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There is nothing more important than your home and family; that is why they deserve the professional protection provided by Shield. We'll keep the invaders out and your home safe. Solving tough pest problems can require a good bit of detective work; our inspectors will identify your problem and formulate a program to eliminate the issue quickly and cleanly, followed by a regular maintenance program that will keep your home continually pest free.

From Roaches and Ants, to Rats and Termites; nothing gets away from the Shield!. Since 1963, Shield Pest Control has been a leader in the fight against invading pests; our reputation for prompt, effective service is equally matched by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. One call is all it takes to protect you and your family from the pests that want to invade your home, that's why our motto is: To Service and Protect; it is what we do every day.

read more › Shield Pest Control has been providing quality and affordable Pest Control since 1963 to the residents of South Florida and has built its reputation on its reliable technicians, who are properly trained in assessing our clients' needs and delivering safe and proven results. In addition to Monthly, Bi-Monthly and Quarterly Interior Pest Control. We also offer complete lawn care with our TLC Service, which provides for all lawn and ornamental fertilization, weed control, pest protection and prevention, as well as continuous monitoring and maintenance to take care of any issues that arise, before they can cause significant damage.

read more › Over the past few years, pest control products and techniques have progressed from the old fashioned "Spray the Baseboards" method to a safer, cost effective integrated pest control strategy. Our technicians will customize your Pest Control plan to best control the common pests on your property. We will identify and work with our customers to reduce conducive conditions or existing situations around your home that may either cause, or indirectly lead to, pest infestations. This highly reduces the exposure that your family and pets have to the pesticides.

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