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Arrest A Pest, Pest Solutions Our Wichita pest control technicians are regularly trained on the latest pest control methods. We offer the best pest control methods and the latest products to control bed bugs, termites & other pests. We are a full-service exterminator with over 20 years of experience in offering pest control services in the Wichita, Kansas area. Arrest A Pest is ready to help you with any pest control issue in the Wichita, KS area.

Local owners manage the pest control technicians on a daily basis, ensuring high quality pest control services. Free pest control inspections are available for most pests to help us find the proper solution for your unique pest control problem. We offer a large menu of pest control and exterminating services in Wichita, KS. For your home, commercial building or restaurant, let Arrest A Pest manage your pest prevention program.

Our Wichita pest control service offers extermination for: ants, roaches, termites, bed bugs, fleas & ticks, and rodents such as rats & mice. Boy was I wrong!

read more › Get to know a little about Arrest A Pest and the people working hard to keep you and your family safe from pests. Well, we are your next solution of course! Proudly serving our area to provide for our community. We are located in Wichita Kansas, the name Arrest A Pest has been associated with quality pest service for decades. But not just in Wichita, we provide service to many of the surrounding communities. Check to see what communities we serve! Meet the best of the midwest. We here at Arrest A Pest are the top tier in the business, and we are the experienced professionals to keep your property under control.

read more › At Arrest A Pest, we are able to offer some service at no cost to our customers. Determining what pest you have, and helping you find practical solutions is what AAP is all about. Pest control is rarely "one size fits all". Homes in the same neighborhood may experience different pest control needs based on construction, landscaping, and the surrounding environment. Arrest A Pest has 3 unique residential programs to choose from. Protecting your business from unwanted pests is just as important as keeping your home pest free.

read more › Having a ant problem? Check below to find out facts on types of ants to help you get started on containing the issue. Harvester ants are a dark rust color, and have very large heads. These ants prefer to nest in sandy soil in exposed areas. They are very passive but their stings are very hurtful, among some of the most painful ant stings. Harvester ants collect the seeds from plants and store them in their nests. The Harvester ant is commonly found in a range of Florida to Mississippi to North Carolina.

read more › Having a roach problem? Check below to find out facts on types of roaches to help you get started on containing the issue. Threat Level: High- American Cockroaches congregate in dirty places like trash dumps and sewers, and can carry diseases and bacteria. Outside, American Cockroaches like to hide in moist, shady areas, such as old wood, manhole covers, sewers, and trash dumps. Inside, these roaches like to hide around baths, water pipes, sinks, and other moist areas. Reduce areas that American Cockroaches like to hide in, such as rotting leaf piles, mulch, and woodpiles.

read more › Having a wasp problem? Check below to find out facts on types of wasps to help you get started on containing the issue. The Bald-faced Hornet has white markings on its face, legs, abdomen (bottom) and thorax (back). Its size is roughly between 13mm to 20mm. They like plant nectars and sugars, but they will also eat insects. Spraying an aerosol insecticide into the entrance of the nest can be an effective way to control boldfaced hornets. If intending to treat the problem yourself, it is best to do it at night, while the Bold-faced Hornets are asleep.

read more › Yeah, we definietly have mosquitos here. Nothing ruins a Saturday afternoon picnic or an evening on the back deck like these little bloodsuckers. Our mosquito season tends to run from March to October, depending on the weather. When done properly and at the correct intervals, spraying for mosquito control is very effective. Due to the nature of mosquitos, we can target specific areas of a property for control. Keep in mind that flying makes it impossible to control mosquitos 100%. Also, conditons and proxcimity of adjacent properties may not allow for effective control.

read more › For such a small insect, it causes mountains of damage to our properties. The protection of our homes from this pest is of the upmost importance. But how should we treat for termites? Is baiting, or bait stations, the best choice? Or is liquid treatment better? With dozens of years of collective experience in termite identification and control, Arrest A Pest can answer your questions and provide affordable solutions to your termite problems.

read more › Termite pressure in Kansas falls in the moderate range. It is estimated that there are as many as 8 termite colonies per acre (a heavy infestation, as may be seen in the southern tier of states, will have up to 14 colonies per acre). To give you perspective, most homes (including lawns) will have a footprint of about half an acre. That places 3 to 4 termite colonies on your property, ALL within striking distance of your home. A mature colony of termites will have anywhere from 1 to 2.5 million termites, or about 7 million termites encircling your home.

read more › Once thought to have been eradicated in the United States, to the point that most Americans believed they were a myth, bed bugs have launched into our lives. The resurgence of bed bugs in Wichita KS over the last few years has been both incredible and unexpected. As a society, and as a culture, we were not prepared. The pest control industry in Wichita KS was also caught off-guard, and struggled to control bed bugs. At the forefront of the battle against bed bugs are pest control professionals.

read more › Of all pests, the spider is probably the one that causes the most fear and anxiety in people. Spiders are extremely important to a balanced ecosystem. They help control mosquitoes, flies, as well as many other insects. They just don't belong in your home. All spiders have venom, used to immobilize their prey. Most have NO adverse affect on human flesh. There are six spiders indigenous to the United States that do; two in Kansas, the Brown Recluse (also known as the, brown spider, violin spider, or fiddle back spider), and the Black Widow spider.

read more › Not all buildings are created equal. Pest control for a home is significantly different than pest control for a warehouse or a hotel. Special environments, concerns about customer opinion, and scheduling services to not interfere with employee production, are just some of the reasons to use Arrest A Pest. As a local business, we can discuss your needs and concerns, and build a pest program tailored to your business.

read more › Takes 30-60 minutes on average. Helps to confirm presence of bed bugs, severity of infestation, and allows our inspector to explain control methods. Have you been unsuccessful in controlling a pest problem? Not sure what to do next? Our general pest inspections usually take about 30 minutes. Ants, roaches, beetles, whatever pest you need gone, let Arrest A Pest help you find a solution. Do you own your home? Are you concerned about termites? If you own a property, regular annual inspections are a must.

read more › Service Description: Service Description: The easiest way to keep your home pest free is with a protective barrier around your home. The Essential Pest Protection Program provides scheduled applications to maintain a defensive line around your home. You also get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can call us if you see a pest problem inside your home. The automatic treatment schedule saves you from having to take time out of your busy day to meet the bug guy. Service Description: Need more aggressive pest control?

read more › Your pest control company is just as important as your food service. Eliminating and preventing bug problems is a must. We are proud to say that we handle pest control service for some of Wichita's iconic restaurants. Service Description: Thorough pest service prevents a lot of problems. Adequate time scheduled and the right products will reduce tenant complaints and time consuming re-service. We can accommodate monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly treatment schedules. Interior and exterior service included on most properties.

read more › Our hope is that most people remember basic geography and will have a rough idea where we hail from. But for many of us, we say "Wichita", while we mean "Maize" or "Newton" or some other small community. While it might save us some time explaining the details exact birthplace, it also tells us something about how we view our home. We are one large community, one place. 50 or 100 miles might separate our individual towns and cities, but they all share the same pace, feel, and spirit. You will even hear Wichita referred to as "a big small town".

read more › Starting a business, selling a business, or just want a new career, the team at Pest Management Partners can help. Decades of experience has allowed us start new businesses, buy existing operations, and sell projects. While pest control routes and businesses are our focus, we are interested in all kinds of business ideas and opportunities. Tell us what kind of opportunity you are looking for, and we will get back in touch with you.

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