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It's time to rid your home of unwanted pests. We're fast, affordable, and can make sure that your family is safe and comfortable at home. I have little kids so I wanted a service that was family friendly, I love Combs four seasons plan so I don't have to worry about spiders in the fall, ants in the spring, etc. We had ants every single year, but Combs Pest Control comes out so they are never an issue anymore.

We want to give you more time to spend that way you want, not battling bugs on the weekends when you could be hanging out with your family. Scheduling is easy - we'll show up during the designated window and start our inspection of your home. Your property is unique, so we'll create a custom plan to battle the pests that matter. We will make a plan for treatment, products, and consult you on the ways to make sure you're always pest-free.

We will brush down cobwebs, treat around the base of your home, perform any necessary inside service, and spot treat areas in the yard that are prone to have insect activity.

read more › It is common knowledge that ants are annoying. They mess up picnics, always seem to be in your kitchen, create anthills in sidewalks and driveways, and can leave painful bites and stings. No one wants to have to deal with these minor problems, but did you know that. If you have ever opened up a bag of flour to find it infested with small insects, you will understand the difficulties associated with getting rid of pantry pests. If you have not experienced this unfortunate situation, you are probably hoping that you never have to.

read more › If you need pest control, you probably need it fast. Not only can we get to your home quickly, but our treatment value is the best in the Treasure Valley. Most people think Boise, ID is too cold to have many bugs and insects, but with the hot summers, they come out in droves. We have Spiders, Ants, Box Elder Bugs, and even roaches. Whatever your pest issue, we have the training, equipment, and experience to take it on.

read more › When ants, spiders, and other invaders come into your home or threaten your family, we're here to help. We offer professional pest control to the entire city of Meridian and want to make sure you're taken care of. We understand the area and the pests that live and breed here, so we can create a custom plan to get them out! We had wasps in the back yard and my son got stung, so we knew we had to do something about it. The Combs Pest Control technician found a large nest, along with two others that we didn't know about.

read more › We know all the pests around here and have the top methods to get rid of them quickly and effectively. Give us a call today and we will show you the difference between us and other pest control companies in the area. Nampa is the second largest city in Idaho, which is surprising to some. It extends far to the south where it is more rural. This means that we have to understand residential pest control, commercial pest control, and rural pest control techniques and methods. We truly believe we're the best pest control company in Nampa, and we would like to prove it to you.

read more › If you're seeing eight-legged invaders, you're not alone. In fact, Idaho has dozens of different types of spiders, not to mention ants, wasps, bed bugs, and other pests. Caldwell is a jog down I-84, but a prominent location within in the Treasure Valley. Extensive work has been done in Caldwell, ID to make it a nicer place to live, which everyone agrees it is succeeding. We're here to help as well, by making sure it is pest free and the homes are protected from invaders. Whether you have ants, spiders, cockroaches, bed bugs, or any other nuissance, we're here to make your day!

read more › Although most homeowners have seen the pest control products at the supermarket, the've also realized how ineffective they are. If you're in this boat, enlist professional pest control with Combs Pest Control. With innovative methods, we've been able to confidently say "there is no job that we can't handle!" Furthermore, we only hire courteous, experienced technicians with the proper training to get rid of any pests that you might have. Whether you have general pests like ants and spiders or specialty pests like rodents and bed bugs, we're the number one choice for Eagle, ID residents!

read more › Kuna has consistently been in the fastest-growing communities list for the past few years. Its proximity to Boise and country-esque views make it a great place for humans to be. Spiders and ants feel the same way, apparently, because they are all over the place! Call today to receive a home pest control treatment that is guaranteed. Since different pests breed at different times of the year, it's important to have a seasonal treatment to make sure you and your family are always protected. We saw a big nasty spider yesterday and decided to call Combs Pest Control.

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