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Southern Mill Creek Products Of Ohio Columbus Pest Control was founded in 1946 when Joseph J. Mooney returned from WWII. Joe and his wife Mary were from Belmont County Ohio and came to Columbus to start their pest control business with talent gained during his military service. Shortly after starting Columbus Pest Control, Joe realized the benefits of joining both the National Pest Control Association and Ohio Pest Control Association.

Joe served in many capacities in both organizations and the President of the Ohio Pest Control Association in 1958. During the early years of Columbus Pest Control, they serviced many areas of Ohio, primarily central and southeastern Ohio. During his years of service to the National Pest Control Association, Joe met Orlando Alonso who had a pest control business in Havana, Cuba.

The two became friends and business partners in various business ventures in Cuba. In January of 1961, the Alonso family fled Cuba due to communist rule and the fact that the United States broke Diplomatic Relations with Cuba.

read more › Columbus Pest Control strives to be an exceptional and ethical pest control company. To achieve this, we believe that we must first identify the pest or pests then based on our knowledge and experience develop a plan for effective control and elimination. Our primary focus in performing our services is the safety and protection of our customer's health, home, family, pets and property. Our philosophy at Columbus Pest Control is that the best pest control is done on the outside of the home. Our services always include preventative and maintenance recommendations to make the home and surrounding areas less conducive to pest infestation.

read more › Columbus Pest Control is committed to providing professional advice and products to anyone who wishes to manage their own pest control solutions. Our retail store, located at 1510 West Broad St. in Columbus, Oh, is always staffed with knowledgeable and experienced personnel to assist you. We provide insect identification services, solutions, and application methods that deliver the most effective pest control results. Ants, spiders, cockroaches, bedbugs, and mice are the most common pests to manage as Do-It-Yourself projects.

read more › Since 1946, Columbus Pest Control has been effectively controlling pests in the central Ohio area. A family-owned business, Lonnie Alonso, his sons, and staff are committed to providing the most effective pest control services based on an assessment of actual pest infestation for commercial and residential customers. Columbus Pest Control always sends knowledgeable specialists to manage each specific situation. All of our pest control technicians are experienced, licensed and bonded. Training is an ongoing process through organizations such as the Ohio Pest Management Association, The Ohio State University, The OSU Extension service, the Ohio Department of Agriculture and the National Pest Management Association.

read more › Bedbugs are concentrated in areas where people are resting. They are typically found in beds (mainly the box spring) and bedrooms, recliners, upholstered chairs and sofas. Because bedbugs feed on blood, you may see evidence of blood on your mattress as well as visible bites on your body. Bedbug elimination requires diligent action from the homeowner to perform tasks such as vacuuming, laundering of bedding & clothing, and reducing the clutter in which bed bugs can hide. Particular attention must include a thorough inspection of backpacks, computer bags, purses, etc in which bed bugs can be moved from one location to another.

read more › Columbus Pest Control provides pest control products and services for a wide variety of commercial businesses and facilities like apartments, condos, parks, food service, municipal, institutions and universities, schools, medical, athletic buildings and complexes and manufacturing plants and warehouses. Each facility will be professionally inspected in order to prepare effective service plans. Preventative or planned services are always a part of each commercial facility service in order to be ahead of any possible pests introduction and/or infestation.

read more › Crawl spaces often provide the ideal environment for pest infestations. Due to access constraints, it is difficult to do a thorough and routine visual inspection in crawl spaces. Most basement crawl spaces have gaps in their construction and are cold and damp. All of these conditions provide the opportunity for pests to enter and thrive in your home. Columbus Pest Control can provide pest control treatments for your basement crawl space while eliminating the conditions that attract pests. Our insulation technique will diminish the moisture, mold, and mildew while improving the energy efficiency in your home.

read more › Columbus Pest Control provides inspections and services for animal removal and control. Most nuisance animal control is performed by trapping and removal. Occasionally we also will perform services to fix the damage and openings made by nuisance animals. Often birds damage household vents in search of a warm and protected nesting site. Once inside a vent, these birds fill the duct with nest-building debris creating a blockage and must be removed to prevent fire hazards and unpleasant odors. Following a thorough clearing of the blockage, Columbus Pest Control will install a mesh screen over the vent as a preventive pest control solution.

read more › Columbus Pest Control offers real estate inspections and reports for the purchase or sale of a home or commercial site. Our specialists will perform an interior and exterior visual pest control inspection to all areas of the home that are open and accessible. Additional structures on the property like garages, barns, sheds, fences can also be included in this inspection upon request. This real estate inspection covers the following wood destroying insects: termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees and powder post beetles.

read more › Identification of a pest or pests is always the first step to effective pest control. Always try to save a sample of the pest that you would like to control. This allows us to make a positive identification and prescribe proper pest control treatment. The majority of pests reside outside the home but sometimes infestation levels increase to the point that you are seeing pest on the inside of your home. The condition in and around your home and the landscape areas surrounding your home will be a factor in determining a treatment plan.

read more › Termites are very common in the central Ohio area and are often confused with ants particularly when they swarm. Look at the difference in the picture above. Termites can cause considerable damage to wood, cardboard, and books. Basically anything with cellulose. The termite species that is common in Ohio is the subterranean termite. They live and move through the soil and enter structures and feed on the wood in the structures. But, a termite colony is usually quite large and encompasses areas in and around a home in the soil.

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