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Coopersmith Our home services are safe, child and pet friendly, and available to work around your schedule. Ask us about our monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or one-time treatments. Not sure what kind of bug is in your home? Send us a photo or bring a (uncrushed) sample into one of our stores and we will identify it for free! Our technicians are fully licensed/registered and insured in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware and have passed a background check.

Since 1951, Peerless Pest Control has been serving Philadelphia and its surrounding communities. Have confidence in Peerless knowing that our average technician has more than 10 years of field experience as a pest management professional. Our senior technician manager has more than 35 years of experience. Whatever the problem, we have the tools and experience to address it effectively.

This is why thousands of people have trusted us to quickly address their pest concerns. When looking for a local exterminator, we know how valuable trust is. Our customers stick with us because they appreciate quality.

read more › Peerless began in 1951 when two friends saw a strong need for pest control in their home city of Philadelphia. Beginning with a cement mixer purchased from Sears and raw chemicals from a local supplier, they would mix batches of insecticide and bottle it up for resale under the name of "RO-TOX." By going around town and offering door to door demonstrations they quickly found a demanding market for their RO-TOX which knocked out any insect, especially stubborn roaches which were abundant throughout the city.

read more › All technicians will wear gloves and a face mask during your appointment and have been given sanitizer for their hands and equipment. Boot covers can be worn upon your request. Peerless also offers outdoor perimeter treatments that do not require customer interaction or entry of the premises. If you are a commercial customer whose business is closed and would still like your property treated, contact us to arrange a time when you or your employee can meet us at your property.

read more › There are several factors that determine the right plan and the cost. A startup cost will be added to the first treatment to cover the added time and material we will use to bring your pest problem under control as quickly as possible. The type of home you have will usually affect how often you require treatment. Apartments, duplexes, row houses, twins, and other attached homes often need frequent service due to the transfer of pests from nearby neighbors. While keeping a clean home will reduce the severity and chances of an infestation occurring, you simply don't have control of the condition of your neighbors' home.

read more › Pests are more than a nuisance - they can have a huge impact on your business and it's profitability. Unsanitary conditions, failed inspections, damaged infrastructure, ruined merchandise, and unhappy customers are just some of the hazards of a rodent or insect infestation. We understand how impactful this can be to a business and how important it is to quickly gain control. But gaining control of existing infestations is only half of what pest control is. The other half, just as important, is preventing future problems from arising.

read more › RO-TOX is mixed with a base oil making it more powerful than ordinary water based sprays. We add 3 environmentally friendly yet powerful ingredients to the base oil - 2 residuals that continue killing for at least 4 weeks and then we add a synergistic catalyst that enhances their effectiveness. The result is a ready-to-use spray that's completely safe for use around people and pets but devastating to all bugs. Always apply as directed by the label. We are a distributor of high quality, double-walled copper mesh used for bird and rodent exclusion.

read more › We are a distributor of high quality, double-walled copper mesh used for bird and rodent exclusion. We have the capacity to supply any quantity you need. Kaput's combo baits are the only baits of their kind. They incorporate a systemic insecticide which kills fleas that are feeding on the rodents that consume the bait. The combo baits are available in both pellet and block form. While Kaput's Doom Combo blocks feature a familiar "single-feed" kill, this type of approach is not always ideal. Kaput also offers Warfarin and Diphacinone based baits that can substantially reduce the risk of primary and secondary poisoning in non target animals and in humans while still providing effective control of rodent populations.

read more › YES! Safety is our top priority. All products used in our treatments and sold in our stores are EPA registered, and when used according to the label pose little to no risk. Furthermore, all products selected for indoor use by our company fall into the caution category, which is the EPA's lowest risk category. When children or pets are present in the treated areas all rodent baits will be placed in a locked, tamper resistant box for maximum safety. We minimize any concern to the safety of your pets in several ways.

read more › All ants live in colonies, consisting of an egg-laying female (queen), short-lived males, and workers (sterile females). The ants you see foraging in your garden or kitchen are workers. Workers that find food communicate with other workers by depositing a chemical message on the substrate as they crawl back to the nest. Although we cannot smell it, this "trail pheromone" sticks to the substrate for long periods of time and helps other ants find the food at the end of the trail. In the spring, ants develop wings and fly to new locations and invade homes to forage for food or to establish a new nest.

read more › Peerless Pest Control uses only the most up to date and best performing chemicals and procedures to eliminate fleas and ticks. Although fleas and ticks are different, they both come from the same place and both are around humans for the same reason. Blood. That is their food source. Fleas can become very abundant if you have pets or rodent issues. Ticks are primarily an outside pest. We have procedures to eliminate both. Fleas are truly devoted to their work. In one day, a single flea can bite your cat or dog more than 400 times.

read more › Rodents are pests that have plagued communities since the beginning of human civilization. They are well known to carry disease and other pests like fleas, ticks, and parasitic larvae. Although there are thousands of species of rodents, only rats and mice tend to infest Philadelphia homes in alarming ways. Below you will learn about mice and rats and how to get prevent or get rid of them. A house mouse is usually very easy to identify. They have a pointed nose, a body length of about 2.5 - 3.5 inches (without the tail) and their tail is generally the size of the body or slightly longer.

read more › Peerless Pest Control services a wide variety of wildlife that may get into your home or property. Our technicians use the best techniques to either trap, exclude or repell any type of animal you may encounter. Our technicians are licensed by the Pennsylvania State Game Commission and are highly experienced in all aspects of Wildlife Control. Whether you have a problem with Bats, Birds, Snakes, Groundhogs, Opossums, Raccoons, Skunks, Squirrels, or Foxes, Peerless Pest Control has a solution to your problem.

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