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Established in 1978 in Palm Harbor Florida, Bug Master has proudly sustained its reputation by providing the Tampa Bay Area with safe, effective, and quality pest control and lawn care services. As a small family owned and operated business for the last 42 years, Bug Master continues to remain committed to excellence. We have built our business through trust and outstanding personal customer relationships.

Whether you are an original customer who has grown with us, or a new customer, our values have remained the same. Our certified technicians are experts in their fields and are professionally trained to identify and eliminate the worst pest infestations. Because we use only the safest and most effective products available, you can be sure that while your home is being protected, so is the well-being of your family.

Paul served In the United States Navy prior to taking a chance in the pest control world and starting Bug Master in 1978. Paul's hard work ethic and commitment to his business from its inception, was unparalleled!

read more › Bug Master is a premium family owned and operated pest control company with a variety of services tailored specifically to your unique pest situation. At Bug Master, our expertise spans across more than just typical pests. All of our Pest Control specialists possess extensive backgrounds and knowledge pertaining to pest control and prevention.

read more › Bug Master offers a variety of pest control services for homeowners. We can tailor a service specifically for your needs such as termites, mosquitos, bees/wasps, ants, and every other pest. Bug Master is family owned and operated, serving the Tampa Bay Area for over 40+ years, so we know how important pest control is for you, your family, and peace of mind. For 1 full year after this treatment, your home is warrantied against all included household insects PLUS Carpenter Ants, PLUS 1 Rodent Service if needed.

read more › Bug Master offers a variety of pest control services for Homeowners Associations. We can tailor a service specifically for your neighborhoods' preventative and current needs such as termites, mosquitoes, bees/wasps, ants, and a variety of other pests. Don't let corporate pest control companies overcharge you! We have an extensive professional portfolio of Homeowner Association clients that benefit from our professional pest control services.

read more › In Florida there are several different types of Termites, but the two that you have likely heard of are Subterranean Termites and Dry Wood Termites. One of the most common misconceptions that we hear from homeowners is "I have a block home, so I don't have to worry about getting Termites". Don't' be fooled. Whether your home is block or wood frame, Subterranean Termites are living in the soil under and around your structure, and they are working diligently to enter and destroy your home. Subterranean Termite colonies in the soil can run deep under your foundation, and they can welcome themselves through the smallest joints of your cement foundation.

read more › Treating for bed bugs is extremely difficult and is one of the few services we always recommend being left to the professionals. Even the most seasoned "do it yourselfer" will probably require the help of a professional. Bed bugs move from one location to another by traveling, and sometimes "clinging" on to your clothing, luggage, shoes, and furniture items. They are slow crawlers but can easily travel between floors and rooms in your home, apartments, dorm rooms, and hotels. Because bed bugs can lay dormant without a host for several months, eradicating your home of these blood suckers involves proper preparation of your home before an initial treatment, and will most likely involve multiple treatments.

read more › Just like us, insects love the beautiful Florida weather, especially Mosquitos! Since Florida has the perfect combination of warmth, humidity, and rainfall, Mosquitos live and breed with us almost year-round. Bug Master's "tried and true" Mosquito treatments work at combating these nasty little biters. We can customize a Mosquito treatment to your needs. In addition to our service, remember to keep your property free of all standing water! Mosquito's only need around 1/4 of water to lay their eggs.

read more › There are so many types of sod in Florida and it is crucial to understand the different factors that can affect the way your lawn looks. Maintaining a great looking lawn requires the perfect balance of irrigation, nutrients, insect control, sunlight, weed control, soil pH, etc. We have extensive knowledge and experience working with all types of lawns. Let Bug Master give your lawn the care it needs! Our Lawn & Shrub Program will keep your lawn looking healthy, green, and welcoming ALL year round.

read more › Bug Master's Residential Lawn Care services are top notch, exceeding the industry standards for maintaining and beautifying your home's lawn. With extensive insect control, fertilization, weed control, and other care and preservation techniques, the pros at Bug Master guarantee your lawn's health and beauty all year round! In Florida, grass is an important part of our landscape, but keeping it healthy is sometimes easier said than done. To keep your lawn flourishing, consider a type of grass that thrives in the heat, humidity, and the hot Florida sun.

read more › As your Association makes decisions on choosing vendors to help keep your neighborhood homes, buildings, and common areas pristine and insect free, give us the opportunity to sit with you. We have been building customized Structural and Lawn programs to meet every possibility! Remember that not all services are built the same, and not all providers work the same. You wouldn't hire an AC company to fix your sink, so why hire just a maintenance company to keep your property's lawn thriving and healthy?

read more › Your business should look as good on the outside as it does on the inside! Bug Master's Professional Commercial Lawn Care services are top notch, entrusted by businesses all around the Tampa Bay Area, both corporate and small business. Our program includes insecticide care to prevent pests from ruining your grass, fertilization to ensure its health and growth year round, and high industry weed control to maintain the beauty of your lawn. The following are just a few Businesses that have entrusted us as vendors.

read more › Brian came out and treated my house very thoroughly. He answered all my questions and made the whole process personable instead of just coming to spray and leave! Family business that employs great people to extend the welcoming feeling! Truly gifted in the now lost art of genuine customer service! As with anything you get what you pay for. Go for a big company if you want a person to come spray your lawn with water monthly, go with Bug Master if you actually want to treat the problems and learn how to better prevent them!

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