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Southern Pest Management was formed from the expansion of Southern Wildlife Management, LLC into Pest Control. Our business started in Johns Creek & now split in half to add a second base location in Dawsonville. This growth was based upon our existing animal control customers saying how much they needed a PEST CONTROL company or Exterminator to provide our level of service.

If we simply apply the same principles that we used in our wildlife control business; stellar customer service, ethical practices and passion for what we do. We are family-owned & operated. We pride ourselves on having some of the most affordable prices in the wildlife industry. The price, in our opinion, is fair and usually ends up being among the lowest.

Although great prices, we still take extra measures (time-consuming and costly) for aesthetics & longevity. We have been providing humane & affordable wildlife trapping, wildlife control & wildlife rehabilitation services for over a decade. Our services include daily trap checks to make the most out of your trapping dollars & habitat modification suggestions.

read more › We started this family-business in 2009 in Johns Creek. Our goal was to create a business that provided affordable solutions for humanely controlling wildlife and getting them out of homes in the local market. We are the only company that we know of in Georgia that is licensed Wildlife Trappers & Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators. We feel it is POSSIBLE to get the animals out and keep them out while treating them humanely and abiding by the laws that govern our licenses.

read more › With our recent expansion into Pest Control Services, we are proud to offer a the same ethical services, stellar customer service & affordable prices that we have been providing within the wildlife industry for over a decade. We take the time to do a thorough inspection and assess your specific situation. This allows us to determine the exact target pests and devise a strategy to get rid of them. Our program will utilize habitat modifications & controls (biological & cultural, mechanical) with the right amount of pesticides in the proper locations to remedy the problem.

read more › If you are having issues with an ant infestation or simply a routine ant control issue, then you have come to the right place for a pest control service solution. Whether the ants are in your home or mounding in your yards we can handle this and any pest control issue you have. Some of the most common household ant control calls that we are receive are: Acrobat Ant, Allegheny Mound Ant, Argentine Ant, Bigheaded Ant, Carpenter Ant, Citronella Ant, Field Ant, Fire Ant, Ghost Ant, Harvester Ant, Moisture Ant, Odorous Ant, Pavement Ant, Pharaoh Ant, Thief Ant.

read more › Beetle control is highly sought-after, thanks to there being over 25,000 different beetle species. While most beetles do not cause any issues for home or property owners there are a few species, like carpet beetles, that can be a nuisance. Our pest control service typically prevents these issues, but whether you are dealing with a beetle infestation or find a few in your basement give us a call! To easily identify the insect as a beetle, they have well-developed antennae and chewing mouthparts, as well as shell-like front wings.

read more › If it is that time of the year, Carpenter Bees can drive you nuts! Many people declare war on these insects by getting their tennis racquets out and swinging away! However, we have less physically combative options, when it comes to controlling a Carpenter Bee infestation. No matter your situation, we can help get rid of these carpenter bees! We can strategically install mechanical measures to trap the bees. These have proven to us, over time, to be highly effective. We install and maintain them, so you do not have to worry about it at all.

read more › While centipedes and millipedes are very beneficial out in the environment, they are certainly one of the creepier pests that can get inside of our homes. There are rarely centipede or millipede infestations, but they are commonly seen in your home a few at a time, often in basements. Instead of worrying about removing the centipedes and millipedes from your home one by one, our pest control service program prevents most issues. Millipedes are not poisonous. Many species have glands capable of producing irritating fluids that may cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

read more › There three most common types of crickets that invade our homes in Georgia are the: House Crickets, Camel Crickets, Field Crickets. Crickets can be extremely annoying, but unless there are large numbers, they do little damage. They love to chew on anything, especially clothing. And while cricket infestations are rare, any pest can be a nuisance depending on where it is inside of your home. Field crickets are another common nuisance. This cricket is slightly longer & darker than the House Cricket.

read more › Fly control is always a common concern, since a house fly is capable of transferring more than 100 different pathogens, including salmonella, typhoid, and tuberculosis. House flies contaminate food surfaces by spreading disease organisms picked up on their legs and mouth-parts when feeding on trash, feces and other decaying substances. With that said, An occasional house fly is not necessarily a problem requiring intervention. Every home, every human, will have to deal with an occasional fly. When we get called out for flies, it is a large population that will not go away.

read more › The two most common nuisance gnats inside a home are; fruit flies - fungus gnats. Anyone who has battled with either of these can testify to the fact that these little gnats can drive you crazy! The gnats that are the most likely to occur in sinks and sink drains are fruit flies (sink gnats). The breeding and developmental sites for these small flies, often called sink gnats, are varied, but for the most part, include habitats that stay moist and contain decomposing waste components. Unquestionably, sink gnat control is not a "one size fits all" kind of approach.

read more › Most people who've never had a ladybug infestation view ladybugs in a favorable way. Who doesn't get a warm feeling after watching the movie "A Bugs Life". Ladybugs, sometimes referred to as lady beetles, are actually considered a beneficial insect. They feed heartily on many plant-eating insects such as aphids. Not so fast! In our area, there are the friendly & beneficial ladybugs and then there is an invasive species called the Asian Ladybug beetle. The Asian Ladybugs tend to gather together in large numbers inside our homes and this is typically when homeowners take action.

read more › Are pesky mosquitoes ruining your outdoor enjoyment? Are you concerned about your family's safety? We provide professional services that will help you take back your yard. Our mosquito extermination program is thorough and environmentally friendly. In addition, we constantly work to keep up with the education and technology to combine the best products available with the best practices. Our friendly & knowledgeable staff can discuss the benefits of our Mosquito Control services during the entire mosquito season.

read more › An established moth infestation usually requires professional treatment to completely solve the problem. Although many homeowners attempt the "do it yourself" measures for moth control - the results are often disappointing. Have you ever noticed weird clumps in an old bag of flour, webbing along the corners or edges of food packaging, or rice that appears to have cobwebs? If the answer is yes, you've seen pantry moths. The term 'pantry moth' usually refers to the Indianmeal moth. While there are numerous different types of moths, the Indianmeal moth is the most common household pantry pest in the USA.

read more › We offer an inexpensive yet highly-effective rodent prevention program which involves placing concealed bait stations strategically outside in the yard. The placement is a huge consideration. Also it is imperative that the bait stations are maintained and the bait kept fresh. Keep in mind there are a couple of services that we offered in relation to any rodent problems. PLEASE NOTE: We can purchase decorative boxes for the yards where a black plastic box just will not work aesthetically. We offer our rodent baiting program with an initial inspection and maintenance visits on a quarterly basis.

read more › Roaches are one of the most common pests treated with our household Pest Control Services. The 1st step is proper identification of any pest then the Certified Pest Control Technician formulates a plan to target what you need to resolve & prevent future infestations. 2nd step after treatment is the habitat modifications. German Roaches are brown to dark brown in color. They have two distinct parallel bands running the length of their pronotum (behind the head to the base of the wings). Adults are approx.

read more › Scorpions are creatures that have been on the earth since just about the beginning of time. Basically, scorpions have a very easily recognized form, even though they may vary in size up to an inch. They all look very similar with two pinchers at the front part of the body, a head/body combo with 4 legs on each side (8 total) and a long tail. At the end of the tail is a bulbous shape that ends with a hooked shaped stinger. Scorpions are arachnids, thus have 8 legs. The head & body (cephalothorax) is conjoined which is also a characteristic of spiders.

read more › While not the most common pest that can infest a home, this is one of them that can actually cause damage. Silverfish infestations can damage many types of materials, potentially even destroying sentimental items. So if you start seeing silverfish or you currently are dealing with a silverfish infestation, give us a call. Our Pest Control Service can prevent and handle most issues and our approach with Silverfish Control is identical to every pest that we handle unless you have an exceptional circumstance.

read more › With all the Pest Control Division, We adhere to an "Integrated Pest Management (IPM)" principle & philosophy which simply means we use a common-sense approach. We take advantage of existing mechanical & environmental controls (habitat modifications, removing attractants, using barriers, traps, etc.) combined with the responsible application of pesticides to eliminate the target pest. Our goal is to remove the nuisance pest while taking into consideration human health, non-target beneficial species and the environment.

read more › Everyone knows that spiders help control pests but when spiders get inside of our homes its an issue! While spider infestations are more fantasy than reality, they can still be a nuisance in our homes. Our Pest Control Service prevents or addresses most spider issues inside or outside of your home. With all the Pest Control Division, We adhere to an "Integrated Pest Management (IPM)" principle & philosophy which simply means we use a common-sense approach to pest control. We take advantage of existing mechanical & environmental controls (habitat modifications, removing attractants, using barriers, traps, etc.) combined with the responsible application of pesticides to eliminate the target pest.

read more › As with most prolific species, the Brown Marmorated Stinkbug (BMSB) has become firmly entrenched here after being accidentally introduced from Asia in the 1900's. The key to stinkbug control is preventing their entry in the fall. Once they have entered the home, there aren't a lot of treatment options. The easiest way to remove them once they are indoors is with a vacuum cleaner; however, good luck getting the smell out of your vacuum. As with all our pest control programs, we implement standard Integrated Pest Management measures which include mechanical exclusions.

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