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Antimite Termite & Pest Control The Antimite experts know that when it involves your home, there's no such thing as a "common" pest. That's why we'll treat your pest problem with the most effective treatments available. It's all part of our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. We use our comprehensive knowledge of the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment.

This information is combined with the best available pest control methods to manage pest damage by the most economical means with the least possible impact to people, property and the environment. 1. We start with an evaluation to develop a customized plan. 2. An initial service inside the home gets to the pests you see and the pests you don't. 3. The exterior of your home is treated to help prevent new home invasions.

4. Regular services create a perimeter around your home that helps keep pests out. Our highly trained staff will assess your pest problems/risks and develop a customized program designed to keep your home pest free. We establish a working relationship with homeowners so that we are better able to help maximize the effectiveness of our pest management program.

read more › Antimite Termite & Pest Control has dependably served California since 1941. We are proud of our unique ability to build repeat business through our effectiveness, value, professionalism and reliability. We want your repeat business because we did such a great job the first time and every time. All of Antimite's technicians are state licensed and receive continuous training on the latest materials and application methods. This ensures that our customers always receive the most up-to-date and effective service from our company.

read more › Homeowners, landlords, tenants and businesses throughout California have called on the Antimite experts when pests of any kind threaten house, home an business. Since 1941, Antimite has been an active, well-respected part of the many communities we serve. We live here, we've built our reputation here, and we continue to provide both our residential and commercial customers with the highest levels of personal service and reliability, backed with the most effective new pest management technologies, procedures and products as they become available.

read more › Ask our many long-standing repeat customers about the service they receive from Antimite and you'll hear things like, "I consider Antimite my personal pest control experts, " or "I know I can make one call and forget about my pest problems." That is because, whether we're visiting your home for the first time, or we're performing ongoing maintenance treatments, Antimite experts treat every service call as if we were treating our own homes. Even though we've been providing exceptional service since 1941, we always make sure to use the most effective new pest management technologies and procedures as they are proven in the field.

read more › Honey bees can pose a significant threat to your home and family. They often live in colonies, usually finding a safe home on or near the ground. Occasionally bees will establish a nest above ground in a wall, firewood pile, shed, crawl space or attic. The presence of bees is a dangerous condition because of these pests' painful and potentially harmful stings. Using special protective gear, Antimite experts can remove beehives from your home. Anitimite can also repair any damage caused to your home surrounding the hive along with physical removal of the pests.

read more › Bird problems can create havoc to homes and businesses alike. Birds present various ways of spreading diseases and pests to homes or businesses that impact the health of loved ones, your pets, or customers. Everything from diseases such as Cholera and Histoplasmosis, to pests such as fleas, ticks, mites, beetles and bed bugs. And the property damage caused by bird feces can lead to destroying paint and fabric on awnings and storefronts, to eating through metal in roofing and air conditioning units.

read more › Not only can Gopher problems be very annoying but they can ruin your lawn and flowerbeds. This not only wastes your hard work but also the money you invested in making your home look beautiful. Gophers are burrowing rodents feed on roots of trees, plants and other vegetation in the area. Gophers love to dig and sometimes create underground burrows that are several hundred feet in length. Typically the only damage you see are the unsightly mounds of soil they produce when burrowing to the surface.

read more › Q: What causes over $11 billion in damage to homes throughout the United States every year, but is rarely covered by homeowner's insurance policies (or Federal disaster relief funds, for that matter)? Common, everyday, tiny yet exceptionally destructive termites who can silently be at work chewing through the wood structures inside your walls, ceilings, flooring and foundations for many years without you ever knowing they are there. Termites live on wood. A substantial component of most homes in the U.S. is wood.

read more › The same reliable, efficient and effective termite and pest control service that has been the preferred choice for California homeowners since 1941 is at work for commercial clients across California. A Board-Certified Entomologist on staff for consultation and identification through Antimite staff. Immediate Help is a call away - because it's not just your business at stake, it's our reputation! Effective Treatments that are proven, efficient, affordable, leave the smallest footprint on the property - and positively lethal to pests.

read more › Ask our growing roster of repeat commercial customers about the service they receive from Antimite and you'll hear things like, "They took care of my company's pest problems without disrupting our operations in the least!" or "If I'd known how easy it would be to get rid of the rodent infestation, I would have called Antimite a long time ago." Business owners, building supervisors, property managers and many other professionals throughout the Southland are finding out that the Antimite experts are the ones to call in almost any commercial setting with a pest problem.

read more › Termites live on wood. If your facilities are made from this common building material - as many buildings are throughout the U.S. - you could be serving dinner to termites 24/7 and not even know it. The alarming fact is that termite infestations do more structural damage every year than fires and floods combined. With over 70 years of experience in homes and businesses throughout California, Antimite's systematic inspection and treatment program can help detect the presence and severity of termite activity - and more importantly - take the necessary steps to protect your facility.

read more › Living in Southern California, we are in what's considered a "hot zone" for termite activity. And the selling or buying of a home in this region raises questions of termite infestation or damage into the sale process. Although not legally required, most lenders will not approve the sale of a home without having a termite inspection completed by a licensed termite inspector. At Antimite, our fully-licensed and bonded inspectors are experts at not only locating evidence of termite damage, but also the existence of previous termite treatment areas giving a complete history of termite activity in the home.

read more › At Antimite, we pride ourselves on our experience in the industry providing the best service for real estate agents. As an agent working on behalf of your clients, you have the responsibility to make sure that all aspects of their transaction are looked after in every way. And you need a reliable and fully-licensed termite inspector to perform a quality termite inspection and possible treatment and/or repairs. Antimite Termite & Pest Control is your trusted partner. We understand that you may need a quick turnaround on an Inspection Report and with over 70 years of experience we have created a process to identify your needs and quickly remedy them.

read more › You can trust in Antimite's licensed professionals to accurately provide you with a termite report during the sale process of the home. For buyers especially, termite damage is rarely covered by insurance policies making the need for a professional termite inspection even more important. We will determine the existence of termite activity or worse, infestation, and offer best-practice services for eradication and future prevention. Typically, existing termite damage is the responsibility of the seller of the home, while prevention of future infestations are the responsibility of the buyer.

read more › In spite of their small size, different varieties of ants can cause significant types of damage. For example, carpenter ants tunnel through wood, destroying structures as thoroughly as termites do. Pharaoh ants are known for transmitting serious diseases. The increasingly common fire ant's sting is potentially deadly to susceptible individuals. Whatever the type, all ants contaminate any food that they infest. Ants tend to build massive colonies, so their presence is easily detected when you see either their nests or the ants themselves.

read more › No prepayment penalty. If you make your first and second payment, and pay the amount financed plus a minimum service fee, if applicable, by the third payment due date your account will be paid in full. Antimite provides limited financing for treatment and repairs of pest related issues. The below Finance Calculator can help you determine your estimated monthly payment. Loan amounts can range from as little as $300 to over $10,000 (Financing eligibility, terms and rates are subject to change without notice).

read more › Like politics and religion, the topic of termite treatments always brings out the most heated debates among friends: What's better? Tenting (fumigation) or spot treatment? Sarah Seitz thought she had purchased her dream home. What she found when she moved in resulted in a two-year battle in court: massive termite damage that had been intentionally concealed by the seller and unreported by the contractor that performed the termite inspection. The courts eventually awarded her $68,000. A case out of Minnesota tells.

read more › There are as many reasons to call the Antimite experts as there are pests that can make your home or workplace uncomfortable and unhealthy to live or work in. We have dependably served California since 1941. We are proud of our unique ability to build repeat business through our effectiveness, value, professionalism and reliability. We want your repeat business because we did such a great job the first time and every time. The Personal Touch - When you call, you'll talk to a live Antimite staff person, not an answering machine.

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