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Panic Pest Control Most homes will have their fair share of unwanted inhabitants and critters. Not only can pests contribute to allergies and leave behind toxic messes, they can potentially damage the structure of your property. When it comes to getting rid of unwanted animals and critters, it is best to hire a well-trained and highly skilled pest exterminator. If you need assistance from a dependable contractor, look no further than our San Bernardino, CA based company - Panic Pest Control!

Commercial Solutions - Our professional crew can take care of all pest problems in commercial facilities. If you hire our commercial pest control company, you can be sure that we will inspect your property thoroughly. We use I.P.M. (Integrated Pest Management) skills to identify the pest, find out the source of the infestation, and use the finest treatment methods to get rid of the problem.

Residential Solutions - Our residential pest control specialists are among the finest and most knowledgeable in the field. We believe in high-quality customer service along with flawless end results.

read more › Are bees or other unwanted critters taking over your business or home in San Bernardino, CA? If you want to keep your space clean and safe, look no further than Panic Pest Control, and hire our exterminators right away! We established our company 7 years ago, but we have more than 30 years of professional experience in the pest control industry. Our locally-owned and operated company is a preferred choice for countless people because we provide nothing but impeccable customer services, highly reliable solutions, and flawless end results.

read more › Welcome to Panic Pest Control, a family owned pest control company that has been in business for over 20 years. We know that you have only one reason why you decided to come here: pest problems. Don't worry, we hate pests as much as you do, and we will make sure that they are removed from your property as soon as possible. As the go-to pest control company in San Bernardino, CA, we offer professional pest solutions for animal, rodent, and bug problems. Rats seem to have a knack on living together with humans and even if you seal off every possible entry for rats in your home, they always seem to find a way to get in and cause havoc all over your home.

read more › When it comes to dealing with household pests, what you need is an expert pest exterminator who has the skills and experience in dealing with pests. Panic Pest Control is a reliable and expert pest control company that's based in San Bernardino, CA. Rodents such as rats and mice are one of the most common household pests that you will have to deal with. It seems like everywhere humans tend to settle, rodents always find their way into our homes and start to wreak havoc. It is important that you get rid of a rodent infestation right away before they multiply, which might make it hard to get rid of them.

read more › Can you hear rats scurrying on your ceiling or roof at night? Perhaps you are worried that the rats in your home are starting to pose a threat to your health and that of your family's? If you have tried trapping these rats or poisoning them but they still persist to multiply in your home, then it's time for you to turn to a professional for a residential pest control service. There are specific techniques that must be followed when removing rodents in any building or structure. DIY rodent removal methods may not be enough, especially if you have a big space or building.

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