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We service residential homes and commercial businesses in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City. We get rid of ants, cockroaches, spiders, scorpions, rats, bedbugs, bees and all types of crawling and flying pests. Do you need same day or emergency pest control service in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson or Boulder City? Same day service is available Monday thru Saturday.

Give us a call and our pest control technician will be happy to discuss your pest control needs and give you an estimate. Pests are bad for business. Don't let bugs and rodents over run your facility. Bug Juice will eradicate pests from your premises so you can get on with running your business. Stay ahead of the bugs. Start protecting your home from unwanted pests with our No Contract Monthly Residential Service starting at *$35 per month.

Bug Juice Pest Control provides premium service at an affordable price! There are many factors that goes into the price of pest control services from your property size, pest type, infestation, number of treatments to the treatment process and more.

read more › Bug Juice Pest Control loves bugs and loves keeping your home or business bug free! We provide both our residential and business customers with premium pest control services without the premium price. Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians know the importance of finding a company you can trust. Our technicians go through extensive training, as well as have training throughout the year. Background checks are completed before being hired.

read more › Do you have unwanted pests living in your home? Our pest control technicians at Bug Juice Pest Control will get rid of the pests that are in your home so you can get on with living! It doesn't matter which industry you are a part of, pests are bad for business! Our expert team at Bug Juice Pest Control will get rid of unwanted pests from your commercial premises. Our Bug Juice technician makes keeping your home or business protected from pest our top priority. With our pest control services you will receive a free ground level inspection that will help keep insects and rodents out.

read more › At Bug Juice Pest Control we want to help you worry about one less thing in your already busy day. With our knowledgeable team we get down to the bottom of pest issues. At the initial service we take an extensive inspection of your home in and out. Your tech is always aware of pest issues in the area and is always ready and equipped to solve your pest issues. At Bug Juice Pest Control we use the best materials with the best results and always use materials that are gentle and safe around your loved ones, includes your furry family members.

read more › We provide service for many different types of businesses, including offices, restaurants, apartment complexes, warehouses, shopping centers, and retail stores. We help your business stay bug free with our Integrated pest management. What is integrated pest management (IPM)? Intergrated pest management (IPM), is a combination of methods to treat, manage or rid of Pest effectively and long term. To achieve an effective service program design to your needs, a thorough inspection will be provided.

read more › Ants can be such a nuisance out of most bug issues, but did you know all ants are not the same? That means that's not all materials (sprays and baits) work the same for all ants. We treat for ants with a follow up to ensure we resolve the ant issue quickly as possible. We do an inspection and identify the ant to determined what treatment is best for your issue and environment around your home.

read more › Cockroaches lay capsules that carry several dozen eggs and that can quickly invade our side walks, water boxes, and some species, our homes. With our desert weather temperatures can be desirable for breeding or surviving our winters. These nasty nuisances feed on filth and thrive in unsanitary conditions and have been suspected in spreading such diseases as food poisoning.

read more › In Nevada we have two spider species that our poisonous, the black widow and the desert brown spider. Most species of spiders are attracted to water sources, plumbing fixtures, air conditioners, floor drains and common areas. Some other species of spiders prefer warm, dry, undisturbed sites like corners of rooms.

read more › Are you seeing rats or mice in your home or business? Our city has seen an increase of rodents over the years that makes it common to see rodents run along your back wall or see news coverage of rodents taking over homes or even businesses. Exclusion is top priority to beat the rodents of causing havoc to your home or business. Rodents are attracted to a long list of things around your home like citrus trees, gardens, dog feces, and any unkempt landscaping. Rodents will use unkempt landscaping as burrows or highways to areas to enter you home or business.

read more › Just the name scorpion sounds scary but living with them is even scarier. Here in southern Nevada we have a few different type of scorpions and one scorpion that has our community on edge is one that is not native to us, the Arizona bark scorpion. This type of scorpion can produce a venom that can be painful if stung or possibly worse for children, infants, and or the elderly or infirm. Female scorpions give live birth, they can have up to 12- 100 young. Although you can't guarantee to rid of scorpions completely you can reduce the number by exclusion and a regular monthly service.

read more › During spring we love to enjoy outdoor activities with our friends and family, but Bees, wasp, yellow jackets, or hornets can really cause a problem especially if you are allergic to their stings. Although they can be a nuisance, these are our pollinating friends, especially the bee's. We will assess the issues and determined what type of treatment is needed even if its just relocation to save our honey bees. Each treatment is done with only materials with low impact and labeled for the use of treatment or control.

read more › Bed bugs target any level of sanitary homes or business, they don't care about the cleanliness of your home or business. These are our hitchhiker bug that will follow you back home through your clothes or suitcases. In Las Vegas we are a fast-growing city with lots of visitors and if you work at a casino or hotel, I'm sure you have heard the horror stories of infested rooms, movie theaters, restaurants, even casino floors. If you travel a lot, you probably have encountered them at lease once before.

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