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The days of choosing between harsh, pervasive chemicals of unknown environmental significance or living with your pest issue are over. That's not pest control anymore. Modern pesticides are highly researched, EPA regulated products that are formulated to breakdown between 30-90 days for environmental safety. In many cases, these products are synthetic versions of organic pesticides found in nature.

These high-quality products are limited to specific pests, in specific areas and specific applications. Our state licensed technicians are trained weekly on industry and company best practices to apply these products as intended. Like a doctor prescribing a cure. Our homes provide everything insects, mice and rats need to thrive; food, shelter and moisture.

In nature these pests are beneficial, decomposing dead wood and animals. When they enter our homes, they damage the structure, spread germs, irritate allergies and leave us itching and scratching. Contacting a pest control company is a rarely welcomed task, even worse when you then have to find a contractor and an insulation company to complete the job.

read more › Our growth as a company, and as individuals have helped us define three principles or mindsets that guide the way we look at nearly every aspect of our job, our processes and the way we offer our services to our customers. These principles have helped us create a culture that puts our customers and employees first and keeps us customer service and solution focused. On day one of The Pest Control Company, we knew that if we did what was best for our customers and our team members, we would never have to worry about the health of the business.

read more › We want to give you an update on how the current climate has/hasn't affected our services. As sanitation has become a greater concern, we have increased our inventory of hospital grade sanitizers and want you to know that if you have a particular concern, we do have means of extremely effective sanitation, products and equipment. This is a service we have always offered due to the nature of pests like rodents, cockroaches and flies. If interior services are requested, our technicians will be fitted with respirators and disposable gloves, and each technician carries hand sanitizer in their truck to use before and after services.

read more › Your home isn't just an investment, or a place to sleep. It's where you live, laugh, play and relax. Mice, rats, spiders, wasps, ants, cockroaches, and bed bugs interrupt our lives, deteriorate our investment, irritate allergies and spread bacteria inside our home. At The Pest Control Company our goal is not simply to solve any existing concern or infestation, but to fortify your home against future interruptions to keep your home cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable. We could go on and on and on with a list of common and uncommon pests that we cover, but we'll keep it simple.

read more › Among all the questions we are regularly asked about our service, the first question we almost always get is, "how much does it cost." There is no one size fits all solution, and though control can often be achieved quickly, many pests need follow up treatment to make sure they don't reoccur. The initial service price is the same as the price of a "one-time" service with a 30-day warranty and the maintenance price is the cost of following that initial service with maintenance and comes with the full Home360 Guarantee for over 40 common PNW household pests.

read more › At The Pest Control Company, we train and implement an approach to pest control shared among the best pest control companies in the world. Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, is a highly effective approach to pest control problem solving that aims to minimize the impact to the environment and your family. Far from outdated "spray and pray" methods, this approach keeps our services highly targeted and tailored to your specific situation. Many customers have a zero-tolerance approach to pests, while others may have multiple chemical sensitivities that demand little or no use of pesticides.

read more › No matter what industry you're in, we can create a comprehensive protection plan to keep your business on track. With new inventory coming in daily, doors opening constantly, and customers rotating through, there are unlimited opportunities for pests to be brought in. Whether there's a risk of pests coming in or being brought in by customers, we have a solution for you. Whether we are tasked with keeping cockroaches and ants out of your kitchen, early detection of bed bugs in your rented rooms, or keeping mice and rats from your inventory, the first step is a comprehensive assessment of your unique business needs and a defined plan of action.

read more › All too often are rodent infestations caught after damage has already been done. These pests chew through structure and wiring, soil our living space, tunnel and destroy insulation in our crawlspace and attics. At The Insulation Company our technicians will perform an initial rodent inspection, and they'll make note of any damage that has been done and let the office know to follow up with you. It's unsettling how much damage and filth rodents leave behind. Whether it's just droppings in the attic, gaps in the crawlspace door, a few feet of damaged insulation or the whole crawlspace, we can restore your home, like they were never there.

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