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Roach Busters Roach Busters Pest Control has served the Greater New Orleans area for over 30 years, solving their complex pest control issues. Our mission is to help you reclaim your home from whatever pest is plaguing your family. From spiders, to mice and rats, at Roach Busters Pest Control, we use the most advanced techniques to exterminate your problem. At Roach Busters Pest Control, we serve you quarterly.

One of our licensed and insured technicians will visit and treat your home every three months with a 90 day warranty between visits. We offer a free 30 day call back warranty with all of our one time services! That means if after your service has been completed, if you notice that we've missed an important pest area; we will come back to your home free of charge.

For termites, roaches, rats, mice, spiders, fleas, and bed bugs, call us today to set up a comprehensive plan to eradicate your problem. Contact Us today to request a free estimate, or learn more about the many services we offer at Roach Busters Pest Control.

Roach Busters Pest Control gets rid of all kinds of nuisance pests in your Kenner, Louisiana home. The Southeastern U.S.' warm climate means bugs live longer and are more likely to sneak their way in, but our experienced pest control experts will solve your pest problem for good. We offer $50 off any new pest control contract with us. There are five

Roach Busters Pest Control also removes termites from your home. The techniques used to remove termites are different than those used for other bugs and more extensive. Termites can potentially destroy the entire structure of your home, as they damage wood and other building materials. The ideal combination of warmth, moisture, and food can set you

Roach Busters Pest Control continually offers coupons and specials for all of our services. We have a free call-back warranty, which means if we have to return within 30 days after a service call, we will come back and treat free of charge. We also offer quarterly service, where we come out every three months. These come with a 90 warranty between visits

Thank you for visiting the Roach Busters Pest Control Contact Us page. We thank you for your inquiry, and we will follow up within one business day. You can reach us directly at 504-466-1584 or feel free to use our quick and easy Online Contact form to send us any questions, comments, or concerns. Our friendly and professional staff is standing by waiting

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