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Tidewater Exterminating Our mission is to apply pesticides safely and efficiently, in and around your home, to prevent and mitigate any pest related issues you are experiencing. Our team knows first hand, how important it is to keep your family safe and healthy from harsh chemicals. Tidewater Exterminating utilizes eco-friendly options to guarantee no health risk exists, treatments are 100% safe for your entire family, pets, and the surrounding environment.

Rest assured, just because they are safe does not mean they lose effectiveness, all of our pest control packages come with a full warranty to insure your pest problems will be resolved. Locally owned and operated in Hampton, VA, Tidewater Exterminating provides pest control, termite control, and moisture control services to all of Hampton Roads. Our business is fully licensed, insured and we provide warranties on all packages.

We are a dedicated and motivated team of professionals with years of experience in the pest control industry, with the goal of remaining Hampton Roads top pest control service provider.

read more › Owner, Jordan Hedgepeth grew up in Windsor, Virginia and entered into the pest control industry right out of high school. He excelled in the basics at a young age and quickly worked his way up to supervisor roles, eventually transitioning to the business side of the industry. He has over a decade of experience working in both corporate and small business pest control. Throughout his time in a corporate business, Jordan had undergone extensive training to obtain his State License, as well as taking several courses on pest control at Texas A&M University.

read more › As family men, we know how tight the family budget can sometimes be, and we don't want your pest control needs to put a burden on your family finances. At Tidewater Exterminating, we developed a family-friendly pricing structure to put your mind at ease, and to help ensure that your home remains pest-free throughout the year so your family and pets have a safe environment. All of our packages use eco-friendly products and come with warranties to guarantee your pest problems will be solved. While service is performed quarterly, we've broken our pricing down into monthly rates for a budget-friendly alternative.

read more › Catching sight of a rodent is not a pleasant experience, especially when it's in your home. Watching them sprint from one corner of your kitchen to the other makes all of us cringe. But don't panic, give us a call! We will leave no proverbial stone unturned as we de-infest and de-infect your home. Our professionals follow effective methods that eliminate the rodents and prevent them from invading again. Allow us to run a full inspection and design an action plan! You don't want rodents moving around freely because they pose a serious threat to you and your loved ones, including pets.

read more › Have you ever noticed a cockroach strolling around your kitchen shelf or maybe around your bathroom floor? If you see a few of them wandering around during the day time, consider that as a sign of severe infestation. Why? Because cockroaches are nocturnal animals. And unfortunately one of the main reasons they move out of their hiding places is overcrowding! Once you've realized this unpleasant truth, it's time to take action. Always recruit licensed exterminators to get rid of persistent roaches.

read more › Controlling an ant infestation can be annoying! You get rid of thousands of them, but in no time they will come back in huge numbers. This is because these insects are social and do not look for shelter alone. Rather, immediately after finding a place to nest they invite their whole community and entire colonies form right beneath your nose. An ant infestation is further difficult to prevent and control because ants are unbelievably small. They take refuge in areas under surfaces where humans can't reach.

read more › Are termites ruling your home? Well, you are not alone. Did you know that termites, which are found in 49 U.S. states, destroy $5 billion of property each year? Your home-sweet-home could be the next breeding ground for these bugs if it isn't already. Time to wake up and give us a call! We can provide your home with much-needed protection against termites. What are you waiting for? Here at Tidewater Exterminating we understand that sharing your lovely living space with uninvited guests is not something you want!

read more › Who wants to provide lodging for insects and pests in their own home? Nobody! So why not just work on the areas of your house that are humid and have excessive moisture? Keeping your home moisture-free will force pests to search for a new home with a better water supply. Just like humans, pests require a constant water supply for survival. Hence excess moisture in dark and dingy areas of a house attracts pests. Not only that, it can also result in fungi and mold growth which damages aesthetic and functional aspects of your house.

read more › Crawl spaces can sometimes be a forgotten area of your home, but what exactly is the purpose of a crawl space? Simply put, a crawl space keeps the home elevated above the ground. It also helps promote air circulation throughout your home and allows convenient access to things like plumbing and electrical systems. Crawl spaces are an essential part of your home and any issues can potentially cause structural damage. Tidewater Exterminating is truly skilled and knowledgeable in crawl spaces, to help fix any issues you may be having, the first time around.

read more › Tidewater Exterminating has partnered with realtors to provide reliable and timely Wood Destroying Organism reports, commonly referred to as Clearance Letters. If you are a realtor, Tidewater Exterminating can perform your inspections, provide comprehensive documentation, and issue professional recommendations or "clear letters." We also provide treatment for damaged and infested structures. Our team facilitates a smooth, expedient process for both you and your clients. When you enlist Tidewater Exterminating's professional services, you will receive a Wood Destroying Insect report.

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