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No To Bugs Dealing with bed bugs, termites, roaches, or other pests? Trust in your local Virginia Beach area contractor, No To Bugs, to solve your pest problem for good! Same day service is available in most areas. Noticing bugs in your kitchen or bathroom? Waking up to bug bites? Let the professionals help you live pest-free. We specialize in removing and preventing bed bug infestations, but our experts skillfully treat homes across the area for all sorts of pests.

It all starts with a FREE inspection of your home to determine which pests are giving you problems. We'll document our findings, and work with you to develop a customized plan of action that kills the problem at its source. Posts on social media and internet guides will tell you to turn up the heat, or apply "natural remedies" like lemon grass oil or sage.

This often has no effect on pests, and can even give them time and nutrients to thrive on! Don't fall for the hype. Trust the professionals at No To Bugs to rid your home of bugs and rodents.

read more › No To Bugs helps people with costly pest problems around the Virginia Beach area! We treat the problem, help you prepare for the future, and provide education that helps to keep them from ever coming back. Most German Roaches can detect insecticides, sprays, dusts, and bug bombs - these only act as a repellent, as the roaches smell the treated surface and avoid it. You need a team of professionals to treat your property and get rid of the roaches for good! Trust No To Bugs to go in and get it done.

read more › Bed bugs are hitchhikers - parasites that spread from fabric to fabric and can quickly take over a whole home. Act fast before it gets out of control. Call on No To Bugs in Virginia Beach to get the bugs gone for good! From the Norfolk metropolitan area, all the way up through Salisbury, MD, our bed bug professionals travel throughout the region to help rid homes and businesses of their infestations. They can hide anywhere, from furniture crevices and picture frames, to mattress seams and cracks and corners in the walls.

read more › Don't let your home succumb to pests and rodents! Trust No To Bugs near Virginia Beach, VA, to get them gone. Especially when it's cold out, these rodents look for nooks and crannies in your home where they can reside. Get rid of rats, mice, squirrels and other rodents in your attic or crawlspace! These animals in your home can physically degrade your property, tearing up structures as they find or make space for themselves, and can leave harmful waste and disease so close to where you sleep. No To Bugs can set traps, seal off entry points, and clean up their mess - leaving your home free and peaceful.

read more › Did you know that termites destroy and damage over two million homes per year? What's worse is it can take years before homeowners or business owners even see any decay or infestation. Don't let termites ruin your valued property investment! At No To Bugs Pest Control, we help homeowners and business owners throughout Virginia Beach, Virginia, and the surrounding areas prevent, protect and restore their property when termites invade. We recommend an annual termite inspection for complete protection.

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