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Reliable, trustable, and honest. If you are looking for a great service and people who care about what they do and do it as they said they would this is the company you need. We have been so pleased and they come every quarterly on the clock for recurrent services. Chris was was our teach and he was awesome. He was very skilled at trapping and extracating the critters (squirrels) that were in our attic space.

He was very good at communicating with us throughout the process, stopped by nearly every day until they were gone, was responsive when we gave him critter updates, gave us good advice on sealing off the areas around the roof that were being breached, and has a very pleasant demeanor. And when he told us he would be coming over, he was always very prompt.

I would recommend him to anyone with a critter problem! So you know, we're proud to do all our post-construction termite work with Termidor termiticide.

No single type of treatment is appropriate in every situation, but our general approach to pest control is "kill it now." If you have invading pests like ants, oriental roaches, spiders, crickets, wasps, or millipedes, we prefer to kill what you've got, and then treat the outside to kill future invaders outside, rather than wait until they get inside

The word in the seminars is that these bugs are hard to kill, take a long time to get control, and you can never be sure you got them all. We take a different approach to killing them, and, having tweaked our system of treatment, usually get elimination on the first visit now. If your bug guy is having difficulty killing them, call us. We'll make you

Wasps and hornets get priority treatment. You don't want to get stung; we like killing them. Honey bees are different. We prefer not killing them unless a bee keeper has declined to take them, since there is a shortage of this beneficial insect. Here is a series of shots of a hornet nest and a honey bee hive.

Roaches are one of the dirtiest bugs that we deal with, and if you have enough of them you will think you have dissentary and bronchitus. Our team is trained in finding and killing roaches so that you can breathe easy in the clean environment of your home. There are a few different types, and how we treat depends on which roaches you have. Sometime

A word (and photo) about bait security. The EPA has mandated more secure protections of rodent bait so that only the intended target animal eats it. This is why. A raccoon got access to a rodent bait that had a blue marker die in it. I was called to trap this raccoon, but there is no need now. Notice the nice brown droppings from before the incident

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