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Bug A Pest If your home is under attack by bugs and other pests, trust the experts at Bug-A-Pest! to help! Locally owned and operated, our business has been expertly resolving pest problems since our founding in 1992. You won't find a better pest control service in Mason, OH or the surrounding regions. With our help, you can finally rid your home of termites, ants, carpenter ants, cockroaches, spiders, mice, bees, fleas, stink bugs, bed bugs, silverfish and any other pests that might be plaguing you.

Bug-A-Pest is a locally owned and operated company with a close-knit team. As proud members of the community, we're not only your pest control leaders, but your neighbors. We take great pride in this because it enables us to keep everything in-house, guaranteeing you a great customer service and impeccable results. Let us know how we can help you today!

Bug-A-Pest offers each and every customer we work with a home or business completely clear of bugs and pests. Trained and continuously educated in the latest industry standards, we take what we do very seriously and are able to address any type of problem that we are called out to fix. Locally owned and operated since 1992, our team at Bug-A-Pest is

It can be hard to fathom, but even the tiniest of insects, in large enough numbers and when left unchecked, can completely destroy your home or business. If you see a problem, no matter how small, call Bug-A-Pest right away. Experienced in everything pest-related, our team can help eliminate your problem and prevent further damage. We understand that

If you are concerned about termite infestations, call our team right away. Our team at Bug-A-Pest is well-trained at dealing with these incredibly damaging insects. Without quick and decisive action, termites can actually disrupt the structural integrity of your home by boring into the wood that stabilizes it. Learn more about the trusted termite removal

Every unique location across the country is more hospitable to certain types of pests. Here in Ohio, our climate makes it easy for specific insects to thrive. Knowing these usual suspects is sure to help you get a hold of your pest problem before it gets out of hand. Ants are easily one of the most irritating insects in our homes, small in size but

Don't let pests overtake your house - our motto is "Don't let the pest bug you!" At Bug-A-Pest, we are an experienced team that takes great pride in the service we provide to homeowners and businesses alike. Family owned and operated since 1992, we know this area and the pests that inhabit it. Up to date on the newest techniques and regulations, you

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