that "With Optimex, there's no cause for alarm anymore!"

read more › Weeds pose a major challenge at your residential or commercial space, especially in Arizona and we understand how difficult they are to deal with. At Optimex Pest Control, we utilize the best and most effective methods to completely remove weeds from your outdoor space. We know how important appearances are and we ensure that your space is going to leave a great impression on your loved ones, clients or colleagues. Our weed control experts help you eradicate existing weeds and put measures in place to prevent future infestations.

read more › Ants are largely social ants that can be very annoying. Where you see one, it is very likely that there are thousands more of its friends, family, or colleagues nearby. They get inside everywhere, inside your food, clothes, shoes, and some ants like fire ants and termites have really painful bites. Optimex Pest Control is here to help you get rid of all the ants that are bothering you in your home. Our pest control experts use the best techniques to rid your home of all ants that might be a source of worry.

read more › In recent times, there has been an increase in the population of bed bugs all over the United States. The increase in immigration and travels from developing countries as well as restrictions on usage of strong insecticides are a strong culprit. Sadly, Arizona is no exception. Having these insects in your home is a major nuisance as they are known to invade everything they can. People who are allergic to bugs and their venom may even experience severe allergic reactions. At Optimex Pest Control, we understand how much of a nuisance these bed bugs can be and that's why we are here for you!

read more › Common house centipedes are a regular sight in Arizona homes, especially those with high moisture. Other species prefer a more natural habitat and are not frequently seen in the home except in yards. With their dozens of legs and long bodies, they aren't pests you'll want anywhere around your home. At Optimex Pest Control, our experts use effective centipede control treatment to completely exterminate these pests and ensure that you and your homes are safe. Although centipede bites aren't lethal, they can be painful and cause swelling.

read more › One of the most persistent pests you'll find in Arizona are cockroaches. In their search for food, they roam everywhere in your home. Even with the DIY cockroach control tips you can get on the internet, you may not be able to get rid of an infestation on your own. You need a licensed pest control company and we're here for you! At Optimex Pest Control, we recognize the persistence and peculiar properties of each species of cockroaches and how best to exterminate them. In Arizona, the most common species you'll find are the Oriental, German, Turkestan, American and Brownbanded cockroaches.

read more › Crickets are one of the most common insects in Arizona. Being home to three main species of crickets, a cricket infestation may not be so strange. The most annoying thing about cricket infestations in your space are the chirping sounds they make at night. This is due to two males rubbing their wigs together to attract the females for mating. If you have an uncontrolled cricket infestation, you may be saying goodbye to a good night's sleep. Your sleep is important and that's why we're here to help you stop that from happening.

read more › Dirt daubers are not excluded from the numerous pests you'll find in Arizona due to its climate. They are also known as 'mud daubers' or 'mud wasps' and are named for their habit of building mud nests. They are solitary wasps that build their homes or nests using mud. Although these pests are relatively harmless, the main problem that dirt daubers cause is the unsightly nests that they make around your home. At Optimex Pest Control, our experts completely exterminate these pests from your home using our effective dirt daubers control treatment.

read more › Earwigs are scavengers and although they aren't harmful in any way, you definitely do not want an infestation with these insects everywhere in your home. Their population tends to increase in spring. At Optimex Pest Control, we help you exterminate them completely, leaving your home clean and insect-free. We offer our earwig infestation control treatments everywhere in Mesa and all around Arizona. Earwigs are found in all continents except Antarctica and European earwigs are common in Arizona. Earwigs prefer dark and moist outdoor spaces so it may be rare for an infestation to occur.

read more › Seeing your pets continually trying to scratch and experiencing discomfort due to ticks and flea attacks can be heartbreaking. Did you know that aside from causing discomfort to pets, fleas and ticks are also carriers of diseases like hantavirus, plague, murine virus and bacteria? That makes them all the more dangerous to you and your pets. At Optimex Pest Control, our priority is to help you exterminate these fleas and ticks completely from your home. Our experts employ super-effective pest control methods to protect your pets.

read more › If you live in Arizona, then you most likely have seen millipedes around your yard either in rural, urban or residential areas. They come in different species, and commonly infest Arizona homes in large numbers. Although millipedes don't actually bite or sting, nor do they cause any damage to stored food or furniture, there are certain species of millipedes that excrete a defensive fluid that irritates the skin of people who touch them. This isn't something you will have to worry about. At Optimex Pest Control, Our team of pest control experts will safely exterminate millipedes in your home using our millipede control treatment plans.

read more › No one wants to be having a nice time out in the yard and then suddenly feel a painful prick on their exposed skin. Apart from the inconvenience, mosquitoes can transmit a few potentially dangerous diseases including the West Nile virus, Zika virus, and malaria. Some of these diseases could lead to some serious health complications if not promptly attended to. There are over 3,500 types of mosquitoes found all over the world. If you are dealing with a mosquito infestation, your best shot at getting rid of them is engaging the services of pest control experts.

read more › Silverfish Infestations are a major source of concern in Arizona since it has the perfect climate for this bug to thrive. Like some other insects found in the area, they are not harmful to humans in any way. The moment there's an increase in their population in your home to a point where they cause destruction though, there's a problem! The right thing is to get the situation handled as quickly as possible. Once the silverfish gets into your home, it lays about 20 eggs per day which makes its population multiply quickly within a short time.

read more › This fear is well justified since depending on the species, their bite will cause problems ranging from discomfort with slight inflammation and local pain, to very severe complications in the nervous, circulatory, respiratory and muscular systems. In some cases, it can lead to death. Some of their bites even cause allergic reactions that could be fatal. When found in the home, it's a major cause for concern, and they need to be exterminated immediately. At Optimex Pest Control Solutions, we help you with exterminating scorpions from your home very quickly with our scorpion control plans.

read more › Just the presence of one or two spiders or their webs in your home isn't necessarily a cause for concern. But when a large spider infestation is found, it increases paranoia and needs professional attention. At Optimex Pest Solutions, we offer spider control treatments that help to exterminate any amount of spiders that infest your home. When there are other existing pest infestations in the home that could serve as food sources for the insects, they tend to multiply and keep feeding on those food sources.

read more › Although these insects are very beneficial to the environment via their pest control abilities, the major problem is that they never travel alone. They move in colonies and tend to quickly take over a space. The warm climate in Arizona is also very conducive to wasps. At Optimex Pest Control, our experts are licensed and trained in effective and safe wasp control methods to help you completely exterminate these insects from your home. Although wasps mostly build their nests on trees and some other high places, they often choose the most inconvenient location; right outside your door.

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